Sunday, April 30, 2017

Maximum Security Workout---I just had to share this!

Son and I got addicted to The Tenderloins, aka Impractical Jokers, humor back a few months ago when we went to a pub-style restaurant in Orlando. TruTV was on a few screens in the restaurant, but the sound was turned off. The sad thing is, even though we couldn't hear them, we could tell from what was going on in the scenes that it was hilarious! "Impractical Jokers" is one of my favorite shows, and when I want a good belly laugh I watch them! It may be sophomoric humor at times, but I love it! This clip for YouTube is from 2006! Sal's my fave!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Night ProVision Rear Bike Light (Review)

Disclosure: I received the bike light for a reduced price or for free for my unbiased review. The opinions expressed are my own.

Steven used to ride his bike ALOT before he began to drive. He would take it to karate and back and to wherever we needed him to run an errand, besides his afternoon bike rides after school for exercise. Karate classes were at night, and so he needed to used a bike light on the rear of his bike so that he would be noticed and not ignored by car drivers.
The Night ProVision USB Rechargeable bike light is a very handy one! It includes a USB cable and an elastic mounting band.  I had a hard time attaching it to Steven's seat post in the You Tube video, so I attached it to one of the lower posts on his bike. It can be positioned vertically or horizontally. (My cruising bike needs to have the tires re-seated by Steve, so it wasn't tested on my bike. Once he fixes my bike, the bike light will be on mine.)  The power button is what you push to go through the strength of the beam, and it's what you push to go through the flashing mode levels, too. It has a battery indicator light on it to tell you your battery level. Charging it is easy, with an enclosed USB cable that you can plug into a wall charger. The rubber seal to the USB area came off awhile back, and I think that it got lost somewhere in the house! During a standard beam usage, the run time for the battery is a bit over 6 hours.  We really liked the light!
Night ProVision Rear Bike Light 

Dr. Magnum 3LED Hand-held Magnifier

Disclosure: I received a handheld magnifier for free for my unbiased review. The opinions expressed in this review are mine!

I used to think that I would be older than I am now when I used a hand-held magnifier to read or look at things! I thought that they were for people my parents' age, well, I should say people in their 80's, since my parents are no longer around.  Now, I'm fast approaching 55 in a few weeks, and there are some things that I need a bit more magnification for that the ole progressive lens in my glasses can't help with! The best example that I can give you at the moment is when I look at a pattern for counted cross stitch, and I have to figure out what stitch goes where. If I am using one of the higher count, 22-count or higher, the little spaces get harder to see on the fabric! I used to use a magnifying glass that hung around my neck, but it got very annoying after awhile. I can use the handheld one from Dr. Magnum, and then set it down beside me until I need it again.

The handheld magnifying glass has 3LED lighting, and has two separate magnifying areas on it. Larger one  for 45x is on the end, and the smaller one for 3x is closer to the handle. The lighting from the magnifier really helps with visualization! You can use the magnifying glass for working with jewelry, stamps, coins, reading the newspaper, looking at medication, using a map, in the circuit board and pricing industry, and at home or in the office. There are so many uses for it, I'm sure that I haven't mentioned them all! I do recommend it! Dr. Magnum Handheld Magnifier

Natracure Arthritis Mittens (review)

Disclosure: I received a free set of mittens in order to facilitate my unbiased and honest review. The opinions expressed are my own.

To be honest... I received the arthritis mittens from Natracure when I was on leave for my Neurostimulator surgery in late '15. I have used them numerous times for my arthritis in my hands. They are heated up in the microwave for a time specified on the instructions that come with the mitts.  do not overheat them, because you can burn yourself! They use a combination of oils to work with the heat to help with the pain!  I really appreciate the effect that they have on the joints in my hands and fingers! I have more mobility in my hands and fingers after using them! I really recommend them! Natracure mittens

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Memory Foam Cool Knee Pillow with Cooling Gels Pads (review)

 Disclosure: I recently received the Memory Foam Knee Pillow with laminated cooling gel pad and washable cover for free for my unbiased and honest review. The opinions expressed are my own! 

