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ChicnSavvy Reviews: Christmas In July: Enter to WIN a $275.97 Prize Pa...

ChicnSavvy Reviews: Christmas In July: Enter to WIN a $275.97 Prize Pa...: "Welcome to the Christmas in July Giveaway Hop brought to you by Just Married with Coupons , Matter of Cents and Money $aving Mi..."

The World As I See It: Christmas In July-Blog Design Giveaway

The World As I See It: Christmas In July-Blog Design Giveaway: "I am so excited to be taking part in Christmas In July Giveaway hop. This is the first giveaway hop that I have ever done. I am ..."

I entered!! Hoping that I win!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

HappilyDomestic: Raw Gaia Facial Products Review and Giveaway!

HappilyDomestic: Raw Gaia Facial Products Review and Giveaway!: "Being the health nut that I am, I have been learning a lot about the importance of raw foods. When you eat raw foods or use raw products yo..."

C'mon, enter her giveaway!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another busy week!

Steven had his right knee arthroscopy very early Tuesday morning! (We should be used to getting up early for surgeries this summer! HA!) We got to the outpatient surgery area of the hospital that he was having his arthroscopy at 6:30a.m.  They got him ready, asking a few questions and having him change into a hospital gown.( I had to laugh a little, when my boy came to the restroom door with his gown on backwards, with the ties in the front! I asked him if he wanted me to come in and help him, and he said sure. ) They got the IV in on the first start, and I was so happy----the nurse in me was kicking in! By 7:30 a.m., we had seen the anesthesiologist, the operating room nurse, the nurse anesthetist, and his orthopedic surgeon.  He was out of surgery and in the recovery room around 8 a.m. or thereabouts. The doctor told us that he had done well, and that he had trimmed son's meniscus and had removed a piece of foreign body (probably part of the meniscus) floating around in the fluid near his kneecap.

I took him home around 9:30 a.m. by myself from the hospital. (My husband had gone to have a MRI of his left knee before son was able to leave the hospital, and then he headed to work.) We initially used son's crutches for mobility around the house, then it got to the point that it was easier to help him get up to the bathroom with him using my walker (the one that I got post-op for my foot surgeries!). Steven found out that it was much easier to use, and it gave him some stability! I'm glad that it was useful! He had to be by himself for only 30 minutes, during which I ran out to get his pain pills for him. I spent most of Tuesday getting him ice packs and fluids and pain pills when he needed them. It was one of those times in a parent's life that you'd rather take the pain that to let your child go through it. On a pain scale that day, his stayed around an "8", on a scale of 0 to 10.  My father came over to visit and to check on his grandson.

Wednesday was a bit more of a needy day, till his friend came down to visit. Then, it was more of "Mom, Can you bring me a glass of water?" Can you do this....?" "Can you do that...?" Today, he's been more mobile, and in less pain, more like a "5" on the pain scale. The smart mouth is coming back, and I'd rather have him in the "needy" phase again! I went to the podiatrist this afternoon, and I've got another 3 weeks in which to recuperate. I'm to start wearing my Ascics or something like it , an hour on the first day, two on the second day, slowly increasing to where I'm wearing it or another shoe as I normally would. The pain's still in the toe, but it's healing pain. I'd take a pic, but not sure if I could avoid taking a pic of the peeling skin on it! Tomorrow afternoon Steven will have his first physical therapy appointment, and it will be with the same group that we (Steve and I) went to before.
I will hopefully get into some blog hopping this weekend!!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Article link that I want to share with my readers!

I just read an article that a buddy of mine from Facebook had posted the link to, and I'm sharing it with you! The American eagle is one of my favorite birds, and need I say more... 'The eagle couldn't have picked a better person' 


Saturday, July 23, 2011

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night!

