Thursday, January 31, 2013

Emmy Rossum "Sentimental Journey" Review

I really liked Emmy Rossum's CD!! Yes, I did start out this review with how I felt about Emmy's CD!
  "Sentimental Journey", which released on January 29th, is a collection of classic covers that takes us through the American Songbook. I knew a few of the songs, maybe because I watched Lawrence Welk with my parents and grandparents years ago, or just because I've heard "Sentimental Journey" and "I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover" at some point in my life! I listened to the CD a few times while I was driving in my car to and from work and appointments, and the more that I listened to it, the more I liked it! I'm giving you my opinion about her CD at the beginning of the post! Emmy definitely has a melodious voice, and she chose some awesome songs to sing!

Okay, I'm going to share some information about the CD and the singer with you! On "Sentimental Journey", the multi-talented actress and singer brings her stellar voice to songs popularized by some of the most beloved artists of the last century. Emmy's 12-song "passion project" is an emotional musical journey, with each song representing a month in the year! "Each song needed to either lyrically or emotionally reflect the corresponding month," Emmy explained. " Some songs were obvious fits, like "Summer Wind " for June, and "Pretty Paper" for December. Other songs were less literal fits. I chose "Nobody Knows You(When You're Down and Out)" for September because , to me, the plaintive melody and lyric emotionally reflect the cold weather creeping in and the sense of melancholy we can get in the fall months."  And really important to know--- Rossum is also an acclaimed actress who currently stars in the Showtime series Shameless with William H. Macy. She also stars alongside Emma Thompson and Viola Davis in the upcoming feature film Beautiful Creatures, which hits theaters on February 13th.  (Barb's Note: I keep seeing the commercials for Beautiful Creatures, and Had no idea that she was in that movie. Neat!!)

Some TV Appearances : Emmy did perform a track from Sentimental Journey on Access Hollywood Live on January 25th.  Emmy also appeared as a guest on Conan on January 28th, Chelsea Lately on January 29th, and will be on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on February 6th. 

If you would like to check out her music,  go and listen to "These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)" Music Video . Emmy's also on Twitter! 

You can buy her album on iTunes and on Amazon.

Sentimental Journey Track Listing:

1. "Sentimental Journey" (Les Brown, Ben Homer, Arthur Green)
2. " The Object Of My Affection" (Pinky Tomlin)
3." I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover" (Mort Dixon, harry M. Woods)
4. "These Foolish Things remind Me Of You"  (Eric Maschwitz, Jack Strachey)
5. (I'll Be With You) In Apple Blossom Time" (Albert Von Tilzer, Neville Fleeson)
6. "Summer Wind" (Heinz Meier, Johnny Mercer)
7. "Many Years Ago" (Winfield Scott)
8. " All I Do Is Dream Of You" (Nacio Herb Brown, Arthur Freed)
9. "Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out" (Jimmy Cox)
10. " Autumn Leaves" (Joseph Kosma, Jacques Prevert)
11. "Things" (Bobby Darin)
12. "Pretty Paper" (Willie Nelson)

Disclosure : I participated in this campaign for One2One Network. I received a free copy of the CD to facilitate my review. By posting, I am eligible for incentives. All opinions expressed are my own.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tips for Winter Skin Health to Combat the Harsh Weather (Guest post)

Tips for Winter Skin Health to Combat the Harsh Weather
Richard Bezozo, M.D., is the president of MoleSafe.
Summertime isn’t the only time to pay close attention to your skin health. As the winter months are drawing near, the cold weather poses several challenges to maintaining healthy skin. Not only are you battling rosy cheeks, chapped lips, and dry skin, but now the bronzed color of your skin is well gone, the tan has faded, and new moles, lesions, and sun marks are now appearing. With the many challenges that come with the cool, dry weather, here are a few tips to help protect and winterize your skin, and optimize your overall health.
Protect with sunscreen. Although you are no longer sunbathing, UV rays are still intense on both clear and cloudy winter days. Apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15, specifically to your face, hands, neck and scalp, at least 30 minutes before going outdoors. Due to the sun’s reflections off the snow and conditions that occur at high altitudes, be sure to apply a sunscreen that blocks UVA and UVB radiation when you go skiing and snowboarding, to reduce your risk of sunburns and other long-term effects, including premature aging of the skin and even skin cancer.
Moisturize. It is best to lather your skin with a rich cream multiple times per day, especially soon after you get out of the shower, to seal the water into your skin. There are several creams and ointments available to fit the needs of different skin types, but some key ingredients to look for are products that contain lactin acid, urea, lanolin, mineral oil, and petrolatum. Be sure to moisturize your entire body, paying close attention to the areas that are most frequently exposed when outdoors. You should also apply a moisture-rich lip balm with SPF to protect your lips.
Cover your skin. Wear clothing that protects your skin from the sun’s rays, strong winds, and the cool air that leads to dry, flaky skin. Protect all areas of your body by wearing hats, scarves, gloves, long pants, and a jacket.
Skip hot showers. Keep your baths and showers short, and the temperature of the water warm, rather than hot. Although a long, hot bath may be tempting to battle the wintery weather, hot water will strip the natural oils and protection away from your skin, and dry it out. 
Monitor your skin’s changes. Now that the tan has faded, you may notice new moles, lesions, or unusual marks on your skin that have developed as a result of the sun’s harsh rays from your time outdoors. Regular visits to your dermatologist, self-checks, and enrolling in an early detection surveillance program to monitor existing and new moles and lesions are essential in keeping you and your skin healthy all year long.
Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so be proactive and provide it the proper protection all year long, and enroll in an early detection screening program to ensure lifelong skin health.
Richard Bezozo, M.D., is the president of MoleSafe.

