Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Stephy's rafflecopter entry won the Prenatal Dance with Menina, and I just sent Stephy an e-mail regarding her win. Congrats again, Stephy!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Don't forget about the Prenatal Dance with Menina dvd giveaway!

The Prenatal Dance with Menina DVD giveaway ends in TWO DAYS! Don't forget to enter and refer your friends to enter, if they're expecting!! This would be a perfect gift for them to win!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Belated Merry Christmas and other things!

HI and Merry Christmas, BELATED, and Happy Boxing Day to to our UK friends! Waving to Chrissy!!  And a special belated birthday wish to our friend Elise who's 9th birthday was Christmas Eve! One more shout out... I'm giving a shout out to Drey and Kiyah!

 I realized that I haven't posted anything about the Sandy Hook children and adults who were killed in a horrible situation a few weeks ago, my mind has been on them the whole time,  and thoughts and prayers have been said for them. There have been way too many senseless killings in the past year, and everyday we hear about a missing child or elder parent or an adult. Now, off of my soapbox!

I've been trying to spend time with my son and my husband this month, and with Steve pulling so many hours (so much overtime) and Steven taking his mid-term exams last week, it has been definitely crazy here. Again, the Christmas card preparation was left for me to do, and I still haven't sent them out! Argh! I did work on them before I went to bed yesterday, though! I missed getting one out to some friends in Canada and to my cousins in Greece this year. Due to Steve's crazy work schedule, I think that there was a general consensus within our family not to put a tree up this year. That kind of got me in the bummed mood for a day or two. I got some Christmas music Cd's and some DVDs of shows that I watch like Glee (3rd season) and Eureka (season 5), along with my new Lifeproof iPhone 4S case! I will have to take some pictures of it. I used two e-gift certificates that I had received from Viggle for some beauty items from Sephora before their free shipping for over $50. I'm definitely becoming more interested in make-up again, after all of these years! Plus, I'm trying a new tech side!!!

Three of my current favorite apps from iTunes these days are Viggle, Twittelator Pro, and Foodspotting! With Viggle, you check in on the app when your show comes on, and you can earn points towards rewards. The rewards have been anywhere from $10 Sephora e--certificates/GC, Best Buy GC, iPod Touch, to name a few. Twittelator Pro... I found out about this one when one of my favorite chefs, Rick Bayless was using it for his tweets, granted it was about $4.99, and I have had it for about 3 years now. I use it the most when I am tweeting from my iPhone or my iPad.  Foodspotting... you can follow others, and find out about places to eat and about new foods to try. I've been trying to post more when we've been out eating locally and when we've been to Orlando. Some of my pictures were blurry and some have been okay. I'm a newbie foodie, and I love to try new foods!

Disclosure: All the above products I either purchased myself, or was given by my husband and son for Christmas. The opinions expressed are my very own!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Prenatal Dance With Menina (Review and a Rafflecopter Giveaway)

Celebrity Choreographer and dance expert Menina Fortunato released her Prenatal Dance DVD on November 23, 2012. It's the first prenatal dance workout DVD of its kind for pregnant women. The DVD includes a full body dance workout with a warm up with toning exercises and stretches, with a focus on the arms, legs, core, hips, and butt. Dance combinations are included, along with a relaxing cool-down. 
Menina and other women in various stages of pregnancy are shown in each phase of the DVD, and she gives a warning to check with your doctor before exercising. The music that accompanies the warm-up, the dance combinations, and the cool-down was quite calming and perfect for each area of the DVD. 
Menina was looking for ways to continue exercising when she was pregnant, and she tried many prenatal exercise and yoga videos during that time. They didn't challenge her, and she wanted to dance. She used her expertise to create this dance workout DVD for herself and other pregnant women! 

Her background: She began her professional career at age 12 in Vancouver, where she grew up. She's been based out of Los Angeles, CA since 2001. She has worked as an international freelance dancer, teacher, and choreographer,. She has worked in several countries around the world in front of stadium crowds, She's shared the screen and stage as a dancer with  Britney Spears, Victoria Justice, Earth, Wind and Fire, Beyonce, Carmen Electra, ZZ Top, Luis Miguel, Jennifer Garner, and Carrie Underwood, to name a few! She's preformed on America's Got Talent, Star Trek: Enterprise, Spike TVs Guy's Choice Awards, MAD TV, and Alias. Menina currently lives in Los Angeles and juggles a hectic schedule as an ambitious career mother and wife! 

