Wednesday, April 13, 2016

True You Organic Vitamin C Facial Serum and True You Skin Firming Cellulite Treatment (review)

Disclosure: I received both products for free from True You via Buview  in order to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed are my own.

I love to try products that will do something positive for my 50+ yea old skin! Years ago, all we had were night time creams that you put on before you went to bed, and lotions that you put on your face after you washed and dried your face! Serums are "the" item for your face, it seems. The first True You product that I tried was their Organic Vitamin C Facial Serum.  The thing that I liked about their bottle was that it had a pump dispenser on it, and that you'd get a little pea sized amount on your finger! I also liked that their products were organic and no animal testing was done!

True You's Organic Vitamin C Facial Serum is an anti-wrinkle serum. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which helps to reverse the effects of UV exposure, cigarette smoking (I don't smoke!), and pollutant exposure. Think of Vitamin C as a little fighter combating the villains that try to age and attack your the skin on your face! Per True You's site,  Vitamin C "is key to the production of collagen, a protein  that aids in the growth of cells and blood vessels and gives the skin its firmness and strength" (from Web MD).  I liked it and felt that it did some helpful effect on my face!

I also tried and reviewed their Skin Firming Cellulite Treatment. You needed to exfoliate the skin that you were going to use it on prior to application, so I did my thighs. This product contained Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil, Organic Aloe Vera, Papaya, Dead Sea Concentrate and Minerals, along with a few other items. When I used the Cellulite treatment, I could feel the firmness of the skin on the back of my thighs after it dried. I also liked the scent! Would I purchase it on my own? My answer is, yes, and same with the Vitamin C facial serum!

For more information, you can stop by : True You Organics for more information and to check out more of their products!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Gwen Stefani : "This Is What The Truth Feels Like" (Album Review-sponsored)

Disclosure: I participated in this sponsored album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided the album to review but all opinions are my own.

I will admit that I wasn't very familiar with Gwen Stefani's music prior to reviewing "This Is What The Truth Feels Like"! I had to do some research on Gwen Stefani prior to writing this review. I kept thinking that I had not heard of the band, No Doubt, and of her connection to them. However, when I started to listen to a "Don't Speak" YouTube video, I recognized her as the lead singer for that band. I know of her being on the show, " The Voice", and of her dating Blake Shelton. I did not know that she was a songwriter, and that she's been writing music since childhood. Her first two solo albums were multi-platinum sellers; "Love.Angel.Music.Baby" and "The Sweet Escape". Her third solo album is called "This Is What The Truth Feels Like", and to me, it sounds like another multi-platinum


 I downloaded the album onto my iPod Nano, and took it with me on a day trip  to Orlando during son's Spring Break. My husband was driving, and he usually doesn't want to listen to my music. The ear buds went into my ears, and I turned the iPod on.  "Misery" is the first song on the new album, and I loved it! It started off the album with such a catchy tune, along with a catchy beat!  I had several favorites on this album; "Misery", "Make Me Like You", "Send Me A Picture", "Red Flag", "Asking 4 It", "Naughty", and "Rare"! (It was hard not to dance in my passenger seat in the car when Steve was driving! Both hubby and son would have been embarrassed!) At home, I danced around the house with my ear buds in listening to this new album! My favorite song of the 12 to dance to was "Naughty"!!  I love the album, seriously, and definitely recommend it, regardless of the fact that I got a copy of the digital download in order to facilitate my review! Though I am not one for understanding the themes very often for some music, Gwen's current album speaks of love and of loss.

Here's a list of the tracks to "This Is What The Truth Feels Like", and there are 4 extra tracks that are Target Exclusives only.

Track Listing

1. Misery
2. You're My Favorite
3. Where Would I Be
4. Make Me Like You
5. Truth
6. Used To Love You
7. Send Me A Picture
8. Red Flag
9. Asking For It
10. Naughty
11. Me Without You
12. Rare
13. Rocket Ship (Target Exclusive)
14. Getting Warmer (Target Exclusive)
15. Obsessed (Target Exclusive)
16. Splash (Target Exclusive)

You can order Gwen's album from iTunes  and from Target .

For more ways to connect with Gwen Stefani, stop by:

Official Gwen Stefani Website : Gwen's site
Twitter: Gwen on Twitter
Facebook: Ms. Gwen on Facebook
YouTube: Gwen on YouTube
Instagram: Ms. Stefani on Instagram

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Kate And Mim-Mim: Review of "Mim-Mim's Eggcellent Easter" !!

Disclosure: I was given free product (a Kat and Mim-Mim character) and the opportunity to review the show in advance, The opinions expressed are my own.