Disclosure: I received no compensation from Molesafe, I'm just sharing the information with my readers.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Quick Thought To Share With You All!

If you've read any of my tweets in the morning, especially those that I've posted after 8am in the morning, you'll know how much I watch the Today Show or that I like to retweet things from their show on occasion! (Scratch that, I meant, I should have said, how many times I've checked in on Viggle with my iPhone! OOPS!) I had to dvr the 10 o'clock hour of The Today Show this morning, due to having to run to my pain management doctor. Al Roker mentioned something to the effect of showing his age (I think that he's 57) because he knew who Hume Cronyn was. The scary thought is that I remember Hume in Cocoon and in some other things. I guess that I am showing my age, too, and I did tweet Al Roker about that a little while ago. Sometimes, I feel like 50's the new 30, though the body may not feel like it! Ha!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

HSN, Inc. Review and Giveaway

 Guess what! HSN has completely relaunched the company's digital channels - elevating the customer experiencing by making the retailers' platforms faster, more efficient and more social than they were before. This technology overhaul is expected to accelerate HSN's already-strong digital sales, which grew by 10% during third-quarter 2012. The new look and feel has been designed to enhance the user experience and deliver greater shopping ease with benefits such as integrated social media,simplified user interface, more intuitive site navigation, further integrate content, community and commerce together into the shopping experience.  The relaunch is part of a comprehensive, multi-platform digital redesign that has been in development for more than a year. With HSN’s social communities directly integrated into and HSN’s mobile and tablet applications, customers will be able to share their product finds, thoughts and reviews with their friends via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.The new site will also include “The 20,” a list of 20 curated products on the site, from which customers and fans can vote for their favorite item. At midnight, HSN will tally the votes and those who voted for the winning product will be entitled to a discount on their purchase of that product. 

Their new site looks awesome and is easier to navigate than before! I went to look around the beauty  section, and was able to move around looking at the different brands and kinds of make-up. They have text that you can click on to take you to "Today's Special", "Items Recently Aired", "HSN TV", and "Arcade".  So that you can check it out, go to The New Face of !

“The 20” is an innovative, first-of-its-kind feature enabled by integrating social media tools into the new This feature lists 20 curated products on the site, from which customers and fans can vote for their favorite item. At midnight, HSN will tally the votes and those who voted for the winning product will be entitled a discount on their purchase of that product. 
To participate in The 20, go here and scroll down: Super ReModel Sweepstakes

HSN is a leading interactive multichannel retailer, offering a curated assortment of exclusive products and top brand names to its customers. HSN incorporates entertainment, inspiration, personalities and industry experts to provide an entirely unique shopping experience. At HSN, customers find exceptional selections in Health & Beauty, Jewelry, Home/Lifestyle, Fashion/Accessories, and Electronics. HSN broadcasts live to 96 million households in the US in HD 24/7 and its website - - is a top 10 most trafficked e-commerce site, featuring more than 16,000 product videos. Mobile applications include HSN apps for iPad, iPhone and Android. HSN, founded 35 years ago as the first shopping network, is an operating segment of HSN, Inc. (Nasdaq: HSNI). For more information, please visit, or follow @HSN on Facebook andTwitter.

I really like their newly remodeled site, and can't wait to look and do some shopping! Now, on to the giveaway! Two winners each will win a $10 HSN gift card! How nice is that? 