 My take on the DVD... This 50 year old non-pregnant woman attempt to follow the exercises along, but I had to stop when Menina got to the point of standing on  your toes--- I'm having some toe issues on my left foot right now.  I did appreciate the stretches, which I'm going to admit, could be used in any stage of your life! I truly wish that this prenatal dance DVD had been around when I was pregnant with my son 14 years ago! I enjoyed the warm up, the dance combinations, and the cool-down. I would highly recommend her DVD for those who are pregnant!!

For more information about PRENATAL DANCE, please visit Prenatal Dance with Menina .
The DVD is available for purchase on and other select online retailers. 

Menina also created a 10% off discount code exclusive to my followers, valid until Dec 31, 2012. In order to get it, the user will need to fill out the opt-in form  and Menina's email system will automatically send them an email with the coupon code. How nice is that!!

Disclosure: I was given a copy of the dvd free in order to facilitate my review, and the opinions expressed are my own!

Photo-A-Day December 21, 2012

December 21, 2012... The day that the Mayans said that the world would end! Obviously, all of us are here, so we all live on! I've watched "2012" a few times, unfortunately around the time that a Disney twitter friend of mine had an earthquake in Chile in 2010. An awesome movie, but as to the reality of it... none!  It's also the 1st day of winter, about time here in FL! We actually started out the morning cool! I walked out of the building at work this morning, and it was a bit brisk! Brr! I had a grey sweatshirt with a hoodie on it, but since I had a short distance to walk to my car, I didn't put it on! Tonight will be a different story!

Now for my photo-a-day picture... Fat Mum Slim had  "tree" on her list for today! Tree... I opted for the little Christmas tree that I put up last week, We've had conflicting schedules with our work these past two weeks, and getting a Christmas tree down from the attic and getting Christmas cards done in a timely matter were not happening for me. Hence, I got the little fiber optic Disney tree out that runs on two "AA" batteries!!

 This second tree is near the entrance to Disney's Hollywood Studios, it's not one of my best photos on it. It was taken two weekends ago!  I think that Steve's taken better pictures of it while we were there on family trips, but I can't seem to find them!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Photo-A-Day December 16-20, 2012 Catching up!!

 Good afternoon all! I have a few photos to share with you, as I follow Fat Mum Slim's photo-a-day!

16th--- something you made...  I made this little ceramic container back in the 6th grade, and I still have it!

17th----On the floor... this is a picture of Steven when he was little and he decided to lie down in the hallway near his bedroom! Unknown age in this picture. Possibly somewhere between 6 and 7!

18th--- Makes you Merry... This is a picture that Steven took for me almost two weekends ago on his birthday weekend trip! Love the Mickey shaped ornaments!

19th...Something that begins with a "S"... Smart gloves!!

20th...Weather.... the above picture is through our patio to the outside! Sunny!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snapper Rock UV50+ Clothing (Review)

I usually review a product myself and tell you all about it, but today's product was tested by a friend of mine and her son.   They had the opportunity to try Snapper Rock UV50+ clothing. We live in FL, where sun protection is important and on our minds most of the year. Florida families are constantly outside, going to parks, playing outside, going to sporting events, and even the beach. Keeping the young ones from the sun's harmful rays is important. One way to protect your young ones from the sun's harmful rays is to have them wear Snapper Rock UV50+ clothing!
(I'm sorry for the "side" pictures, I don't know how to rotate them!!)
ADDENDUM on 12-20-12: I was able to correct the position of the pictures!

Let me tell you a little bit about them... Snapper Rock began in 2003 when they moved from New Zealand to Annapolis, MD. Liz Englinton is their founder. They started with clothing for the junior sailing market, and went to where they are now, with children's wear, like hats, kaftan's, board shorts, 3-piece swimwear, sundresses, baby toweling onesies and the list goes on! Their clothes are functional and protective at the same time.   There are stores around the USA where you can buy them, along with purchasing from their website, Snapper Rock .

 Donnie's wear the Snapper Rock shirt in a size 3, he's the one in the long-sleeve white and navy blue, with an orangish-red shirt. Jessica said that the shirt was not tight on him. He had room to move around in it and the shirt was functional. He could wear it outside,  to the beach or the pool and play with his cousins in it. It happened to be a warm and sunny day the day that Jessica took the pictures, we had been having a few cool days (and I was afraid of not being able to get the review done sooner, due to weather issues!). I believe that we got a thumbs up from both of them on the shirt! In my opinion, the shirt is neat looking, and it cold water wash!

