Friday, August 31, 2012

Photo-A-Day August 29th through 31st

Down... our berber carpet, we loved it when we picked it now, and now 12 years later, I'm not so crazy about it.

Card... the outside of a card that I got from The Cubicle Chick! My keyboard's behind it!

Hidden...The volcano effect with the onion tower at TeppenEdo at Epcot!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Digest Gold + Probiotics Review and Giveaway (ends 9/6/12) US only

Have you ever had tummy troubles? I could list a few that you might say occur: heartburn, bloating, indigestion, gas, constipation, and diarrhea. 100 million Americans (over half of them women) suffer from tummy troubles. (I've had IBS and GERD for almost 20 years, and dealt with all of those symptoms at one time or another. TMI, I know!) Digestive problems have been the #1 complaint in most doctor visits. Add poor nutrition in with stress, and you've got the kettle brewing for a digestive problem to occur. We take prescribed meds for digestive problems, but they don't provide a cure. According to NYU professor Steven Lamm, MD, author of No Guts, No Glory (Basic Health Publications, 2012), a healthy gut is the cornerstone for overall wellness. He recommends taking digestive enzymes before or with every meal to help prevent and tame a host of tummy troubles. (from the information given to me from Enzymedica)

I was given samples to try this summer of the Digest Gold + Probiotics from Enzymedica, and they contained plant-based enzymes and probiotics (which delivered healthy bacteria to my gut). 2 products in one!  I took them along with my meals, which was usually breakfast and dinner on my work days. The capsules were easy to swallow, which was a plus for me. I was on antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection at one point during the time that I was taking the probiotics, and I didn't notice any problems with diarrhea or intestinal upset during that time! Yay! 

For more information on Digest Gold + Probiotics and many of their other products, check out . 

Disclosure: I was given samples of product from Enzymedica for my review, and the opinions expressed were my own.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

UV Exposure RIsk and Children

It's still summer, and boy, don't I know it! Your children are still playing outside, even if they're not yet back in school. Did you know that they might be at a greater risk for UV-related eye damage? Most eye diseases and conditions- such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and cancer-- develop in older age However, they often result from cumulative eye damage over our lifetimes, and 25 % of American's lifetime sun exposure occurs before age 18.  I'm going to share some important tips with you from the American Academy Of Ophthamology.

EyeSmart Tips:

1) Use sunglasses that block UV-A and UV-B rays. Sunglasses should be labeled either UV400 or 100% UV protection. Choose wraparound styles so that the sun's rays can't enter from the side.

2) Wear a hat. Wear a broad-brimmed hat along with your sunglasses.

3) Remember that clouds don't block UV light.  Even on a cloudy day, the sun's rays can pass through haze and clouds. Sun damage to the eyes can occur at anytime of the year, not just summer!

4) Avoid sun exposure during peak UV hours.  Sunlight is the strongest mid-day to early afternoon (Barb's tip--- I've always been told between 10 am and 2pm , if I remember correctly.) It's also stronger at higher altitudes or when reflected off of water, ice, or snow.

5) Never look directly at the sun.  looking directly at the sun at any time, including during an eclipse. can lead to solar retinopathy, damaging the eye's retina.

6) Protect the kids.  Teach them eye safety, and follow the above tips.

Eye protection is important at any age!

UV Safety PSA (YouTube video) Watch their video on sun safety!

To learn more about UV eye safety, please visit .

Disclosure: I was given information to share from the American Academy of Ophthamology, and received no compensation.

