Sunday, March 27, 2016

Kate And Mim-Mim: Review of "Mim-Mim's Eggcellent Easter" !!

Disclosure: I was given free product (a Kat and Mim-Mim character) and the opportunity to review the show in advance, The opinions expressed are my own.

I haven't had watched any of the Disney Junior shows , unless I caught them when channel flicking or when we were visiting at WDW 3 years or more back! Since I love all things Disney, I opted to review the Kate And Mim-Mim Easter special! It was really cute, and I could see how the children really like it. Kate's got the bunny friend named Mim-Mim, and he has this ability to locate items with his ears. The ears act almost like antenna, and they are able to zero in on something that Mim-Mim's looking for. The Easter Eggs are missing, and Kate and the other little animals can't seem to find them! Boomer and the Tee-Hee Rexes have taken them. That left the Mimiloo without any Easter Eggs! All is not lost, and they are able to find them.
I'm not going to tell you how they find them, You will need to watch the show with your children or grandchildren! I really liked the show!

For more ways of finding out information on Kat and Mim-Mim, you can follow or like them on Facebook  and YouTube . The character of Kate is based on Scott and Julie Stewart's real-life daughter ( no relation to my family!).  A cool fact to know is that their real-life 8 year old daughter lends her voice to the Easter Bunny in the show!