Friday, January 27, 2012

Day Off, All By Myself!

Today's my day off before my work weekend! And, like lately, my husband's pulling some overtime on what would be our day off together! It's okay, it's paying the bills! I needed some serious relaxation time after I drove our son in to school this morning (he needed to retake a test on the capitals of Asian countries), so I decided to put on one of Glee's season 2's dvds. The music gets me in an awesome mood, and our birds love music for some reason or another. They make some noise to the music, but it's not the kind of noise that they make when they're annoyed or mad about something. Doc tries to make sounds like she's singing, and Woody makes some what I call "cute baby" noises! Shrek chirps in his little lovebaby voice, and Trouble will ring his bell. We're listening to the Warblers singing "Misery" at the moment, and Doc's saying "uh, uh"! Doc's not making any noise in this picture, she's just sitting on top of her cage.

I'm trying to get motivated to bake today for my guys. when we went to Orlando a couple of weeks or so ago, we stopped in Williams-Sonoma. I so love that store for the gourmet  cookware and foods that they sell! I had seen in a catalog that they were starting to sell Momofuku cookie mixes!
 I bought the Compost cookie mix. I have to add something like butter, eggs, potato chips and small pretzels, like Snyder's to the mix. The cookie mix includes graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chunks, butterscotch chips,  and coffee. I know that it sounds strange, but I think that they will taste oh so wonderful!
Here's a picture of the box! I tried to get the picture clear enough for you all to be able to read it!

 {Momofuku--- I heard about this restaurant in the past two years when I was watching the Today Show. Matt Lauer and the gang were talking about Crack Pie and Compost cookies, and that they were addictive! Ok, I did what most do when you don't know what something is, and I Googled them! Momofuku!  I printed out the recipes from online and proceeded to set them aside---forgetting to do anything about baking!}

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Recent Wins In The Past Month

I just wanted to share a few pictures of some recent wins with you all. I know that I've never posts them in the past, but plan to start doing so this year. I won a trio of really cool books written by E.J. Stevens, of my blog followers, from her blog From the Shadows and Paranormal Author E.J. Stevens! I also won a lovely
box from Krishenka Vintage Treasures from Krishenka via Mary at The Vintage Arcade!
From another blog follower of mine, Escape With Dollycas, I won a cool book.
Thanks, ladies!!

Our Sea World Visit on Christmas

Now that I'm feeling a bit better than I have in the past two weeks, I have a belated post about our family's Christmas day Sea World visit! It was what I call a very quick planned trip, since Steve decided on Tuesday before Christmas that we'd go to Sea World on Christmas Day. He set up getting the 3 of us a room for an overnight stay, and I contacted our pet sitters for a couple of visits. Since Dad wasn't going to be in town for Christmas, and he was visiting with his sister in the Panhandle, going away on Christmas wasn't going to be a problem for us! We got up early Christmas day and headed over to Orlando to check in early in at the hotel, to drop our things off and to head over to Sea World. We opted to drive to the park, rather than take their shuttle bus. That way, we could come and go as we pleased without having to wait! (If we had been at WDW and staying on WDW property, we would have used the WDW transport system!)

As soon as we were in Sea World, Steven booked for the Manta! (He rode the Manta and Kraken about 23 times combined!) There's a viewing area of stingrays and shrimp and seahorses not too far from the Manta in the Stingray Aquarium, so Steve and I headed there. I took a few pictures of the stingrays, seahorses, and shrimp, but I'm not too sure which of the two shrimp I took a picture that morning. (They looked so similar to me.) They had such cute names, like Peppermint Shrimp and Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp.  Son continued to ride the Manta and went to the Kraken, too. I rode the Sky Tower by myself with a group of Asian tourists, since Steve's not too crazy about heights! I love the view that I had of Sea World and the surrounding area in Orlando! It was nice, but too short of a ride, in my opinion. The places that we visited after my Sky Tower ride were Seaport Theater (where the animals who are in the show are rescued animals) and the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium.

Steve and I had seats in the Seaport Theater close to the back, and we were able to see the one cat go from near our heads to the stage! We didn't take any pictures while we were there. It's a really nice show, for kids of all ages! Next, was the pre-show for Clyde and Seamore at the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium, the mime! I love watching the mime interact with the guests! I couldn't stop laughing, he was walking some of them from one entrance to the exit! He mimicked one guy who was on his cellphone, and then he took the cellphone away from the guy, pretending to talk with someone who couldn't hear him. The show was great and I just love the little otter in the show.  At some point, we caught up with Steven, and decided to have lunch at the Terrace Garden Buffet. There was pizza, pasta, salad (pre-made), and cookies/fruit pizza, along with tea and soda. It was okay, but not my favorite, due to all of the carbs (not friendly for one trying to watch sugars and carbs).

We stopped in the games area, and were given a few tickets to play some games. Steven tried the baseball one, and we both did the frog game. I really didn't do well, and we didn't win anything. (Oh well!We did try!) Onto Shamu Stadium and the killer whales!  Before Shamu and the other trainers came out, they showed a message on the sidebars of the screen that if you texted a certain number to one of the names on the sidebar with a name, it would show up! I must have texted Steven's name multiple times, and he wasn't too humored! Anything to drive my boy crazy! The show was great, and I enjoyed seeing the interact of the trainers with the whales. It's sad that the one trainer died due to the one killer whale, I can't remember the whale's name.