Olympians Keep Their Eyes On The Prize

Good vision is critical for nearly every sport. Olympians protect and maintain their vision during their training and performance with an array of protective eyewear. In honor of the 2012 Olympics, the American Academy of Ophthalmology shares the highlights and benefits of protective eyewear worn in several of the 2012 Olympic Games.
Goggles: Swimmers were not allowed to use goggles in the Olympics until 1976. Now, every Olympic swimmer uses them to help see under water while swimming at high speeds. Importantly, goggles also protect Olympians’ eyes from chlorine and other harmful chemicals found in pool water. Renowned gold medalist Michael Phelps prefers polarized goggles to enhance his vision when he swims.
Protective Eyewear: Basketball can be an intense contact sport, where athletes are prone to eye injuries. One way Olympic basketball players protect their eyes from injuries is by wearing protective eyewear. Basketball goggles have lenses made from polycarbonate materials to prevent injury during a game. French Olympian and San Antonio Spurs player, Tony Parker, is especially committed to eye protection after undergoing surgery to remove a glass shard from his left eye just one month prior to the Olympic Games in London.
Sunglasses: Used in various outdoor Olympic sports such as track and field, beach volleyball, rowing, soccer and tennis, sunglasses are an essential piece of eyewear to keep athletes’ eyes safe and ensure good vision during competition.Sunglasses protect athletes’ eyes from the sun’s UV rays, shield them from wind and rain, and reduce glare to keep vision sharp during performance. Depending on the sport, athletic sunglasses should also be light weight, offer traction grip to keep sunglasses secure during movement, and provide anti-fogging and distortion-free lenses for the best optical clarity. Beach volleyball player Misty May keeps her eyes sharp with specialized protection that also keeps sand out of her eyes to prevent painful corneal scratches.
Sports-related eye injuries range from corneal abrasions and bruises on the lids to internal eye injuries, such as retinal detachment and internal bleeding. The good news is, almost all sports-related eye injuries can be prevented using appropriate protective eye wear. Proper eye protection is widely available for a variety of sports. The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends choosing eye protection that has been tested to meet the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. Follow the lead of the Olympians and wear proper protective eyewear for all sporting-related activities.
For more information on protecting eyes from injuries and keeping eyes healthy, visit

Disclosure: I was given this information to share from the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and no compensation was received.

Photo-A-Day August 27th and 28th

Tap... I'm tapping on my desk! husband's alarm clock on his nightstand! (No pictures were taken of mine, since mine's too cluttered!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Photo-A-Day August 23rd through 26th

 23rd..." pair"... a pair of yellow pottery items that we got from my mother-in-law a few years ago! I love that yellow color!

24th ... "path"... I wonder where that path goes that's near the animal at Animal Kingdom.

25th... "fresh"...  that was our fresh food at Animal Kingdom's Pizzafari earlier this month!

26th..."dream"... dreaming about going to Magic Kingdom again one of these days! I love Adventureland!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Photo-A-Day for August 20th, 21st, and 22nd!

This will be a little photo-heavy! Well, okay, so it's only three pictures! It's been busy at work, and I've been coming home drained! Plus, I had the cardiologist follow up yesterday afternoon. The 3+ weeks of wearing the telemetry monitor showed that I was having a lot of PVCs. The echocardiogram showed that my heart was pumping effectively and that it was good. The doctor said that the PVCs weren't life-threatening, and that they would be more annoying than anything. He put me on Metoprolol, and I'll see him for a follow up in a few weeks. It should help to even the symptoms out from the PVCs.

Now to the pictures... the 20th's picture was for "today", so I took a picture of what I saw on tv for that day! Tropical Storm Isaac--heading for FL? Since this picture, we have more of an idea of what he's doing!

The theme for the 21st was cool... So I chose to use a picture of my ice maker in my fridge/freezer combo!

And last but not least.. the 22nd's was home. And I'm not into sharing pictures of the front of my house, so I'm sharing a picture of my home away from home! A picture from my home resort at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort!! This picture was taken standing at the Springs bus stop there. It was raining one of the days that we were there in the past year. This may have been taken on one of the Mom and Son trips that we took last year. I love that place!!

Summer's Not Over Yet! Safety Proof Your Pool!

Summer's not over yet, and I'm sure that there are many more swim days in your pool, if you are lucky enough to have one in your backyard! If you live in FL, that is almost all year around!  Pool safety is one of the most important things to maintain, when you have children around. I would like to share some helpful tips provided from Diana Goodwin, the President and the Founder of AquaMobile Swim School. She has written articles on safety-proofing your home pool. Drowning is the 2nd leading cause of injury-related death in young children, and 60% of these drownings occur at home, per Diana's article.