If you were a teen or an adult in the mid-70's, you'll get my Bay City Rollers reference! What a week it has been in my household! Some downtime, but not a whole lot! The whole week went by in a blur, I do declare!
Sunday... when we found out that Steven had taken his iPhone into the swimming pool at his aunt and uncle's place (they attempted to dry it out before he came home, it ended up being non-functional!), we knew that we were going to have to replace it for him. We all were out of contract with our phones, and the  coverage policy that we had bought on the phone had expired in June. One of us could get a new iPhone 4, and give him the old 3GS. It ended up being me. Steve and I took my Dad with us to Waterford Lakes in Orlando, and I got the phone that afternoon. The guy took two attempts to put a protective screen on it for me, and told me to wait 24 hours to let it dry. I also bought the Defender series Otterbox iPhone 4 case that day, too.   We came home and tried to relax for a few hours before we had to pick up Steven at MCO really late that night. Dad stayed at the house, since he had to get up early and move into his apartment Monday morning. Every so often Sunday evening, we kept getting updates from Steven on boarding the plane and all. Long story, but in a nutshell, my child couldn't get an escort for United that night! He ended up with a 2 hour layover in Dulles by himself, and he checked in with us. He transferred onto the plane by himself. Bear in mind, he flew up a couple of weeks ago, with an escort on both planes that he had to be on just to get to NC. He's only 12 and he had never flown before!  He did quite well, and says that he could switch planes on his own next time! He got in about 12:13am, and it took till almost 1:45am before we got home.

Monday... Dad moved into his apartment, and we gave him the housewarming gift of 3 helpers from Steve's karate class to help him move in. Son and I ended up getting up early and going to talk with a counselor at Steven's school regarding 7th grade classes. We stopped back at the house, and then went back out to his orthodontist appointment. He has one more tooth to lose, and we are looking at braces in the next 6 months! Lovely, been there done that in my early 30's!  I definitely hit my 2 hour limit on my feet that day! Then, a drive to dad's apartment after lunch, to get him so that he could get his car from our house. I was so beat!

Tuesday,Wednesday, and Thursday were spent trying to get laundry caught up and I propped up my feet quite a bit. Definitely Netflix'd!!! Got a little caught up on some reading! I did take son to his church on Thursday so that he could go to Wet and Wild with his youth group, and hubby picked him up that afternoon after the group got back!

Friday... Took son to his orthopedic surgeon appointment, and found out that he's got a torn meniscus on the right  side of his right knee. The tear needs to be trimmed in an arthroscopy, and it was set up for this coming Tuesday morning. Pray for him and me, I need the strength that day!  We stopped by hubby's work and went to lunch with him at a Mexican restaurant. We had to stop briefly to pick up some copies of the local paper for a friend of mine  who lives elsewhere in Central FL on the way home.
The screen hadn't dried by Friday, and son was already putting my Otterbox case on for me! When Steve got home from work, he decided that we needed to return the screen to Best Buy and get one from The Apple Store. Got a hassle at a Best Buy, not the same one that had put the screen on, but they at least credited the screen for us. Then, off to the Apple Store. It was raining in Orlando! Yuck! Bought the screen from there, but the Apple staff were too busy, and the store was a zoo!  I looked at an iPod 160GB (I want to increase mine someday from the 60 GB one that I got for Christmas in December '05!) and at iPad 2's! Stopped at a Denny's on SR 436 near the Lee Vista area in Orlando for dinner on the way home! I tried the macadamia nut pancakes, yummy!  I kept an eye on my watch for the time allotment that I can have on my feet---no more than 2 hours a day, and I stayed within it. But I did have to take Tylenol when we got home last night!    My whole body ached!
Today... Saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2! Great ending! I am beat!! Ended up watching Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone tonight! Spent some time with our birds and propped my feet up.

What a long week!!! I'm so looking forward to watching The Glee Project tomorrow night! They're down to 7 now!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Blog Hopping

Sorry that I didn't get involved in the blog hops this weekend!!! It has been crazy at our house! My Dad moved down and stayed at our house this weekend--- he moves into an apartment in the morning. We just picked up our son from MCO, and are on our way home! Son has an appointment with his 7th grade guidance counselor in the morning, and orthodontist in the afternoon! Plus we have to run down to Dad's apt. I am writing this while we are on the road!!!