We looked around in some of the shops, and I can't believe that I didn't buy anything. We went to the Shark Encounter, the Penguin Encounter (my favorite! I love penguins!), and back to the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium, to see the Christmas show. I did some recording of the mime during the pre show, but haven't uploaded it to YouTube yet---sometime in the next week. We didn't get to the Pacific Point Preserve, that's where the sea lions are in abundance and you can feed them, for a small fee. The Polar Express Experience is nice, too, but we went there the previous year. I missed seeing the beluga whale and the puffins. We ended our evening with watching the Sea of Trees, music synched to the lights on the trees in the water. It was pretty. I took some video of the Sea of Trees, too. We headed out of the park after that to get dinner and then back to our room. It was a nice Christmas Day!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Home Alone, Sick!

Hi! As you can tell by the title, I'm home alone while my guys are at work and school! I looked at my post from the other day, and thought, gosh, I didn't even use spell-check! This started out as a cold early last week, and turned into a bad sinus infection this week. I worked the first two days, Monday and Tuesday, but ended up calling in sick last evening. The cough got worse, and I was constantly coughing up stuff. I'm definitely not going to gross you out
with the other details! Slept the afternoon yesterday, and when it was time to get up for dinner, I felt worse that before I had gone to bed. My doctor's been so busy this week with patients having similar ailments like mine, and he even has a sinus infection.

I finally got a call back his nurse this morning, she was calling in Tussinex for me! I woke up with a low-grade fever and major coughing. Even my son thought that I looked sick this morning, he called and told his dad that I was running a fever. Extra Strength Acetaminophen, Xopenex nebulizer treatment and Augmentin on board!!

I am trying to relax and rest on the sofa this afternoon, and I am watching "La Buche". It is a French Christmas movie on Netflix with English sub-titles. It is actually decent, except for the affairs going on in the movie. I'm thinking about watching Glee from my DVDs or some Gordon Ramsay from Netflix after the movie. I serious doubt that I'll be going into work tonight, still feeling feverish and the cough is bad!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm having issue with the Sea World trip posting!

I'm having some issues this morning with the Sea World post that I had almost completed and lost a few minutes ago! Maybe it's my with my meds on board, and maybe because I'm still not feeling a 100%  better yet from my recently diagnosed sinus infection (it cost me two shots yesterday, one Rocephin IM and one depomedrol IM injection, along with 7 days of oral antibiotics.). I will attempt to post it again tonight! I have pictures to go with the post!! Keep an eye out later for it. MY sleeping pill is starting to kick in!
So, bedtime for me all! Ciao till later!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday's Music Moves Me: Katy Perry - Firework

Come along, and join the Music Moves Me Monday gang!  Today's theme: Freebie! It took me a little bit to think about what I was going to choose to share! I think that I shared Glee's version in the past.  I chose this song, because the whole 6th grade sang this song last year at son's elementary school, about 2 weeks before school let out.  I heard it a lot when he was practicing in the car singing it!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Early Friday afternoon!

Ok, so my post hasn't gone up yet! The serious truth is that with Steven being home with a sinus infection and trying to get caught up with laundry before I go to bed in the morning/afternoon, and working late the past two days (one 12 hour shift and one 10 hour shift---that 10 being this morning, and one of my patients died this morning), my brain's turned to vegematic when I've got home.  Plus, I was in MOM, mode with him, trying to take care of him, though he turned 13 last month. My nursing  job that pays the bills, has worn me out the past week! I have at least two posts planned to post in the next few days, the one about Sea World, with several pics, from Christmas Day, and the other, unnamed yet.

The overtime's been great at work, don't get me wrong, but I wasn't trying to deliberately get it! Unforseen events that crop up during med pass at the end of the shift or before med pass delay things----especially on the last hall, I'm heading down it, calls to go to the bathroom, or could you help me change so and so---they're giving a CNA grief,  and just about everyone wants the pain meds that they didn't need during the night, and 6:45am is fast approaching-----time to be finished with med pass and start giving report to the next two nurses whose halls that I've had the night before! It's all part of being a RN---team leader, supervisor, and team player.

I've read some of you all's posts on your blogs lately, and am aiming to back on posting a few comments on yours over the weekend! Reading blogs when I get home from a crazy if not insane night at work, helps me to unwind and stay in touch with you all!

Well, I"ve got to get to bed and get a few hours sleep!!!  Love to you all!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quick note!!

Just a quick one to you all! I had planned to post during the past two days, but due to being exhausted on Monday after working the weekend, and running errands along with Steven's ENT appt yesterday----blogging just didn't happen. I'm aiming to post about the Sea World trip hopefully by Friday, I'm thinking about going into work early this evening.
 Today's my Dad's 76th birthday, and we dropped his birthday card off yesterday and visited for a little bit before son's appt. Steven's got a cold, but the way he sounds, you'd think that it was a sinus infection. He's back to irrigating his sinuses today.

Ciao for now!