1. You should have multiple barriers--- have a self-closing, self-locking gate with a fence of at least 5 feet high. For above ground pools, remove the ladder after use. Fully retract the pool cover before using the pool, as a child could get stuck under the cover. Lock doors and windows of the home, to minimize the risk of children wandering out to the pool. (Barb's tip here---even if you have a little wade-in pool, definitely lock the sliding glass door to the outside. One of my friends grandchildren is about 20 months old, and he's able to open the sliding glass door!)

2.Beware of excess water---a child can drown in as little as a few inches of water---make sure that wading pools are drained. Injuries can occur with falling on slippery decks, boards, and ladders----walk, don't run!

3. Properly equip your pool--- have a first aid kit and emergency phone numbers nearby. Have at least one buoyant aid (such as a pool noodle or a flutter board) near the pool, and be prepared to use other safety equipment (lifejackets and pool safety hooks). Make sure that the safety equipment is inspected routinely to make sure that it is in working condition. Also, separate the shallow end from the deep end with a buoy line.

4. Be alert---a drowning can happen in as little as 10 seconds. Make sure that you are alert, or that there is an undistracted supervisor of the pool. If you need to be away from the pool, make sure that the child is out of the pool and at your side before doing so. When throwing a pool party, hire a certified lifeguard--highly recommended, so that you can focus on the entertaining and not worry about being distracted.

5. Maintain your pool regularly--- Whether you self-maintain your pool or have a professional do it, pools should have a pH reading between 7.2 and 7.8. Free Available Chlorine should be at least 0.5 ppm. The pool should be free of debris and hair, with the main drain visible. Chemicals should be stored in clearly labeled, sealed containers in a secure location.

6. Educate yourself and your children--- Everyone in the household should learn to swim., especially if you and your family plan to spend time near a pool or a beach. Infants can begin learning as young as 3 months old (check with your doctor first). Early water education will teach children to respect water. (Barb's thought here--- every summer that I went to my aunt's house in Delaware during the summer,
she sent us to swimming lessons. They had a pond on their property that we were able to swim in, but she wanted to make sure that we knew how to swim safely and properly.) Review basic safety rules with your children, and warn them to stay away from pool drains, filters, and covers.

One more thing to share with you all--- AquaMobile Swim School is a private swim school that offers high quality swim instruction at clients' home and condo pools in over 30 cities across Florida. For more information about AquaMobile, call 1-888-950-7946 or e-mail or visit their website at

Disclosure: I was given the information to share by Diana Goodwin, and the opinions expressed by me were my own.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Safees reflectors (review)

Have you ever been concerned when your children have been outside walking in the dark or in conditions where the it wasn't well-lit? Or if you run or walk late at night? Did you feel that the reflectors on the shoes weren't enough to let someone driving along the road see you or your child? Then you need Safees, to make you more visible! I would like for you to see a video on how Safees actually work, so visit YouTube to watch it! Safees (the YouTube  video source is the Safees website).

According to the information that I was given from Safees, on the average, a pedestrian is killed in a traffic  crash every 120 minutes. I don't know about you, but I consider that number to be quite high! Almost 2/3's of pedestrian fatalities occur when  the light condition is either dark or dark with street lights. By putting on a Safee reflector on your child or yourself, you can increase your visibility anywhere between 300 and 1,000 percent----depending on a few factors, such as distance, darkness,  and weather. That is really awesome!

Safees video

Safees video

You attach these hard prism reflects by a pin or one of the spiral attachments that they sell to the clothes at knee or thigh height. The Safees must swing freely, so that oncoming traffic's headlights will be reflects by the Safees. What I found interesting is that the Scandinavian countries have the best traffic safety records, and that in Sweden (hey Alexandra, did you do this when you were younger?) every school child wears one. The children - involved fatalities were the lowest in the world. I would consider that to be quite important! The Safees can be attached to anyone moving around in traffic: pedestrians, cyclists, horses, strollers, pets, skaters, etc.

I received the green owl and the pink cat reflectors to review!

This picture is of the pink cat reflector about 25 feet away. I was checking out it's reflection capabilities!  I'm definitely convinced that they work and will definitely recommend them!