I haven't had watched any of the Disney Junior shows , unless I caught them when channel flicking or when we were visiting at WDW 3 years or more back! Since I love all things Disney, I opted to review the Kate And Mim-Mim Easter special! It was really cute, and I could see how the children really like it. Kate's got the bunny friend named Mim-Mim, and he has this ability to locate items with his ears. The ears act almost like antenna, and they are able to zero in on something that Mim-Mim's looking for. The Easter Eggs are missing, and Kate and the other little animals can't seem to find them! Boomer and the Tee-Hee Rexes have taken them. That left the Mimiloo without any Easter Eggs! All is not lost, and they are able to find them.
I'm not going to tell you how they find them, You will need to watch the show with your children or grandchildren! I really liked the show!

For more ways of finding out information on Kat and Mim-Mim, you can follow or like them on Facebook  and YouTube . The character of Kate is based on Scott and Julie Stewart's real-life daughter ( no relation to my family!).  A cool fact to know is that their real-life 8 year old daughter lends her voice to the Easter Bunny in the show!

Monday, February 29, 2016

The Christopher Brothers "Dog Daze" album (review)

Disclosure: I was given information and download from Big Pictures Media in order to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed are my own!

The Christopher Brothers are a band composed of three brothers; Cameron, 19; Charles, 17; and Ethan, 14. They are teen pop/rock band from Los Angeles, CA, and they all write, play, and produce all of their music. (That is awesome!) Cameron does vocals and the drums, Charles does vocals and guitar, and Ethan does vocals and bass. The brothers have already got a fan base and have been touring across the USA. They've played at malls, Six Flags, schools, clubs, fairs, and the like. Some of the venues include Whiskey A Go Go, LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA, and The Roxy. They've opened for Spyro Gyra, Al Jarreau, and War at the Vancouver Wind and Jazz Festival.  (Very accomplished for their ages!) The part that I was impressed about from the news release about the guys was that they made it into the Top 20 of the group category on X Factor, and received praises from Simon Cowell! 

I got the chance to review the album which was released February 12th, and it's called "Dog Daze". 
I will admit that it is a really cool album, and yes, you read "really cool" from this mom! The album's got 9 songs on it. I'm wondering where they got the name for the album! 

Track List:
1) The Girl Next Door
2) Let Me Out
3) OCD
4) Somebody Just Like You
5) Windmill
6) When You Turn Around
7) Into You
8) Ariana
9) No Rain

My favorites were "Somebody Just Like You", "The Girl Next Door" , "No Rain", and "Into You".  All of their songs have a beat that almost reminded me of The Beatles in their younger years, but I don't know how to explain why! They definitely have a great beat to three songs, regardless! 

Their next scheduled tour date is in Austin, TX at the San Jac on March 19th. 

For their social media links, go to :


Saturday, February 20, 2016

I'm So Behind!

Hey! I'm so behind! Between the flu at the end of last month with the lingering cough and going back to work at the beginning of February, I'm behind on posts, laundry, and household cleaning! Arrrrggghhhh! I'm feeling like Charlie Brown! We had to go car shopping during my first week back at work, due to my husband not having a vehicle anymore. In other words, our 16 year old mini-van up and died on his way home from work on February 2nd. We shared the Toyota for a couple of days, between my night shift job and his day shift job. Son definitely had to catch the bus to get to school!
We chose to buy another Toyota, though Steve really wanted a Subaru! It was the money issue, and saving dollars is what we had to do.

I had my 3rd EGD in over 20 years the following week, as my GI doctor is trying to rule out why my liver enzymes keep creeping up. I have a follow up appointment with her this following week. Oh joy! I love my GI doc, she's the best, but I'm not thrilled about what she's going to tell me this week.

I'm also going to be asking the school board for testing for Steven, which means at some point, another IEP with the school counselors. Steven's been having a hard time, since he's missed a lot of school due to back pain this year, and it is still an on-going problem. We may be looking at summer school this year, just to get him to his senior year in the fall.

Just too much going on in our family and not enough time to get things done! I thought that I'd be caught up by now!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Exfolimate (Review)

Disclosure: I received free or reduced price product in exchange for my review. The opinions expressed are my own!

People exfoliate their skin in several different ways. There are back and body brushes, loofah sponges, loofah and sisal and another type of mitt, washcloths, and the list could go on, I'm sure.
Exfolimate came out with a unique way of exfoliating your skin with bathing and shaving, and they can be used by females and males alike. The men can use the body one on their body for general exfoliation of their skin. The face one can be used prior to shaving to help prevent the facial hair from becoming ingrown.  Women can using the body one to exfoliate their body and use the facial one to help keep their skin from having pore issues.

You can't use them on dry skin, you must be using soap or shaving cream with their exfoliators.  They exfoliators can be washed with soap and water, and since they have cords on them, they can be hung up in the shower or bathroom to dry. Steven and I used them, but not Steve. I currently have them hanging up in Steven's bathroom so that he can use them more frequently. We do like them a lot!

For more information, check them out at Exfolimate  .

Wednesday, February 10, 2016