Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chris Mann "Roads" Album Released Today October 30th!

Many of you may be familiar with Chris Mann from The Voice, not this season. I had never heard his music until today, and oh WOW! I was writing a few notes down as I listened to the digital CD that I had received over the weekend, and a few things came to my mind. The words that came to my mind were calming, soothing, and familiar! I realized that I had heard some of these songs sung by others before! BUT, when Chris sang them, they just made me want to hear him more! WOW, again! There are 11 songs on the CD, and the ones that standing out in my mind the most are "Roads", "Cuore", "Ave Maria", " Falling", and "Viva La Vida". He chose these songs for this album because they represent the  long and challenging journey that he's been on in his career.  They are an eclectic mix songs on Roads!

The 11 songs on the new CD are: Roads, I Need You Now, Cuore, The Blower's Daughter, My Way,
Unless You Mean It, Always On My Mind, On A Night Like This, Ave Maria, Falling, and Viva La Vida. I was hooked once I heard his music! Even my 13 going on 14 year old son liked his music, and said that it was okay!

His album is available as of today on iTunes and/or , and I highly recommend this CD Album!! Just remember Chris Mann "Roads"!! For more information on Chris Mann, go to his site: .

Disclosure: This is a review post from One2One Network. I was provided with a copy of the album and I am eligible for a prize drawing. All opinions expressed are mine own! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

A new site for you to check out!

I just stumbled upon a new site the other day, and it's called This lady who own s it has a large selection of diaper cakes , that include diaper cakes that feature beloved children's books and their characters. They are made out of disposable diapers that cover 1 to 14 pound babies.  For more information, stop by her store: .

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Kleenex Hand Towels Clean Hands Campaign

When you have friends and family over, do they end up using the same hand towels that you use on a daily basis? Just because a towel looks clean doesn't mean that it is! Even after you've washed your hands, your hands are only as clean as the towel used to dry them. If you'd skip the damp overused hand towel in the bathroom, and use the Kleenex hand Towels each time you need to dry your hands, you will cut down on spreading germs in your household. In my household, it's the opposite, everyone  is wanting to dry their hands on the dishtowel, so I've put the Kleenex Hand Towels in our kitchen! They're absorbent enough for dry hands and also cleaning up a little spill or mess on the counter. When we have company around, there will be a box of the Kleenex Hand Towels in the hall bath room! Quick and easy! After they are used, the person can just toss them into the trashcan!

My  Kleenex Brand fan package!

Our Kitchen ledge!
They always keep one tissue ready and on hand with their pop-up system! You can also get boxes with colors and designs on the holidays on them--how festive! I love the one-tissue use per person, especially during this time of the year, and with having a sick son at the moment--- we can decrease the spread of germs.
Thumbs up again! You can get more information at their site:  HandTowels !

Disclosure: I'm a Kleenex Hand Towels Brand Fan, and was given information and product, in our to facilitate a review. The opinions were expressed my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255 concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.

Journal 10+ Review

Have you ever wanted to record information about your family? And to be able to look at it years later, and find out what you did on a certain date? You can do that and more, with Journal 10+!  With Journal 10, you can record events for 10 years, yes, one decade! Each daily page has a space on it for years 2012 through 2022. Anyone can use it to record information for the 10 years' time span, parents, grandparents, newly-weds, and even college entrants, to name a few. For our family of 3, I could use it to record daily events in our lives, like the entry I put in a picture below, or when someone in the family starts an antibiotic, when one of our birds says or does something, the list goes on! You can record anything you want in it!  In the front of the journal, there is a planning section.  The Journal 10+ has other sections in the back for carry-over pages, addresses, anniversaries and birthdays,  and medical and auto information. It holds up to 11 years of notes and memories in a single volume.

An entry for our trip to All-Star Music on last Friday!

I started our journal by writing about son's and my trip over to WDW's  All-Star Music  resort on Friday. I didn't get to add that we only had 50 feet of visibility on the road as I drive out of our county that afternoon to head to WDW! What a drive! 
I like the fact that we could look back and see what happened on a journal entry for a certain date years from now. A lot goes on in our family, and it will be so much easier to write in the Journal 10+, than to put it on the iCal on the Mac. It's very portable, at 7 by 10 inches, and is nearly 500 pages. For more information on what's in the journal, check out Journal 10+ .  I think that it would be quite easy to carry with us on a trip or even a vacation, to record those special times that we don't want to forget. With the Journal 10+, it will be easy and stress-free for me to make daily entries, not having to worry about, "oh my gosh, I must write a page full of moments!".  Quick daily summaries!     

Front cover of Journal 10+

The latest edition, 2013-2023, was published on October 21st. For more information about the Journal 10+, check out their site, Journal 10 . The Journal 10 is available online at either or for $39.95, less than a penny a day for 11 years of your memories! 
Thumbs up on this one, I highly recommend it!

Disclosure: I received a copy of the Journal 10 in exchange for my review, and the opinions expressed were my own.  I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255 concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 Halloween Review

Have you ever wished that there was one place that you could go to online for all of your Halloween party and trick or treat items?  To get some boo-tiful items to make your Halloween spooktastic? Well, there is one place, and it is !  They sell Halloween T-shirts, and you have a choice of 450+ shirt styles and colors, and you can get the t-shirts in sizes up to 6X! And yes, you can also pick one of the featured brands, such as Casper, Disney, Scooby Doo, and Quirk Classics! As I would say, "Way Cool!"!  Son wanted a Zombie-type t-shirt, and there were many choices.