Safees was founded by Johnna Denize, who is originally from Sweden and who grew up always wear a reflector. Her products are available at Safees. They retail for 6 USD each and come in a wide variety of fun  designs and colors. Discounts are available for schools amd nonprofit organizations. AND SPEAKING OF DISCOUNTS... Johanna is offering to my readers a 15% off with the code 'Safeesbacktoschool2012'. You simply enter the code at the checkout for the discount.

Disclosure: I was given free samples of the product in exchange for my review, and the opinions that were expressed were my own!! Honesty is everything.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Photo-A-Day August 18th and 19th "Inside" and "Hole"

Inside... in Doc's cage when she's eating! (She wasn't too happy with me after I took this picture, but I think that she's getting used to the camera or iPhone near her.) Most of our birds are pellet eaters, and we're slowly working on getting Macy to eat pellets.

Hole... A hole in the grout in our kitchen. It's been there for about 10 years. Not a clear picture, but I zoomed in on it!

Friday, August 17, 2012

It's been a crazy week!

It's been a crazy week! I'm just letting those who I have posts to be made for that I will get them done over the next week. Health ended up taking precedence here in my household this past week for me. Between a doctor's appointment with the nephrologist last week, and GI prep and my EGD and colonoscopy, plus working several nights in between that , my energy's spent.  I haven't seen my husband much lately due to his long work hours, and the overtime that he's been working. I want to give you guys and gals quality post and reviews to read, and I want the companies or persons to be happy about them. So, please bear with me.  Thank you all in advance!


Photo-A-Day and NaBloMoPo August 17th "Faces" and Misc!

Faces... I don't usually see faces in clouds or food or anything, so I took a picture of Macy! Macy's our newest feathered family member. He's a real cutie, and has such a sweet face! Macy's a green Quaker Parrot, and he does do a little talking! I thought that his face would be perfect for today!

And thanks for the comment yesterday, Liz, about the choice between sweet and salty! Today, for NaBloMoPo, my prompt has to do with if I have a dessert every night. It truly depends on what time of the day we finished dinner or how I'm feeling. If we had dinner late, the answer's usually, "no". If we have dinner out, it depends on what they have and if it's something that I can have or want to splurge on with my diet. Most of the time, I don't have a dessert every night!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Photo-A-Day August 16th "Food"/ NaBloMoPo Sweet or Salty?

Food... it's something that we consume everyday, whether we're carnivores, vegetarians, flexitarians, or vegans.  For me, I eat a bit flexitarian and mostly carnivore, but am aiming to eat a bit more vegetarian one of these days, soon. One of my favorite things to have for breakfast on WDW property is a Yogurt parfait!

Sweet or Salty... If  I had a choice it would be a combination of both sweet and salty! That combination of sweet and salty is usually found in a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. It's one of my guilty pleasures that I partake in about once a month! Most of my treats these days are Carb Smart frozen treats, whether it be the CarbSmart ice cream chocolate flavor or the CarbSmart fudge bars or CarbSmart vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate with almond bits! What's your favorite? Sweet or salty?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The 1st 3 days of the week---NaBloMoPo

