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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Goodness, it's been awhile!

Hey y'all! Sorry that it's been awhile! I didn't realize till last weekend that I hadn't posted in well over a month. Not good, since I'm a bit behind on several posts that I had planned to post a lot sooner than this. Forgive me, please, both sponsors and readers!

Between Steve working crazy shifts, my schedule, physical therapy appointments for me and the boy, and of course the usual doctors' appointments, it's been a bit crazy here! My back and leg pain hadn't let up and my fibromyalgia's got the best of me lately. After a month of having to wait for a pain management appointment (I had to cancel one last month when I thought that I had a cold coming on--- you can't be sick at all when you get an epidural or nerve block because of the steroids and lowered resistance to infection), I finally got my first epidural for my lumbar region in way over a year (I had one in Nov '12.). It helped some Monday, but by yesterday I started to have some pain in my back. I know that it takes a few days for it to kick in, so I will see how things go.) I was actually able to get a lot of laundry done yesterday, take son to P.T. for his back, and go to the grocery store. I used Ibotta for the first time! Way cool!

I'm not totally back to my usual chatty self, but I've at least been on Instagram here and there commenting! Anticipate the posts during the next few days!!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Just a bit busy with work and appointments!

I'll be posting more over the next few days, I've been a busy bee between doctor appointments and physical therapy, and of course , my nursing job! Still having a great deal of back pain and having frustration over it and the fibromyalgia! With a MRI of the back in a closed MRI (I don't recommend those for the claustrophobic---take an open MRI if you can!, and getting IV contrast, I was beyond the pain two weeks ago! Plus a nerve conduction test one my lower extremities earlier this week, I've had too much fun! I do have some more reviews coming up soon!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Season of Change!

Hey! I think that I'm in a season of change, maybe in life, and maybe with the blog! I'm trying to read more about making it more organized and less cluttered! And maybe it's just me getting older! Ha. The body's feeling it (fast approaching 50, due to the fibromyalgia and the back pain, but the mind's still feeling like a 30 something! )I think that I've bee posting more about my family and our health or my health in the past year. I've never been one to talk about it much, until I became a blogger. Call it working a crazy shift, 11p to 7a! I truly do believe that it ages the body!

On another note... any recommendations for switching to Wordpress or other blogging set-ups, and who did you all use? I'm looking for ideas, and possibly moving to Wordpress. Please advise if you have any thoughts. I know that there are quite of you out there who are more seasoned at blogging than I am.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ramblings from Barb!

Hi! Son's right knee is improving by the day! Steven's been getting up and around, going to physical therapy----he has 2 rounds of P.T. under his belt so far, and he's been working on his exercises at home. Sad but true, good thing that hubby and I've been through it ourselves before, so that we can help son out with what he needs to do exercise-wise at home, and we have some of the equipment at home, like exercise bands, an exercise bicycle, balance ball, and a boscu ball. I wish that I could take a picture of his knee, but he's at that point where, "Mom, if you take one more picture of me!",  I'll probably be brained!

As for me, I'm slowly working on wearing my Ascics sneakers, increasing an hour a day, and my right foot seems to be tolerating it okay. MY podiatrist said that it may take 6 months to a year for the swelling to go down on my right foot. The sneaker fits snug around the foot, and I can tell that my big toe's shorter in the shoe!!!  Maybe a pic again one of these days!

 Fibromyalgia...I'm wondering how many of my readers have it or if someone your  family or circle of friends has it. Since I was diagnosed with it last year, I've been reading up on it, trying to learn more about it and what I can do to relieve some of my symptoms. It's not something that my patients at work tend to have, and I didn't learn about it in nursing school years ago. I listen to podcasts or music to get my mind off of the discomfort, and am trying to get more mobile again (Aiming to get son to show me how to use Wii Fit (?) once he's doing better!). We've got the Wii and I've got exercise dvds---especially some Tai Chi, that I plan to use, maybe in the next few days. My TENS unit helps with my neck and upper back area. And I forgot my one-speed bicycle (Panama Jack) from WalMart, that is absolutely inexpensive and gorgeous! can't wait till I can ride it! Sleep is still an issue for me, and my rheumatologist switched my meds a little Monday to see if that would help. I'm not super crazy about taking a sleeping pill every night, but I do need sleep!

Summer... wow! (It makes me think of "Summertime" by Brother Love---he's cool!) It is almost over in our household! Steven has registration for 7th grade this Friday and next Monday, and then he goes back to school a week from today! I have mixed feelings about it! I got to spend a lot of time with him this summer, due to both foot surgeries.  And then there were times when he totally drove me crazy, but I still love him regardless! Clothes shopping... oh boy, I think  it will be at Aeropostale, he seems to like their clothes. We have just about everything else he needs supply-wise, due to a recent shopping excursion to WalMart  before his surgery!

My guys are at karate, and I'm home doing laundry and watching something from Netflix called "Food Beware:The French Organic Revolution". It's quite interesting!  In an hour, I'll be watching "Royal Pains", my favorite tv show!!! I've never been to The Hamptons, but would love to someday!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Delays!!! But not on the TheraBreath giveaway!!

Due to being totally worn out from  allergies, fibromyalgia ,and my job last week and this past weekend, some of my posts are being a little delayed. I will get them out as soon as I can, in regards to my upcoming reviews.  I am also still going to post pics of son and me from our WDW trip last month.
Don't forget to enter the TheraBreath giveaway ending on 5/5/11, Thursday!!!!!