For further information, you can check out their website Snapper Rock and their Facebook page Snapper Rock Facebook page!

Disclosure: I was given information and free product in order to facilitate a review by Snapper Rock, and the opinions expressed were mine and Jessica's. Honestly is everything.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Photo-A-Day December 14 and 15, 2012

I was feeling under the weather yesterday when I got home from work. I fell asleep on the sofa after taking my morning stomach med, and missed taking Steven to school for "before school" tutoring. I woke up at some point and checked into Kelly and Michael on Viggle, and before I knew it, it was after 12pm! I missed breakfast! Sheesh! My fibromyalgia and back pain were bothering me, and I decided to get up and do some chores. I got some laundry going and vacuumed the family and great room and around the bird cages. I went through newspapers, and found an article on foster parenting that I had planned to take to one of the nurses at one of my doctors' offices.

This morning, I woke up about 5:30 am with a severe migraine, and had to take my Cambia. It's still bothering me, so I'm trying to relax. I hate when I wake up in the middle of the night with intense headaches!

Here's the two photos...  something green... my Croc flip-flops! I bought them at a Crocs outlet sometime during the summer!

Outdoors... when I went out to get the newspaper this morning, it was a bit foggy around 8:00am, but I don't think that it shows in the picture. I think that I scared one of the young men across the street in the long pjs that I was wearing!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Photo-a-Day December 13, 2012 and other things!

Today's a picture of lights at night, and this picture was taken at Disney, of course, in Disney's Hollywood Studios in the Osbourne Lights area!

There should be a few posts coming up over the next few days, I am waiting for my friend Jessica to take some pictures for me, and for her to give me her opinion for a review product. I'm also trying to work on Christmas cards which I'm sorely behind on already! I had grandiose plans to have them done before Thanksgiving , and due to work and being exhausted, that did not happen!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 12, 2012 Photo-a-Day Hat

I think that each time I post a picture of something or someone, you get a glimpse of me, and what my life's like. Many of you don't know me personally, but may feel that you do from my posts! Sometimes you see glimpses into my health, which has changed alot since I first started blogging in January of 2010.
So, here's a pic of a hat .... on my boy! I think that this was in 2006, and it was of course, at WDW! I miss those days with him, but I enjoy the moments with him now, except when he's snarky with me!
Such innocence in this picture!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Photo-a-Day December 7- 11, 2012

You know by now that I've been clumping my photo-a-day pictures into a few a a time, if my work schedule or family life especially with Steve and Steven or my health gets crazy! I took a few days away from posting and my nursing job to spend some time with Steven for his 14th birthday, since my husband had to work Friday and Saturday (he gave up renewing his WDW FL Resident pass holder ticket this year). We spent Friday night in AKL in the DVC portion, just relaxing, and watching a little tv. We had a snack from the Mara that night and went back down the next morning to have breakfast! Love, love the quinoa and the yogurt parfaits! We checked out and then had to check in at Pop Century. From there we headed to Epcot, and went to a few attractions in Innoventions, saw Figment and Captain EO, then headed over to the UK to get our Fish'n' Chips! I love taking our meal down to near the waterfront and getting a panoramic view of World Showcase! He rode Test Track, and he was happy with the new changes with it. I think that we then headed over to the International Gateway, and got on a boat to take us to Disney's Hollywood Studios.  My goal was to see The Osbourne Lights, even if that was the only thing that I saw! I don't recall riding anything while we were at DHS, but I guarantee you that we saw the Osbourne Lights! I love them, though the flashing of the lights is enough to cause a seizure or a migraine! ( I think that I actually took my migraine med that morning!) We enjoyed the music and the lights, though we couldn't find the black cat----it's moved every year. I tweeted Studios Central, because I knew that Matt Hochberg from the WDW TODAY podcast would know! But I got the answer back from him after Steven and I got back to Pop Century---so we are aiming to take another trip during the holidays to see the black cat in the Osbourne Lights at DHS, and to see the New Fantasyland, since we didn't go to MK this trip!
We stopped by IHOP on the way home Sunday morning to get his free birthday breakfast!! Then, home to do a ton of homework for Monday morning!

Monday, December 10th, was Steven's 14th birthday! Happy birthday to our fantastic and smart and handsome son! We love you!

Photo-A-day.... December 7th... stars... I seriously could not find one in my collection of pictures and there has been too much light pollution lately to take a picture of the sky!

December 8th... someone you love... our teenager!!!