For Monday, for Blogher's NaBloMoPo, we had to think of someone that we knew that was sugar and spice and everything nice, and I thought of 5 people. I couldn't pick just one. Here goes... Alesha, for her kindness and caring for others. We've known each other since the late 90's through a bird group we were in online. She cared for a bird of ours that we had given her when the bird had been hard for us to take care of him (he was fighting and attacking other birds), and thought of us when she had to downsize on birds a few years later (when we got Ernie back). She's an awesome Mom to Ike and an awesome wife to Doug.  Debbie... a great friend who lives far from us, but we keep in touch often. She's an awesome wife to Duane and a great mom to Zach, Dillion, and AJ! Debbie and I met through a Disney group of ours. We talked on the phone, e-mailed, plurked, and tweeted a lot before we got to meet (I think that it was about two years ago, Deb, correct me if I'm wrong!) in person at Magic Kingdom . Our families spent time together during their vacation down here in FL in June, and are planning to see them again during Christmas break! She's called when Steve had knee surgery, e-mailed me or texted to see how I was doing if I had a migraine, the list goes on. Roseann... we've known each other since '75, she's been my best friend the longest, though we rarely get to see one another anymore. We tend to communicate via Christmas cards and texts and phone these days,  unless I catch her working at WDW. She's also an awesome wife to Theron and a great mom to Xavier and Quentin.
Teressa... we met at work about 4 years ago, I think! Teressa's into nail polish and dressing up when she's off from work. She's always smiling and wearing those big dangling earrings these days! :O) She's supportive and can put a smile on your face. (Team Barbara!)She's a good friend, and I need to add, a hard worker!  Teressa's a good mother to Cam, and is now taking care of one of her nieces.  Jessica... we've known each other a bit longer that Teressa has known us, probably a bit more than 5 years. She's awesome mother to her two boys, Marco and Donovan.  She's so helpful, at work and at her home. She's currently taking care of her mother, and running her to and from appointments for her. She takes her boys places during the summer.

For Tuesday ... a sweet moment shared with someone I love would be recently when Steven and I got back from the parks at night to our room. We'd have a snack or something to drink then we'd watch the Olympics or tv or a movie on the dvd player together. Mom and Boy stuff!!!

For Wednesday.... what makes someone sweet? Kind comments and helpful actions make someone sweet. Not being rude or angry. 

Photo-A-Day August 14th and 15th

Arrow and Ready! The arrow's not too clear, I was taking the picture while my husband was driving yesterday. Ready... what Steven was, he wanted to go into Disney's Hollywood Studios (taken while we were on vacation.).

Monday, August 13, 2012

Get Ready for our next Disney Dooney & Bourke Contest! @ My Dreams of Disney

Get Ready for our next Disney Dooney & Bourke Contest!  My Dreams of Disney is having a giveaway on their site for a Disney Dooney and Bourke wristlet! I don't know about you all but if you are a Disney fan like me, or need a wristlet, go and enter the giveaway on their page!

NaBloPoMo August 11th and 12th Randomness

Randomness...that has been this weekend for me! Having a migraine lasting all of Saturday and into today, without being able to take any ibuprofen really was difficult!My new migraine med is a NSIAD called Cambia, and I could take it due to a procedure that I'm having Tuesday. Bummer! I definitely had a good nap today, since my head was feeling a bit better!
Two of my friends had birthdays on August 11th... Roseann and Brenda. I doubt that they read the blog, but I'm posting their b-days anyway! Here's hoping that you all had an awesome weekend!

NaBloMoPo August 10th "What was the last piece of candy that I gave someone else?"

What was the last piece of candy that I gave someone else? I guess that would happen to be the coconut candy that I bought for Steven when we were at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort recently! It's one of our favorite candies that we both love. Coconut deliciousness!

Photo-A-Day August 13th "Simple"

Simple... banana bread! I made this recently!

Photo-a-Day August 12th "Spoon"

Spoon... one of our kitchen spoons! Actually we took this picture before our mini-vacation.

Photo-A-Day August 11th "Purple"

Purple... the the color on one of our birds' toys! We definitely buy them some colorful toys!

Photo-A-Day August 10th "Ring"

Ring... today picture is of the wedding band that I wear these days, it doesn't scratch my patients when I'm at work!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

NaBloPoMo Thursday, August 9, 2012

Candies... have you ever had a candy that you absolutely couldn't stomach? For me, that candy is black licorice! Give me any other flavor of licorice, grape, strawberry, cherry---but don't give me black licorice! It's the one flavor that makes me shudder and gag! I think that I tried it as a child and still can't stand it to this day!

Photo-A-Day August 9th "Messy"

Messy is today's theme, and it perfectly describes our kitchen table that we don't use at the moment! What a hot mess it is! Newspapers and son's laptop and school supplies that son has not taken to school yet.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

NaBloPoMo August 8, 2012 "A memory tied to a certain candy"

I was about to write about "Zotz" candy, one of my favorite candies from my childhood, but after  looking at today's date, August 8th, I chose another memory. Today is the anniversary of a birthday of a teenage childhood friend of mine, Ben. (He would have been 50 today, but died in a crash in '05.) When my brother Bruce and I used to go up to Delaware on vacation with our grandparents, we'd stay at our Aunt Anne and Uncle Max's house. Our cousin Brett used to play in the Little League games with one of Ben's brothers. I remember eating grape shoestring licorice at the games and hanging out with Ben. Those were good times.

