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Mary Bragg CD Giveaway ends 7/1/11 at 11:50pm EST tomorrow!

Stop by and enter for the Mary Bragg CD giveaway! It ends tomorrow evening at 11:59pm EST!!!!

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Tuesday evening... Market you Biz & Giveaways Blog Party #3 going on

Hi ladies and gents!! I want you to stop by and check out my new buddy SJ's "Market Your Biz and Giveaways Blog Party #3" going on over at her blog, Homemaker On A Dime  .
It started today, Tuesday, at 5pm PST, and ends on Saturday at 11:59pm.

 There's two sections on it, one for businesses that you may have and the second one is for giveaways that you may have going on currently.    If you want to get your  Etsy or Artfire business out there, now's the time!!!!  
My giveaway's  on there for the Mary Bragg CD "Tattoos and Bruises", and that ends on 7/1 at 11:59pm EST, so please don't forget to enter it. (There aren't any entries for it at the moment, so please enter now! Thanks! )


Michael Franti & Spearhead: The Sound of Sunshine (CD REVIEW)

I can honestly say that I keep getting the awesome opportunity to review some great music artists' albums these days! Michael Franti and Spearhead's "The Sound of Sunshine" definitely fits that category of great music, even though I don't usually listen to the type of music he plays!! Let me tell you a bit about Michael!

Michael was born to an Irish-German-French mother and an African American and American Indian father in Oakland, then he was adopted by a Finnish American couple who raised him along with their 3 biological  children and an another African American son. He formed a punk band called The Beatnigs while he was studying at the University of San Francisco, and then later formed the more hip hop-inflected
The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy. He formed Spearhead in the mid-90's.  Their 2008 album, All Rebel Rockers, became the biggest hit of Michael's carreer, hitting the Top 40 on the Billboard 200, and yielded his biggest hit, the Top 20 "Say Hey (I Love You)." He wrote "The Sound of Sunshine" while he was in the hospital recuperating from a ruptured appendix that had occurred while he was on tour. A very happy song came from that dark time.

He wants The Sound of Sunshine to communicate a sense of hope and possibility to anyone who needs it.
Some others facts about Michael, he's into yoga and co-created Stay Human, an organic line of apparel and gear, and Soulshine Bali, a yoga retreat.  He seems to like to go barefoot, from wheat I read!  He's involved in CARE, Soles4Souls, and many more other organizations. From his site, I got a sense of how he feels about adoption, and it was awesome. His adoptive mother and brothers were in the video on his site.  I loved a few of the quotes from his site from groups who have reviewed his music, and I'm listing a couple of them!
“A feel-good musical pastiche blending hip-hop, reggae, funk, R&B, disco and Franti's
uplifting messages.” – Dallas Morning News, September 20

“Summer's gone, but the buoyant vibe to The Sound of Sunshine extends year-round.”
– Austin Chronicle, September 24

 and one more....
“A joyous celebration of life.” – Arizona Daily Star, September 23

NOW if those quotes don't get your attention, I'd be surprised!

I liked ALL of the songs, and everytime that I listened to them, my yellow-collar mini-macaw was trying to make cute noises to the music!!!  The first song, "The Sound of Sunshine" is very peppy, and it makes you want to bop  or dance to it. "I'll Be Waiting", I like when he sings the line," "whenever you call me, whenever you need me". These were my top two favorites out of the cd, though I liked all of the songs!!!
I wish that I could have danced around the house to the music, but due to the surgeries on both feet, not possible!!) I could imagine going to a concert of his, with all of the people getting into the music! FUN!

Here's a few links to check out more about Michael Franti and Spearhead!!!

Michael Franti
Information about his music, tour dates, store, and news can be found there!

Follow Michael on Twitter!

Michael on Facebook

And one more, check out his music on YOUTUBE

You can also check the sponsor of my review on Twitter and on Facebook.


Disclosure: I was given a copy of the CD to facilitate my review from EMI via Child's Play The Communications.  The opinions expressed were my own!

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Super Stalker Sunday Blog Hop

I'm really getting into this blog hop thing! It's giving me the chance to get to know other bloggers and to read new blogs that I haven't checked out or subscribed to yet!  So join on in!!! Follow the  first five, who are our hosts and their featured blogger, then follow some more!


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Mary Bragg " Tattoos and Bruises" CD Review and Giveaway! (Ends 7/1/11)

Mary Bragg's music fuses  folk, rock, pop, and country together on her latest CD,  Tattoo and Bruises, which was released on June 7th.