 Disclosure: I was compensated with a $10 gift card from HSN, in order to facilitate my review, per FTC 
regulations The opinions expressed were my own! Honesty is the best policy!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vinturi White Wine Aerator Review

It took me a bit of time after receiving the Vinturi White Wine Aerator early this month, due to my work schedule and being sick and on antibiotics for almost 2 weeks. This past weekend I was finally able to review it, and boy was I happy! I happen to drink most white wines, and happened to have a bottle of Pinot Grigio in the house. I've vaguely heard about wine aerators in the past , like on "Shark Tank". I learned more about the aerator after I opened the box, and read the brochure information that came with it.  When you allow wine to breathe, it tastes better.  And, as it breathes, it allows the aromas and flavors to come out. Decanters have been used in the past to aerate wine. Using a wine aerator, can make aeration so much easier!

Our son wanted to pour it for me, but I needed him to take the pictures. The next few pictures are different views of the box  and of the aerator and its stand.

Pouring the white wine carefully through the aerator, and keeping my fingers off of the aerator holes ---Not to interfere with the aeration of my glass of white wine! You can see the tiny bubbles in this picture!

My take on it... I did as the brochure suggested, to take a sip of the wine without the aeration. Then I aerated my glass of white wine, and tried it! It did allow the aromas and flavors to come out more! It definitely made my glass of wine more exciting to drink! Do I suggest getting one???? My answer is ... yes! Try it and then tell me what you think!! It is available for $39.95 suggested retail at Vinturi and at select retailers nationwide. They also have available a Vinturi Red Wine Aerator and a Vinturi Spirit, both of which are available for the suggested retail price of $39.95. One more thing that I'd like to share with you, is that they have a newsletter and discount information if you stop by this link Vinturi Enthusiasts, and sign up! 

Disclosure: I was given a product from Vinturi in which to facilitate my review, and the opinions expressed are my own! Honesty is the best policy! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Photo-A-Day January 6-8, 2013

Hi! I've been trying to recuperate from the sinus/ear thing for a few days now. I spent the weekend taking it easy around the house, not leaving it except to run to a local urgent care clinic Saturday morning. 10 days of amoxicillin isn't fun to take, but if it makes me feel better and heal soon, I'm not going to complain! I did watch alot of tv/movies/Netflix, so I accrued some more points on Viggle!
I've decided to start using Instagram for pictures for Photo-A-Day, it won't tie up the blog, unless you all don't mind! Let me know what you think.... Photo-A-Day on the blog or off of it. It's a bit harder to upload pictures from my iPhone now that I have a Lifeproof case on it. The cord to the dock for the Mac doesn't seem to be small enough to plug into my Lifeproof'd iPhone! I love to take pictures with my iPhone, but I don't want to keep taking the case off.

Now on with the photos...  6th... Mine...  The mug is a definite favorite of mine! It was given to me back in 2009 in November from a friend of mine from the Northern Mouse Podcast. I had asked a question that they picked to discuss on one of their campfire podcast discussions, and Carlos sent it to me.  Carlos and his family are dear friends of ours in the Disney online community! Haven't seen them in about 3 years, but still try to keep in touch online when we can! If you love Disney, check out their podcast!

 7th... Street... Since I'm not keen on posting pics from my neighborhood, I'm going to share a street scene from Lights,Camera, Action at Disney's Hollywood Studios! 

8th...Something beginning with "T"...  TILE! I love the different tiles that they use on Disney property, anywhere from the resorts to the theme parks in the restrooms! If I can remember correctly, this tile is in the bathrooms in Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort. I don't think that I have a decent picture of the tile in Animal Kingdom lodge or at Kidani Village. They have animal tiles in their showers!I'm really into the  theming and the textures that they use! They have some awesomely themed rooms!

Disclosure: I was given the Lifeproof iPhone case by my husband and son for Christmas. I love using the app Viggle, and I happen to be a FL Resident Annual Passholder--- the app I downloaded for free, and the Disney FL Resident AP---I bought it!  I just happen to love and enjoy the above items!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

A belated Happy New Year to all of you! I spent a quiet New Year's Eve at home with hubby and son, watching Doctor Who episodes, until I went to bed around 9:30pm! I couldn't stay up! I had worked the night before, and was totally beat! I was desperately trying to avoid getting the respiratory bug that everyone seems to be getting! I did spend time getting rid of magazines and doing laundry yesterday, along with drinking plenty of fluids---none of the alcoholic kind, mind you! Some goals for this year:
1) to cut out soda and eat healthier, 2) to blog more and to work on my blog pages! :O), 3) to exercise more, which in turn will, 4) help me to lose weight and tone up, 5) finish reading several books that I started but haven't finished yet!

Now for some Photo-A-Day pictures!
1st...Today... I worked on going through some of the huge stack of magazines!

2nd... Something New... My MomAgenda All In One! I'm planning to use it in addition to the calendar on my iPhone to keep my schedule more organized!