NaBloPoMo for 8-7-12 "What candy did you eat once that you wish that you could get again?"

What can did I eat once and wish that I could eat again? Wow, I guess that would be some ginger pieces that my co-worker Ashley brought in one Friday night a year or two ago, that her mother had bought. I think that they were from China or Africa, but I'm not sure. The ginger pieces had a bite to them, but reminded me of ginger ale!

NaBloPoMo (Late entry for 8-6-12) First candy that I ever tried

The first candy that I ever tried... I think that it was a Baby Ruth candy bar. I remember eating them as a special treat on vacation from  Memphis to Baltimore, MD back in 1969. I know that I had the Baby Ruth before then, but this trip in particular is when I can actually remember having that candy bar.

Photo-A-Day August 8th "Glasses"

Glasses. Something that I wear all day, to do everything with, like driving, reading, and watching tv!

Photo-A-Day August 7th (late entry) "8 o'clock"

8 o'clock in the morning yesterday... I was looking at the backs of my eyelids, and woke up to looking at the ceiling and the fan in our bedroom.  Sorry for the blurry picture!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

NoBloPoMo August 5th, More Busch Gardens Fun

Busch Gardens... it's definitely a park that you need two or three days to fully do everything there. We needed one more day beyond what we spent there to get the other rides in for Steven! We did more walking around, especially since we parked in C parking way back in the boonies! Definitely rented a locker the second day to stash our non-essentials inside. Steven rode Cheetah Hunt and Montu, and we both rode the ride that is similar to the water ride at Animal Kingdom, of which I can't think of the names of either ride at the moment! We both rode it 4 times, and my clothes were wet all day long! I couldn't wait to change into my nightgown that evening! We did have a blast, though! I really enjoyed the Skyway, and Steven took video on it for me. We were humored on Rhino Rally, and the first driver we had was so funny! I rode Rhino Rally with Steven a  second time, and he sat in front with the driver. Steven went on to ride Rhino Rally 2 or 3 more times! We stayed for their night time show, and had some fun! I really enjoyed our time at Busch Gardens this past weekend!

NaBloPoMo for August 4th Busch Gardens

This is a late posting for NaBloPoMo for Saturday, August 4th. Steven and I got a late start and got to Busch Gardens after 10am. We ended up parking in E lot, which wasn't too bad. I can't quite remember  
too much about that day, since I was still tired from all of the driving from the previous day. We did see Pirates 4D, and got wet! We view a few dollars trying to win stuff, and that's exactly what what I'd call it, stuff! We ended up winning a LED flashlight. Whoa! Big time! We walked around, and looked at some of the animals. No major riding for Steve that day. We did leave early due to a storm that was about to happen, and went back to our hotel room. We spent the night checking in with Viggle and watched some of the Summer Oylmpics! 

Photo-A-Day August 6th "Writing"

August 6th... finally catching up! I had planned not to get behind on my posts while on vacation of every kind, but I did! Even NaBloPoMo!  This one is on "writing". I took a picture of a note that I leave on the counter to let my husband know that the dishwasher was run, and that there are clean dishes in there for him to dry and put up!

Photo-A-Day August 5th "Logo"

The 5th's theme was logo! So, I took a picture of a logo of  something that I bought, Tazo green tea blend k-cup. It's a refreshing, tasty tea!

Photo-A-Day August 4th "Somewhere You Sat"

Somewhere I sat... hrrrmmm! I was sitting across from Steven when I took this picture of him. Not sure where we were at that moment or what we were eating. I do know that he was trying to hide his face from me!