I came close to picking a Disney Halloween t-shirt, but opted for son to choose what he'd want! I couldn't get over how big the selection was! Wow! You can customize them with text and photos, and even personalize any of the shirts. carries a wide assortment of trick-or-treat bags, in many sizes and shapes. I chose one with the Headless Horseman on it, since I like Sleepy Hallow! 

This is a closer view of the picture on my bag. 

This view is so that you can see the size of the trick or treat bag!
We brought the trick or treat bag with us to the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party two weeks ago, and were happy with it. Steven forgot to pack the t-shirt, but wore it for the picture. He plans to wear it on Halloween to school and that evening.
The Halloween t-shirts and trick-or-treat bags are not all that they sell for Halloween related items! They also carry party invites with custom stamps, children's costumesAdult costumes , home decorationsparty favors, and iPhone cases. Most products are made in 24 hours. While you're there purchasing and looking for your Halloween items, don't forget that Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up. They sell Christmas cards, too!

Disclosure: I was given products in order to write my review from The opinions expressed are mine alone. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255 concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.

Monday, October 8, 2012

NERF FireVision Sports Review

Has your child (or children!) enjoyed playing football, and wished that he or she could take it to another level of fun? Now is the time! NERF has a new way of enjoyment for those who love to play a home game of football, and now it's with NERF FireVision Sports!! You can enjoy in on the fun with them too, it's not just for kids! Their are red and green light FireVision glasses (Batteries included!) which once turned on, illuminate the NERF FireVision football. It can be played in daylight, and in dim or low light. Only players wearing the FireVision Frames can see the light, due to NERF's Microprism Technology! How awesome!
* NOTE: Illuminated NERF FireVision Sports ensure that you are never left in the dark. But since trees aren't marked with FireVision technology, make sure that there's at least a little light when you play outside!*
This pic is of the green light glasses!
Here's me with my nursing uniform on before work one night wearing the red light FireVision glasses, getting ready to throw the football to Steven.
I have pictures on the blog from two different times that son and I have played recently, and bear in mind that they were both in the dark in our great room. Also, please note that I'm not the greatest catcher or thrower in the world when it comes to any sport! (We did attempt to video record the playing without much success, both of us are still trying to get that technique down!) Son was recording and throwing at the same time. ( I had asked my husband to play it with our son and I would record the game, but he declined.)

Without the flash on my camera, I'm throwing the ball towards Steven! It's so neat  to see the Microprism  effect working on the football! We haven't had a chance to play outside at night due to our schedules and the almost nightly rain storms, but we were okay with playing it in the house! I think that we just as much fun!

I have some facts about the NERF FireVision Sports to share with you, I am sure that you would like to know where  to purchase and how much they are retailing cost-wise:

NERF FireVision Football:  it's a foam football sized for kids aged 6 and up (son's almost 14 and I'm 50!) When wearing the FireVision frames in dim or low lighting, light can be seen from over 100 feet.
Glows red or green depending on the color of the FireVision Frames you're wearing (so you can form teams!)  $19.99 SRP, and that includes 2 pairs of FireVision Frames.

NERF FireVision Hyperbounce Ball: $9.99 SRP, and it include 1 pair of FireVision frames.

NERF FireVision Nerfoop: $14.99 SRP, and it includes 1 pair of FireVision Frames.

Additional NERF FireVision Frames: $5.99 SRP each. Available in red or green.

They are available at stores nationwide and online at ,, and more!

Steven's and my opinion: it was cool to play with, and we had a great time!  Definitely giving it a thumbs up recommendation!!

I'm a member of BzzAgent, and I was given the product free in order to facilitate son's and my review of it! The opinions expressed were our own honest ones!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Photo-A-Day October 3rd This happened today

This happened today...Pictures were taken and uploaded, post was written for a photo! Tons and tons of e-mails were read and deleted! This is all that happened at our Mac desk this morning!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Dish--Reviews on Snack Pudding Bakery Shop Collection and Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt

My family was recently sent  Snack Pudding Bakery Shop  Collection pudding to review, and we received the Frosted Sugar Cookie flavor. Since they typically won't eat pudding unless it's chocolate, I was the one reviewing the frosted sugar cookie pudding! That was just fine with me! It was delicious, reminding me of a combination between vanilla and tapioca flavors! The flavor was not overpowering, but was just right. I'd definitely purchase it on a shopping trip at the supermarket!

The other flavors in the Bakery Shop Collection are Banana Cream Pie, Apple Pie A La Mode, Lemon Meringue Pie, and Chocolate Cupcake.

I also received two flavors of the Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt, Blueberry and Raspberry. The other two flavors that will be available at the supermarket will be Vanilla Bean and Strawberry.  The Blueberry and the Raspberry were delicious, seriously! Both were creamy and had a fresh fruit taste to them!  At 100 calories each, I was happy to have one for dessert after a meal!   They come in 3-packs. I had never tried Greek yogurt in a frozen form, but I enjoyed these two flavors! Another recommendation from me!



Disclosure: I was given free products in order to facilitate my review from the First Look, First Taste panel at The Dish of which I'm a member. The opinions expressed were my own!

Photo-A-Day October 1 and 2, 2012

It seems like I end up grouping my photos lately. I get busy around the house with chores that have to be done!

Where you stood... oh golly! Don't look at the scar on my right foot! It hasn't changed much, and I need to put either Bio-Oil or lotion on it and be dedicated about it!

 Lunchtime... okay, I'm using a picture that I took and used on the Foodspotting app on Saturday at lunch!
Lunch was at Olive Garden, and I had the 5 cheese marinara on angel hair. It was really delicious!