Thursday, July 14, 2011


I didn't think that our Skype was working, since the last time I used it I typed instead of talked. Tonight, I had the awesome opportunity to talk with our son, who is in NC visiting with inlaws (Steve's brother and sister-in-law). Steven was acting up and being totally silly, but so was my brother-in-law!! We pick Steven back up from the airport this weekend.
I am definitely feeling the "Sandwich Generation" feeling. My Father's moving down here, due to his separation, this weekend. Luckily, he found an apartment. I will probably be posting here and there about him, too. I am the oldest of four children, though there are only three of us left. Dysfunctional, oh yeah, not new for our family, but I am definitely trying to keep Steven's childhood from being that way!


Pillowsophi Vintage: Etsy Giveaway: Handmade Purse Made of Vintage Fabr...

Pillowsophi Vintage: Etsy Giveaway: Handmade Purse Made of Vintage Fabr...: "I'm giving away a handmade purse, made by me for my former tiny Halifax-based business, 'Twice Toted'. It's been listed for sale in my Ets..."

Her giveaway is ending Monday, July 18th!! C'mon y'all, enter!!!

I just have to show you something!!

I've been meaning to paint my nails! So, this week, I finally got around to using my OPI Mermaid's Tears and Sally Hansen Ink Splatter(it's a black shatter!!!). They're not girly-girl colors, but if you've been following me for awhile, you know that I like Pirates of the Caribbean. The Mermaid's Tears is part of the POTC collection from OPI!  I bought the OPI and Sally Hansen nail polishes myself, and just wanted to show you!!!

I'm not one for wearing my nails long, and really haven't since I was in my mid-twenties, due to my line of work. Not sure if I could get away with wearing  these colors at work, but then again, I won't know until I try to in a few weeks!


One more thing... don't mind the "dust" on my blog! I'm working with it, kind of playing around and seeing what I can do with it, as in some rearranging!!! I do have a question to ask... does anyone out there know how to make the separate pages on a blog? I need to move all of the buttons over to it, but it seems like the 2nd page is almost set up like a posting kind of page, and I don't want that. Also, any recommendations on what my other pages could be. I'd like to separate stuff between pages if possible. And I still need to make a button!!!! Julie, Kayla... anyone????

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

#Colgate Building Smiles Tour

I went to Sebastian, FL to see the Colgate Building Smiles Tour, to learn more about this program that Colgate started back in 1991. The Bright Smiles Bright Future program was started back in 1991, and it is an oral health education program designed to improve the oral health of underserved children.

My family's oral care tends to usually be first thing in the morning after we wake up or after breakfast, and then again right before bed. The toothbrushes we use vary between our Colgate Wave toothbrushes that we receive from our dentist and either the Sonicare or Oral B electric toothbrushes. We also vary on toothpaste types from plain to whitening, and I learned what not to let our 12 year old son use that day!  I go to the dentist every 4 months for cleanings, due to having a permanent retainer on the front 6 bottom teeth. My husband and son go to the dentist every 6 month for cleanings and visits. They tend to use floss picks for flossing, and I vary between floss picks and gum picks and floss with floss threaders.  I wasn't as diligent with my oral care when I was my son's age as I am now.

Our usual dilemmas or challenges with our dental care are trying to make sure that all of us are brushing properly and making sure that we floss daily. Our son, who's 12 now, tends to brush too quickly and I've had to remind him to spend more time brushing all of the areas. We let him start brushing his own teeth around age 7, if I remember correctly.

Well, now that you've heard about my family, on to the tour!  The #Colgate Building Smiles tour bus was located in front of a WalMart in Sebastian, FL, and it was quite easy to find.  Two gentlemen wearing red shirts that identified them with the program were standing nearby. They helped to see if parents wanted their children to have a free dental screening that day. Right as you step onto the bus, there was a  blow-up of a Colgate toothpaste tube, hanging in the window, near where the rear-view mirror would be. I met Dr. Barry Ragone and Cristiane Rocha right as I got on the bus. Dr. Ragone was the dentist performing the dental screenings that day. Cristiane was the coordinator for Colgate, scheduling with the tours and assisting in instructing the children on dental care.  My son didn't get to go  on the tour with me (he had chosen to stay at home and play on his XBox), and my husband wandered around WalMart while I was in the bus.