Photo-A-Day for August 3, 2012 "Coin"

Oops, I got a little behind while we were gone on the min-vacation! (When we stopped off at the house on Friday, I uploaded pictures from my iPhone and my camera onto the Mac, and saved the posted that I started that morning. I was able to finish the post from my iPad that evening.) The 3rd's picture was of a coin! Steven took the photo!

Friday, August 3, 2012

NaBloPoMo for August 3rd What is the sweetest thing that someone did for you today?

My answer for this post is going to be Steven helping me load and unload the car at least 4 times today! The boy was a saint for doing that for me! Though we had a few arguments today, I really appreciated his help! He helped me with the GPS, as we trekked from our East Coast to the west coast----in Tampa.   

On another note, I am constantly talking with total strangers when we go places, whether it be our wait staff in a restaurant or at WDW or in the supermarket at home. Tonight, I was talking with our waitress Kaz, at Romano's Macaroni Grill in Tampa about the app for the iPhone called Foodspotting,  as I took a picture of my Bibb and Blue salad!  I also told her about Yelp, and she mentioned Urbanspoon ( I have it already.). She gave me the name of a Greek/Italian restaurant called Stefano', which I'd like to scope out sometime on a trip over here with hubby and son, unless Steven and I check it out before we go home. I recommended that she check out Traveler Foodie, Droolius, and Katie's Cucina, and Julie D.'s blog The Little Kitchen. I recommended The Smart Baker, another FL blogger in my neck of the woods. She's definitely a foodie and I had a blast talking about food with her! Steven was playing on his iPod touch and his iPhone while we were talking. He said, " Mom and her blog!"

NaBloPoMo for Agust 2, 2012

What was the sweetest thing someone said to you today? Since this was for yesterday, and I am one day behind, it was when Steven said, "I love you, Mom!" We had a long and busy day between two parks, Animal Kingdom and Epcot. We rode Kilimanjaro Safari together and saw our friend Chris, he's one of the drivers there! We spent some time at Epcot with another friend in the evening, Earl from the "Trapped on Vacation" podcast. 

Photo-A-Day August 2nd "One"

One was the theme for today, and this picture was of a number on a building at Disney's Animal Kingdom!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Something sweet that I ate August 1st

Today's my first day writing for NaBloPoMo! There is a little store/snack shop, called The Writer's Stop, between the Streets of America and Sci-Fi Diner, and Steven and I love to go there whenever we are in Disney's Hollywood Studios. The sweet that I had was a big white chocolate macadamia cookie. I forgot to take a picture of it, but alas, maybe one of theses days! It is definitely a favorite of mine.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

LimbO Waterproof Protectors Review

Have you ever had surgery and couldn't get the arm or leg, maybe even foot wet? I had foot surgery as you might know last summer, and had issues with keeping my feet dry with the dressings on them as they were healing. I did have a type of protection for them, but it didn't always keep the dressings dry, putting my wounds at risk. I had to shower with the protective plastic wear on. 

I was so glad to review LimbO Waterproof Protection for casts and bandages! Steven wanted to test this product out, so he showered with it this morning!  He was happy with the way that it kept his leg dry.  This definitely made me happy,  I wish that I had  known bout their product last summer! He tested the adult half leg standard size, and he's 64" tall.  It came up his thigh very high, and I'm sure that it would have been about the same for me since I'm an inch taller. 

LimbO prevents water from penetrating either casts or bandages when taking a bath or shower. They can be submerged, and seal without discomfort. They wash clean every time, and are durable and reusable! They are also sized for adults and for children. You can get them in half arm or full arm, half or full leg, hand, elbow' and knee. They are latex-free, and the seal is made from nylon reinforced closed-cell neoprene. There is a 3-layer calendared flame-resistant PVC body, and the middle layer is a nylon weave. 

They also have available : Outcast outdoor foot weather protectors, Outcast Outdoor hand and wrist protectors, night covers, toe cozy, and color my cast decorating kits. You can go to their website LimbO, for further information. I liked the product and it was definitely durable! I recommend it. 

Disclosure: I was given  the product at no cost to me for my review, and the opinions expressed were mine and my son's.

Photo-A-Day August 1st "outside"

Outside.... hot and sunny here in FL today! I took a picture of the outside along the road.