December 9th... Out and about... well, we were out and about when we had breakfast at IHOP on Sunday!!

December 10th... under.... The chips were under the fish! Yes, this picture was taken on Saturday, but it fit Monday's theme!!

11th... Sweet...  a cinnamon roll from Panera!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Photo-A-Day December 6, 2012

From where you live/your country... Obviously the USA, so I took a picture of the American flag this morning!The only country that I've ever known!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Guest Post from Dr. Richard Bezozo from Molesafe

Dr. Richard Bezozo, is the President of Molesafe. Molesafe is the world's most advanced melanoma screening program. Molesafe combines advanced technology with the skills of one of a panel of highly qualified melanoma dermatologists /dermascopists to diagnose melanoma at its earliest possible stage.

Melanoma Does Not Discriminate
Melanoma affects the young, the old, the fair skinned and the dark skinned. Contrary to the common belief that only fair-skinned individuals can be affected, dark skin does not indicate immunity to skin cancer. Although Caucasians are the primary targets for skin cancer, people with darker skin tones are also at risk. In fact, melanoma is usually more deadly for people with darker skin because they usually take fewer precautions and are commonly misdiagnosed or diagnosed too late.
This misconception may derive from the fact that people who have a darker complexion have more melanin in their skin. Melanin, which gives color to your skin, also acts as a natural shield against damaging sunrays, thus making darker-skinned people less prone to UV radiation damage and sun burns. However, that does not mean you are invincible to skin cancer if you have colored skin, because this natural protection is not flawless.
Several factors can lead to a high risk of developing skin cancer, regardless of your skin color:
  • Overexposure in the sun
  • A history of sunburns
  • The presence of moles and/or skin lesions
  • Family history of skin cancer
  • Living in high-altitude climates or near the equator
  • A weakened immune system
  • Overexposure to radiation, or other substances such as arsenic
Because melanoma, one of the fastest-growing cancers and the most deadly form of skin cancer in the U.S. does not discriminate, people of all skin colors need to be aware of its risk factors and preventative measures to help lower your risk. Self-exams can help you identify potential skin cancers early, when they can almost always be completely cured. Regular visits to your dermatologist, self-checks, and enrolling in an early detection surveillance program to monitor existing and new moles and lesions are essential in keeping you and your skin healthy all year long.

 Disclosure: I was given the information for the guest post by their PR firm, and no compensation was received, just the information.

Photo-A-Day December 2-5, 2012 (Okay, a bit behind!)

Good  morning! Spent most of yesterday doing laundry and cleaning the showers and tubs! I don't mind laundry at all, but cleaning the showers and tubs wears me out, breath and knee-wise! My knees get uncomfortable kneeling on them, especially on the bathroom floor! Unfortunately, I was also using a cleaner that had bleach in it, and I forgot to put a mask on! But, the vent fan was on! Washed the shower curtains and mat in the washer with bleach and they cleaned up nice! Now, onto the pictures!

2nd... Peace... I couldn't find a peace sign around here anywhere, and you would have thought that I'd at least have one, since I was a child of the 60's! I had to draw one, so please be kind with the drawing comments!

3rd... Something that you held... It was a lame "held", but I had one of my window catchers in my hand! I think of it as a pirate ship, as in Pirates of the Caribbean!!

 4th...Black and White... my lavender eye pillow, I bought it at the Southern Women's Show back in '99 or 2000.

5th... Looking up... The area where this hanging light currently is, used to be a recessed light fixture. Our friend Bill replaced it for us about a year or two ago, and we are much happier with the current lighting! It really lit up the sink and counter top when Steven and I were prepping dinner last night! 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Photo-A-Day December 1, 2012

I want to wish a "Happy Birthday" to my father-in-law Terry and my nephew Joshua from our family!

Now, onto photo-a-day... Today's is of "8 o'clock"... what was I doing this morning then? Watching a rerun of "The Red Green Show" from the dvr! Love the Canadian humor!

Photo-A-Day (Late!) 11/30/12 On the Wall

Yesterday's a little late, I think that I had forgot about it, to be honest. I was up all day from working the night before, and was a little tired and spacey. I started in with having an aura with my left eye and no headache, after being out and about to a morning doctor's appointment yesterday (good old asthma, at Pulmonologist!!). I took my Cambia, and it nknocked it out quick, thank heavens!

On the wall... I'm posting a picture that we have on the wall in the mater bathroom, it's of a lighthouse somewhere.

