Thursday, February 16, 2012

Okay, so tomorrow's the surgery day!

Steven's surgery is scheduled for tomorrow for his left knee arthroscopy, time unsure as of this post. My husband will be getting the call from the surgery center today at some point, to let us know what time to be there. The sad thing is that we've been though this before with him for the opposite knee, last summer! He knows what to expect, and he's also seen us deal with having the same thing done. (Hubby-3 times, twice on one knee. Me--one on each knee, first one was March of '01 for torn meniscus.) His first physical therapy appointment is set up for this coming Monday morning. The husband and wife team that run the place we go to know us quite well, we've been going to them since the fall of '07 off and on! Sad but true!

My left knee started hurting again Monday, and I went to my internal med doctor. He ended up prescribing some ibuprofen and told me to rest it and use a heating pad, along with a compression sleeve (neoprene). It's eased up a bit, though it was a little sore at work last night. You know how nurses are, regardless of where they work, we are on our feet quite a bit. At least a two hour medication pass in the morning, along with walking back and forth between the two units in our building, and running back and forth for resident requests for meds. (residents---that's what we call our patients, whether they're in for long-term or for short-stay rehab!) I walk fast, it's how I've always walked unless my legs or knees or whatever is hurting! Besides taking care of Steven this weekend and helping Steve out, I'll rest the knee some.

I'm loading up my iPad with some tv shows and movies for the wait tomorrow.  I think that I'll have wifi capability at the surgery center, for twitter and posting and for whatever else I may need or want to do. The iPod's got an audio book on it that I need to finish for a review!

I'm glad that I have my readers and blogger friends to "talk" with here!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

OOPS! Forgot something!

Addendum:  here's the pic of my wrist/hand, the slight discoloration is where the injection was!

Knee Surgery has been scheduled!

Steven's appointment pretty much went as we thought it would yesterday. He's got an arthroscopy scheduled for next Friday, and Steve will be taking him. We requested our favorite physical therapy place again, the husband and wife PT team there know us quite well. We've been going to them during the past 4.5 years off and on for pre and post-op therapies. (That just sounded half-sad and pathetic! It makes it sound like we're constantly having surgery or something!) After they left son's appointment so that Steve could take Steven to school, I stayed and went to my appointment. It was a routine rheumatologist visit, and I had a new issue. My pinky, ring , and middle fingers on both hands have intermittently swollen in the joints at times, making it difficult to bend them and to grasp or hold or even shake hands. It's usually one hand or the other. Since I had been diagnosed with mild carpal tunnel back in '09, my dr. decided to do a steroid injection in my left wrist right below my hand.  The slight discoloration right below where the hand ends is where I got injected! Ouch! I just have to wear my splints for awhile.

We had dinner with our friend Matt last night at a place over in Cocoa Beach called Florida Seafood Bar and Grill. It has decent FL seafood, and you have so many choices (I think that Chef Gordon Ramsay would want to change their menu!). As usual, Steven didn't have any seafood, but ended up getting chicken alfredo. Matt, Steve, and I had seafood, like we've done there in the past.  I didn't take any pictures, since we were out and about with others. We did have a great time and had to leave around 8pm, since Steve was working overtime in the morning.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

MRI results

Steven's got a lateral meniscus tear to his left  knee, we found out on Tuesday. He's already bummed that he'll probably have to have another arthroscopy. Steve and I are both taking him to the appointment in the morning, or should I say that Steve's going to meet us there since the doctor's office is a couple of miles from his work. Son will probably miss a couple of periods at school tomorrow, but he'll be able to make up the work.

We're also aiming to go out to dinner with a Disney friend of ours tomorrow from out of state, depending on how Steve is after he gets home from work tomorrow afternoon. We've known Matt for 4.5 years, and we've spent a vacation or two and tons of time with him on WDW property!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Two new "First Look, First Taste " products!

I'm a member of The Dish, and I was recently in the past month given the opportunity to try some new products to tell you about! The new Ro*Tel  Original Tomato and Green Chili sauce is great! You can mix it in with a queso dip, top your tacos and quesadillas and burritos with it. Or, you can do what we did with it, mixed it in while making chili! We also used Ro*Tel diced tomatoes and green chili in with our chili, so we had an awesome blend! I haven't quite been able to get Steve  to give me an idea what he puts in our chili, it's from scratch, and he doesn't have a recipe written down for it!  I forgot to take a picture of the can before we used it. We did use it, and enjoyed it in our chili! I definitely recommend this product!

I was also give the opportunity to try the Orville Redenbacher 's Flavors. They are a new variety of the famous brand that lets you decided on how much of the flavorful topping you want to add to your popcorn!
I got to try the Extra Cheese version, and seeing how I'm the only person in our family of 3 who like cheese popcorn, it was mine to try! Son is a popcorn fiend and absolutely loves his popcorn, but he doesn't like cheese toppings. You add the flavorful topping once you've popped the popcorn. I accidentally added a bit more than I planned to to mine, but it tasted great!I'm going to recommend this product to you!

Here's a few pictures of the popcorn and of the packaging. I took the wrap off before getting the first picture of it!

Package of popcorn unwrapped.
wrapper for the package!
The popcorn before the extra topping.

 Extra cheese topping was added! Yum!

Disclosure: I'm a member of The Dish, and was given free product in which to facilitate this review. The opinions expressed in this review are mine own!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Son's got knee troubles again

I mentioned during last summer that Steven had surgery on his right knee. Well, last week, he kept asking me, "Mom, will you schedule me a doctor's appointment? My left knee's hurting." And, over the weekend, he continued to ask me again, "schedule me an appointment this week, Mom, please?" I called Monday, and got him an appointment set up for Tuesday morning. I took him to the orthodontist early Tuesday morning, and we set up for him to get braces put on during Spring Break in March. Mid-morning, we ended up at the pediatrician's office. After reviewing his symptoms and the length of time that he's had them ---since around his 13th birthday in December, she decided to order a MRI of the left knee and wanted him to go to the orthopedic surgeon he went to last summer.

As of yesterday afternoon, I got the MRI scheduled for early Monday morning the 6th, and the surgeon appointment on the 10th (before my Rheumatologist appt). I did let him stay home the rest of day from school, since he had some of his homework with him and I knew that his knee needed the rest. I got blessed with driving him to school this morning! He wanted to stop by 7-11 for a donut, so we drove by one on the way to school, plus, he beat the school bus to school this morning! We're hoping that he won't have to have an arthroscopy, but we do have a feeling that it will happen. His pediatrician mentioned that she thought that it was a ligament issue. Well, he's got his parents' knees!