When children came up in the bus, Cristiane spoke with the parents and asked the children about their teeth and how often they brushed. The parents were given a consent for to fill out before they could be seen by the dentist. They were instructed to brush after breakfast and before bedtime.  While this was going on, an animated video showing Dr. Rabbit, their mascot, was playing on a tv on the wall. As I looked around the bus, I saw pictures on the wall of fruits and vegetables, part of a healthy diet for teeth. There was a model of teeth on the opposite counter, along with Dr. Rabbit and a picture of the progression of dental caries.  The main ideas about the Building Smiles tour were education and prevention, and to make a child feel comfortable in a dental chair.

Once the child was ready, he or she sat in the dental chair and Dr. Ragone counted how many teeth they had, and checked on how the teeth looked. Then, a dental report card was given to the parent, and a goody bag was given to the child. I watched a few children have their teeth assessed during a two hour period. Some of the children were eager, especially a little blond-haired boy who was almost 4 years old, to get their teeth checked. The children that came in while I was there seemed to have already been going to a dentist on the outside, and were stopping in to have an assessment to see how they've been doing with their dental care. Quite a few parents were letting the children brush their own teeth and monitoring how well the children did.

Crystal from Surviving a Teacher's Salary blog, Dr. Barry Ragone, and Cristiane Rocha 

Between Cristiane and Dr. Ragone, I found out that parents should start brushing their child's teeth around age 2, though when the teeth started coming in, the parent could wipe the teeth. Flossing could start around age 2 and a half, with the parent doing it, and around ages 6 to 7 for the child to floss his or her own teeth. Whitening toothpaste was not recommended for use to a child was in their late teens, per Dr. Ragone, since it's abrasive on the teeth. I found that rather interesting, and realized that I had never asked our family dentist about it. I definitely made a mental note to get regular Colgate put on the grocery list when I got home that day! I definitely learned a lot about the Colgate Building Smiles program that day! If one comes to your area, definitely go and visit the bus!

See Barb's full public timeline at !

For more information and for tour dates,  Building Smiles Together
Connect with Colgate on Facebook and on Twitter .

It was a lot of fun and I really enjoying the learning experience!


Disclosure: This post has been compensated as a part of a social shopper insights study for #CollectiveBias. The opinions and real life information expressed were my own!

Wordless Wednesday--- Having fun at Epcot ('06 or '07)


Friday, July 8, 2011

Punflay's My Word Wall App (Review)

Punflay has an app to help your young ones with early reading now, and it's called My Word Wall. From Punflay's site,  " Introduce your  young reader to Word Wall - an interesting and engaging app that helps beginning readers practice reading and writing skills through numerous funtastic activities!"

Quoted from Punflay's site: "Word Wall helps early beginning readers learn to read and write by:

     *Hearing, visualizing, vocally repeating  and writing down letters and words.
     *Providing activities that cater to budding readers using multiple learning styles such as spatial, visual,
       tactile, language-oriented, logical, or rhythmic.
     *Engaging kids with four well-designed reading games that reinforce recognition of age-appropriate
       sight and word family words.
     * Providing structured learning ESL/EFL and special needs students to help develop or improve their          
        reading  and writing skills. "

I had fun playing with the memory matching game called Hide a Word, you had to find both cards that matched----one was the word and the other was a picture of the word! Jigsaw Words was fun to play, too, where you had to put the right parts or the words in the puzzle together.    This is definitely another app from Punflay that I would recommend for those of you who have young ones in the 3 to 5 year old range!

The key features of this app are :
    * Kid-pleasing graphics and colorful interface
    * Interesting and simple activities
    * Over 75 sight words, and 12 word families with 65 family words
    * Caters to multiple learning styles
    * Reinforces early reading skills

It's compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch. iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later!


Disclosure: I was given a free code in order to download the app in order to facilitate  this review. The opinions expressed are my own!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quick note!!

My father came here today, and we spent most of today cleaning around the house before he arrived. I've got a couple of posts to get up tomorrow, due to the delay! Sorry!! :O(
I am truly beat!!!


Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!(For the Mary Bragg CD!)

SJ, you were the only entrant, so that means that you won Mary's cd! I will be e-mailing you momentarily! E-mail me back in the next 48 hours!