The second picture on the wall has been in a previous picture, but today it is being used for on the wall, too. There is history behind this picture. Steve's grandmother painted it back in the 50's and repainted I guess in the 90's. She gave to us when we lived in Orlando or Winter Garden. We were into bird-watching back then, and she thought that we'd like it! I still do!

Friday, November 30, 2012


Due to recent spam comments,  I will be moderating comments for now. I know that my faithful readers     will understand.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Photo-A-Day 11/29/12 BIG

What do you think big could be?  Big is this Lego Dinosaur! This was taken a few years ago at the Lego Store in Downtown Disney! I love Legos, and so does Steven. He was recently asking me to buy another Lego set that required a multitude of pieces and time, but I haven't quite found the right set yet at a reasonable price!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Photo-a-day November 28, 2012 Vehicle

Hrrrrmmm, this was going to be an interesting pic! Vehicle... Not identify marks are noted on it, except my breast cancer ribbon magnet! I just took it while my car was in our garage! I'm in my nightshirt and am not going to take a picture of someone else's car outside! I usually have these pictures a little planned out, and with son's help! Okay, I just realized that I still have my Nightmare Before Christmas antenna topper still on, I need to change it sometime this week for a Christmas one! The second picture is of my friend Debbie, who's like another sister to me! She's on one of the cars in the Tomorrowland Speedway! Hey Deb!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I'm announcing the Purex plus Oxi winner tonight, after hearing back from her! It's Judi B!! Congrats Judi! :O) Awesome!

Photo-a-Day November 27, 2012 Tree

WOW! This month and this year have flown by! We've had four birthdays in my family this month... my sisters Karen and Laura  AND my Aunt Maureen (my Dad's youngest sister!), my ex-stepmom Norma,  and one of my friends.. Connie! She sent me some pictures of her pineapple plant/tree in my texts recently, and she gave me permission to post them, so I'll be sharing them with you all soon! I have never seen a pineapple grow that far from a piece cut from the top of another one before, so to me, it's really cool!

Steve was driving when I took this one!

Out near the Carmike Theaters! 
Today's picture was taken on Sunday when we were out and about, and it's a different view than the sky view that you all saw.  They have quite a few very tall palm trees in The Avenue, and they caught my eye. Fat Mum Slim has inspired many to follow her with the Photo-A-Day each month, and I plan to continue doing so. She wanted us to take a photo of a TREE, and to test our creative bones . We could lie down on the ground and take a photo looking up. You could experiment with angles and filters, I'm still trying to play around with different ones on my iPhone!  I took pictures of the palm trees looking up at them! Gosh, how I love to use exclamation points!!!! The 2nd picture is of a small palm tree, what kind I don't know!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Photo-A-Day November 25 and 26, 2012

Yes, I finally saw "Skyfall" with Steve and Steven yesterday! It was good! I am definitely bummed about Dame Judi Densch's character "M" dying off, though. We had a decent time, we went out to lunch before the movie, at a place called Pizza Gallery. They had a Sunday brunch, which we hadn't tried before now, they usually have a buffet with the pizza and some pasta and salad. The chicken piccata was good, and so were their home style potatoes. We stopped by Coldstone Creamery after the movie, then onto Kohl's. I think that it was last year when Isotoner came out with their version of the smartphone gloves. I wanted a pair so bad, but I didn't get around to getting a pair last year. I finally forgot about them until a Kohl's ad on Sunday. I've had a pair of Isotoners since before Steve and I got married, and they've been showing some wear in the past few years. It was finally time to replace them.
I'm showing a picture of the old pair and the new pair. The smartphone pair is comfortable! I'm anticipating a cold winter this year, due to having cooler weather starting last month. I threw in a picture of my Mickey and Minnie gloves, too!

Sky... a picture of the sky in Melbourne, FL near the Avenue. It was beautiful!

In the cupboard... our coffee mugs! Even Disney is in our kitchen cabinets!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Photo-A-Day November 22-24, 2012

The lovely Photo-A-Days got behind again on my part! I worked the past 3 days and I was pretty much wiped out when I came home from work. Hubby's cooking dinner while I post this. Aiming to see "Skyfall" later! I'm not a big fan of Daniel Craig, but I do love Bond movies!

Grateful... I'm grateful for my family, but I'm also grateful for the little guy who came into our household back in July! Macy!!

Black... The grey photo app that I use just wouldn't do justice for pictures I was trying to take, so I took a picture of our black U-Verse remote.