 I will admit, at first, that I wasn't sure if I could sleep comfortably with a pillow between my knees.  I had tried a regular size pillow in the past under or between my knees  after arthroscopies of my knees and back surgeries to get comfortable on my sides, without success! I've got sciatica and restless legs. I found that the mats on the sides of the pillow helped with keeping it from getting warm between my knees. The memory foam part of the pillow was quite comfortable, and it didn't feel "squished" to me in anyway. Bridge To Bright Future made the pillow, and they recommended it for those who are post-op from hips and knee surgeries, during pregnancy, and for those with hip, ankle, knee, joint, and back pains. It was comfortable for me! I did notice that I tended to not wake up with it between my knees because I probably change position a lot in my sleep, and it ended up on the bed near my knees! The zippered cover can be removed and washed in cold water and air dry. There is a picture below of it before I went to sleep with it between my knees.
 I do recommend this pillow!  For more information, you can check it out at :  Memory Foam Knee Pillow  . 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Brilliwalli Slim Front Pocket Wallet RFID Card Holder Genuine Leather Minimalist Wallets (Review)

Disclosure:  I received the wallet for a reduced price for an unbiased review. The opinions expressed are my son and mine!

Steven was happy to give a review of the slim front pocket wallet RFID card holder, made of genuine leather. It's one of the new minimalist wallets! The pockets are on the outside of the wallet for 6 cards on each side. Then there are two narrow pockets behind the card pockets on each side, where you could hide a key or some change. The bigger pocket in the very mild is where you can store your paper money. Or you could say that it holds up to 12 cards or 8 cards and 10 bills. What Steven seems to like is that it is compact and easy to carry in his pocket or backpack or sling bag. He doesn't really carry much yet in line of cards, like a drivers license, debit card, and insurance card---- and a few other cards of some kind. Just enough to carry to high school or to work or out when he goes out with his friends or us (the family)! Enclosed in the Brilliwalli box was a lanyard and a id badge holder, too. He hasn't used those yet.

The important parts to know about the wallet, the id badge holder and the lanyard  are that they are  made of genuine leather, and that they have a matte black finish. The RFID Blocking works at a frequency of 13.56 MHz and blocks signals on credit cards, debit cards, ID cards, and more.* Please note that it doesn't block signals from ID cards, hotel or motel room cards, and a few other kids. * This wallet is bulky by no means! Brilliwalli Slim Front Wallet with RFID
Those are my hands holding the wallet for the pictures! We give it a thumbs up!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Tactical Credit Card Tool Deal (sponsored)

Disclosure: I recently reviewed this item, and was given information to pass onto my readers. No reimbursement was received.

Hi! I was given information to pass on to my readers from Survival Hax for a deal that they are now running for the next 5 days (that includes today). They have created a special deal for you all (my readers!) on Amazon for their Tactical Credit Card Tool for 50% off  at   Tactical Credit Card Tool Woohoo!   The special code that you need to use is:  CCTOOL50  . 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

E-Book review of "Where is My Home?"

Disclosure: I was given a free e-book in order to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed are mine. 

I've reviewed books for children and adults on my blog. The book in today's review is one in a series of e-books that I have reviewed in the past in the Terry Treetop series. It is for those who are just learning to read or for an adult to read to a child, for ages 3-8.  I found this book to be quite cute,  and the pictures were adorable. This book was written by Tali Carmi, and illustrated by Mindy Liang. 

Terry started to follow a butterfly and talk to it. The butterfly did not respond to him, and he decided to follow it. The next thing you know, he's lost. He runs into several other animals along the way. In the end, he does get home. I do recommend this book for parents or other family members who read to children in their families, or for the young readers! To find out more about this e-book, check out : "Where is My Home"   .

College Bound and Gagged (e-book review)

Disclosure: I received this e-book for free in order to facilitate my review. The opinions that are expressed are mine.

Do you have a junior or senior in high school right now? Or even a college age child living with you?
I've got a high school senior right now, and he will be graduating in less than 2 months! Oh boy and whew, I say! "College Bound and Gagged" was written by Donna Kristine Manley. I was definitely interested in reading it, since I needed all of the help that I could get on helping Steven with college information. It's been many years since my husband and I have been in college. I felt clueless about what information to pass onto our son!

In the book, Donna wrote the information in "tidbits". Each nugget of information was a tidbit! She mentioned about how colleges and universities look at a student's online presence when considering admissions. Websites, social media activity/behavior, podcasts... the list goes on. Anything thing that you say or do could affect whether or not you get into a university or college. Applying for financial aid or scholarships can help pay for your education. Course load... don't take multiple hard classes in the same semester! Study groups can be beneficial, if they are kept small, 4-6 people. Classes online or in the classroom? At a community college or university, you may have a smaller or larger student to instructor ratio. What about getting tutoring? Taking time off between high school? Apps that can help the college student?  Working abroad?  Getting reviews on instructors from other students?
These are many of the subjects that she touches in her tidbits. I found the e-book to be quite informative! I do seriously recommend it! Where to find out more information on the book: College Bound and Gagged  .