She was born in Swainsboro, Georgia. Though a Southerner by birth (and lived in Atlanta, Athens, and Nashville), she settled in New York in 2004. From her site, "Her music is a consequently a seamless hybrid
 of her southern Americana roots and the downtown New York singer-songwriter community of which she has become a key member." In late 2008, writing back began on her latest cd, while she was at The Living Room, which is a great singer-songwriter launching pad. Lee Alexander co-wrote on four of the tracks with Mary, and she wrote the other 6.  Adam Levy (a longtime collaborator of Norah Jones and Amos Lee), Colin McGrath, and Jimmy Sullivan (her bassist/husband) also made some co-writing contributions.  The tracks were mixed at Jone's East Village studio.  The band of accomplished players who are also on her album include Rich Hinman, Steve Elliot, Adam Levy, Jordan Perlson, Brian Wolfe, Jimmy Sullivan, Mike Cassedy, and Marika Hughes. She started a tour for this new album earlier this month, and dates are listed on her site.

My take on the album... I loved it! I was kind of reminded of Emmylou Harris for a brief moment when I listened to it.  Mary's music and voice to me are like a combination of folk and country! All ten of her songs from "How and Why" to "Hurricane" were refreshing to listen to! I definitely highly recommend her new album, "Tattoos and Bruises"! Run to the store or iTunes!!!

Mary Bragg's Facebook page

Mary Bragg's website  and you can get a free download of "How and Why" from her site!!!

Mary Bragg on Twitter


Disclosure: I was given a digital copy of the album from Sneak Attack Media in order to facilitate my review. The opinions posted are my own!!

And now for the giveaway!! 

Publish Post
MANDATORY ENTRY:    Go to Mary Bragg's site and tell me something that you've learned about her other than what I've posted here.    Mary 's site

Extra entries (post separately, please!):     
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Giveaway ends 7/1/2011 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Winner will have 48 hours in which to contact me via e-mail, once e-mailed.

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Random Thoughts Tuesday!


Tuesday... one of those days that I'm usually off or working, but am currently on FMLA leave on! I've been taking son to Vacation Bible School so that he can assist with the kindergartners the past two mornings now. It's something that he wanted to do and he planned for this since before his spring youth retreat. I never thought when he was younger that he would be that sharing and caring at this age, but then again, unless he's in a tween mood, he's a very caring and giving son!

Driving... is something that I didn't mind until I had foot surgery! Try putting Nike slides (the kind with the Velcro strap across the toe area) on over a dressing! One can drive post-op, but one cannot drive with a post-op shoe on. Because if you do and get into an accident, insurance won't cover! So, me and my slides have tried to become best buds for two days now, and not very well! I've been listening to Betamouse, one of my very favorite techie Disney podcasts, on the drive to and from the church twice each day.  Betamouse has definitely got my mind off of the pain during the drives!!!

Separation... is a word that I've heard now twice in the past two days. My parents were married for 36 years, till my mother died from a 2nd round of cancer in '98. My father remarried about 6 months later to someone he went to high school with, but hadn't seen in years, from NC. I recently saw my father and step-mother when they were down here recently on a trip. I didn't really notice anything out of the ordinary with them, except for the fact that my father mentioned, "I sure do miss your mother." (Mom's been dead for almost 13 years this August, and he's been married to my step-mother for a little more than 12 years.) I honestly couldn't think of what to say to him when he mentioned my mom, other than, "you're married to Norma." He called me yesterday and told me that they were separating. Like as if a bomb had dropped into the room. Argh! I received the 2nd call a short while ago, and he asked if he could stay with us for a few days, until he found a job and a place to stay, perhaps sometime next month. I didn't ask my husband before I offered my dad yesterday, but I did talk with Steve last night about it. I guess that we'll be having  another talk tonight.

POTC...Pirates of the Caribbean #3... is what I've got on the blu-ray at the moment. Yes, you read right, I'm not watching something from Netflix at the moment! I happen to like this particular one, especially at the beginning when the prisoners are singing!

And one more thing... I'm totally psyched about Warehouse 13 and Eureka coming back  on SyFy on July 11th!!! I think that I've got Steve hooked on Eureka! He watched another episode of it when I fell asleep on the sofa last night! Even Steven watched 1/2 of an episode with us!


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Check out HSN!

I was recently contacted by HSN about a new casual gaming and digital commerce portal launching on! They have created a platform which allows people to connect with others socially, play games, and win or buy great products all in one place. Here's a link to their site:  HSN-ARCADE  .


Disclosure: This was a sponsored post for HSN-ARCADE. I was given only the information in which to post about the site, and no compensation was received. 

Good Morning!