Sound you heard... Okay, so I was watching Thursday's episode of "Glee", and took a picture of Finn!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Purex plus Oxi (Review and Giveaway)

As you might know, except for not having the Purex Button on the sidebar, I'm a Purex Insider!! I recently was given the opportunity to review their newest product in their lineup, Purex plus Oxi!
I'm talking about Purex plus Oxi, a new-stain-fighting liquid detergent from Purex!! I do all of laundry on a daily basis in my household, and I was thrilled to try their latest product. I pride myself on doing a great job keeping my uniforms and my husband's and son's clothes clean.

I need to give you some information about this new product from Purex. Purex plus Oxi is the most powerful Purex detergent available. It works against over 101 different stains! The 3 stain-fighting enzymes in Purex plus Oxi  each work against different types of stains for the most Purex stain-fighting power you can get. Purex plus Oxi, like all liquid Purex products has been specially formulated to work in both high efficiency washers and traditional washing machines. This is definitely important to me, because we bought a high efficiency front loading washing machine two years ago. And with Purex, you won't break the bank! Purex plus Oxi leaves your clothes bright, white, and clean! It costs half the price of the leading detergent! It comes in a hypoallergenic formula with a light fresh scent. It's perfect for everyday laundry or heavily soiled clothes.  AND, it is so powerful, it can even be used to pretreat stains, too! To use as a pretreater: Pour a little Purex plus Oxi onto the stain, rub the stained fabric together and let sit for five minutes before putting in the washer. Then, add Purex plus Oxi detergent to your wash load as you normally would.

It's the best laundry detergent that I've tried so far, and we have used many kinds in our household in the past few years since I've been married and had a son and birds! It worked quite well on the birds' sheets that we cover them with every night. I did have one issue with one of Steven's t-shirts, but it was because I missed pretreating the stain before washing it. It was a spaghetti sauce stain. I do highly recommend their new Purex plus Oxi! It has made my husband's dress shirts and t-shirts cleaner! I'm always getting stains of some kind or another on my work uniforms, and it really kept the blue and the white ones clean!

For more information: stop by and check out Purex's site:  Purex plus Oxi
Follow them on Twitter at @Purex

Disclosure: Purex provided me with a sample of Purex plus Oxi so I could review them. However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


HI and good afternoon on Black Friday! I recently reviewed the Journal 10+ in the past month, if you remember. The Journal 10+ makes an ideal, modestly priced holiday gift!  The great people at Journal 10+ are offering a special discount of 10% if the code JN006 is used when placing an order for Journal 10+  at It will be valid for two weeks effective today, November 23, 2012.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given the information to post about.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Zendeals (sponsored post)

Are you tired of trying to use coupons that don't work or aren't valid online? Well, there is a new way of shopping with verified coupon deals online!! Zendeals! Here's a video clip that will explain more about it!

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Here's a sample of the top retailers that ZenDeals validates!!! A lot of favorites out there, I must say!

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Disclosure: This was a sponsored post, in which I was  given the information in order to write a post. No compensation was received.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

PHOTO-A-DAY November 14-21, 2012

Working and running to doctors' appointments tied up quite a bit of my time in the past week! I had a lumbar nerve block on Monday afternoon, and I was numb in my waist/hips for a few hours---but I was able to walk and drive! Wild, eh?  I'm feeling much better, from the bronchitis, hoping that I don't end up the diagnosis of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). I think that I've had at least 10+ bouts of bronchitis since the 1st one in 1979, when I was in high school in my junior year. I was diagnosed with allergy-inducecd asthma back in 1996 as an adult. Well, on with the Photo-A-Day!

14th... Man-made... My Vera Bradley purse is man-made, obviously!

15th... in your bag... I took the contents out of my Vera Bradley purse, and laid them out on the kittchen counter. I can't believe I carry that much stuff it in!

16th... The view from your window... I was driving in Melbourne, and decided to take a picture out of the car window, when I was at a traffic light.

17th... The last thing that you bought... my Michael's trip for Christmas card supplies! I'm stamping them by hand this coming weekend! I haven't done this in years!

18th... Happened this weekend... slept! I had to work Saturday and Sunday night! Unmade bed!

19th... Something awesome... I got the Brave Blu-ray set in the mail from Amazon!

20th ... Work/Play...I can't take pictures of work due to HIPPA regulations and I don't want to get fired, so I'm posting a picture of me in my uniform playing the Hasbro Football with son, you've seen this picture before. Hanging at Disney, it's another old picture, I didn't play yesterday!

21st... What you wore... another old pic!!