HI! I just realized this morning when I looked at my site that I haven't posted in a week, and I am so sorry, y'all! The second foot surgery last Tuesday really kicked me hard with pain and mobility issues. I'm not throwing myself a pitty party and I don't expect you to do so either! Tuesday was really painful, and it took until Wednesday before I had some semblence of relief (at least 4 phone calls to the doctor's office and then one to him personally on Tuesday evening, when he told me to cut the dressing down half way on the little toe side. Hubby cut it, and the dressing loosened big time!). I was still in a great deal of pain when I went to see the doctor for a post-op visit on Thursday, and found out that since the dressing had been cut, the pressure dressing didn't keep the swelling down in my right forefoot. As the nurse in his office put it, there was a "gignormous" amount of swelling  and  some maceration of the incision. ARGGGHHH!  I don't want a wound to complicate things!

Due to the above, I posted on twitter and facebook a little here and there from my iPhone while sitting on the sofa (and not pulling a Peggy Bundy eating bon-bons!) and watching Netflix, dvds, and shows. I tried to do some reading on a book that I need to review soon, but my mind just wasn't focusing on reading.  Steve attempted to get me out of the house ever so briefly on Saturday to eat lunch out and to get some Coldstone Creamery ice cream, and I didn't tolerate either one very long. Besides being uncomfortable, I was extremely self-conscious with the walker for some reason. That evening we watched several epsiodes of "Eureka" on Netflix, a show that even Steve's enjoying! Steven went and watched tv in his room. I should say that he was watching "Joe Dirt" on an app called "Crackle" on his iPhone. Crackle is free and from what I've figured from it, it plays old movies---ones that the app company decides to play----with ads. "Joe Dirt" and "Ghostbusters" were the two movies showing on it that night.

I have a few planned posts for you all coming as soon as I can get them posted! Have an awesome day!


Disclosure: I mentioned Crackle, only because it's an app  that my son and I both like and that it's free. I was not contacted by the company or compensated by them.

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Just a quick note!

I won't be doing any blog hopping tonight. I am relaxing, watching "Madea Goes To Jail" via Netflix with my son, while hubby watches Top Gear. I need to be up early for surgery on the right foot tomorrow morning. I have to be there by 6:30am.



And our winner is Helena, random winner #133! Check your e-mail for an e-mail from me, and you will then have 48 hours in which to contact me!

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My boy's back home!

Steve got off work early yesterday to help them unload the truck at Steven's church with all of the campers' stuff in it, and he brought Steven home. YAY! MY buddy's back! Except that he's been a very tired and a bit cranky (can you say that when they're 12? ), since he stayed up late every night while he was away at camp!  He was awfully quiet when he got home yesterday, and he took off to his room to watch some tv for an hour.
We had to be back at his church for a post-camp praise and worship service around 7:30 pm.  A band called IN THE WALK played, and Steven liked them. He had heard them play at camp this week, and then again at church last night. This was the 1st time that I couldn't really stand up and dance along to praise music--- I tend to like to stand up and clap and hold my hands up at times! But, due to my heel surgery, not really possible, since I still can't bear weight on it, and I really couldn't do much standing and holding onto the walker!  The band was good and the service was nice. We had a spaghetti dinner around 10 pm in the church hall.

We(Steven and I) spent a little time together watching some tv after we got home (I should say that hubby was tired and he went to bed.), watching an episode of "Glee" from Netflix. And dude fell asleep on the loveseat during it, he was sooooo tired!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Book Review: Here, Home, and Hope by Kaira Rouda

Have you ever read a book that you felt like you connected with it, or seriously could relate to issues in it? I could, to an extent with Here, Home, and Hope! I'm a little bit older than the main character, and I can relate to the mid-life "wanting to reinvent" topic!

Claire Cook, the bestselling author of "Must Love Dogs" and "Best Staged Plans" said this about Kaira's book,"Reading Kaira Rouda is like getting together with one of your best friends ---fun, fast, and full of advice! "Here, Home, and Hope" sparkles with humor and heart."

This is taken from the inside cover of the book:" Kelly Mills Johnson is a 39-year old wife and mother stuck in the rut of her suburban life, a happy but routine relationship with her lawyer husband, two uber-successful businesswomen for best friends to envy, and an all-round predictable existence as a momof two who's lost her passion collide-----motivating Kelly to devise an ambitious and oftentimes humorous midlife makeover plan. Is Kelly brave enough to take the painful but necessary steps toward her own reinvention before it's too late?"

Kelly had a double needle biopsy prior to Christmas the year before, which had come back fine.  About 6 months later, her sons were at summer camp, her husband was busy at work, and she was at the dentist. Due to grinding her teeth in her sleep, she developed a crack in one of her teeth. She began to think more and more about how things were in her life and that the "big 4-0" was coming up. She had what had been a wake-up call after the biopsy, and she was realizing that she wanted to do some changes in her life! Her friend Charlotte, a realtor, came over to visit, after she stopped by the house across the street from Kelly. Charlotte was trying to sell the house for neighbor of Kelly's who wanted to sell the house quick. Charlotte commented on how nice Kelly's house was decorated, and then she asked Kelly to help her stage the neighbor's house and that she'd pay her for the work.  In between all of the varied things that occur throughout the book, like with her friend's divorces & infidelity, Kathryn's anorexic daughter Melanie, her friend Beth helping with Melanie, Melanie's father's death,  Kelly's party for the official start of her home staging business, she makes little post-it notes  & a list addressed "T2C"----"things to change". Throughout the book, she mentioned little" T2C"'s that she needed to do, and she did  them.

About Kaira Rouda, she lists things that she likes on her website  (listed below), such as pillows with flowers on them,  a "Wacky Chicks" book, a duck covered in hearts, the Partridge Family bus (I love it!!!), a lollipop from Dylan's Candy Bar, her kitten, toys, her coffee mug, a peace sign coaster, and her "little people"!!!

For more information on Kaira, where you can purchase her books, how to follow her on twitter, facebook, and to look at a book trailer, please check out the sites listed below!

Kaira's site

YouTube book trailer

Kaira's Facebook page

Kaira's Twitter

Where to buy Kaira's book!

Book Tour Dates

Definitely go and check out her book, it's awesome!


Disclosure: I'm a member of the One2One Network, and I was given a physical copy of the book in order to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts! :O)

Oh boy, Random Tuesday, and I think that I just posted Happy Hump Day on Facebook earlier!!! I can't blame my pain pill, but I can maybe blame being up late last night! Ha! I've been watching the Casey Anthony trial off and on since it started. It's like how can you not when you're living in Central FL and News13 has got it on during the daytime. If I don't have the trial on, I've had a show from our dvr on or some thing from Netflix or a dvd playing.

I'm trying to get caught up on watching "Torchwood" and "The Catherine Tate Show", along with "Doctor Who" on Netflix. Son told me not to send the 1st dvd of the 1st season of "Community" back to Netflix until he watches it.
 And by the way, we dropped son off at church youth camp  two days ago. I'm bummed, I miss him! He was so helpful last week after my 1st foot surgery. Favorite quote that Steven said to his dad when Stephen thanked him for helping me last week,"Family takes care of family." It makes me think of "Ohana" meaning "family" in Lilo and Stitch!!!! It isn't the same with Steven here, I don't hear his exclamation of "Oh my!!"!! He texted me late last night, when I was working on the post for the Chili's giveaway. "Love you" is what he said, and I had to respond back with "Love you more!" He's my WDW buddy and dvd/bluRay viewing dude, along with being a Doctor Who fan!

It's sunny today, and it's sad to say, but I'm still in my pj's at 12:38 pm! BUT, I am home recuparating from surgery, and in my book, THAT'S OKAY!

 p.s. it must be a little breezy outside, I hear my wind chimes!!! I love them!

Chili's Triple Dipper (Review & $20 GC Giveaway!) Ends 6/12/11


Good Things Come In 3's

Steve, Steven, and I went to Chili's on the Saturday before Memorial  Day weekend for dinner. We started off with tea and soda to drink, and it took a few minutes to figure out what the 3 of us were going to order for our appetizers in the Triple Dipper!!  Triple Dipper is a new way of ordering three appetizers from the list along with dipping sauces at Chili's!!! Usually Hubby and I tend to order an appetizer when we go out as a family, and son tends not to eat it, unless he's picked it out himself. We chose the following three (our triple) items: boneless chicken wings with bleu cheese dressing, the Big Bites (mini-sliders) with honey mustard, and Chicken Crispers with ranch dressing. (For some reason or another I love dipping foods in ranch dressing! YUM!)

Son decided to try a boneless chicken wing and a chicken crisper, but he wasn't too crazy about the heat from the seasoning in the sauce on the chicken wing.  Hubby tried all three items, and I  think that he liked the boneless chicken wings the best. As for me, I'm not a hamburger girl unless we're at home, so I had the boneless chicken wings and the chicken crispers, with the bleu cheese and ranch dressing for dipping! They were quite tasty!! YUM!! I was very happy with the choices we had made!

Steven ordered the chicken caesar salad, which was huge!

 I chose the crunchy shrimp tacos (it came with 3), and hubby ordered the beef fajitas with rice.

pic of his rice

3 of my favorite foods that I would want on one plate would be a gyro, rice pilaf without vegetables in it, and shrimp with lobster sauce over brown rice. A close 4th choice would be a plate of shrimp scampi!  My son would probably say pizza, chicken caesar salad, and a bagel with cream cheese! Seriously, I'm not sure what his 3rd choice would be! Hubby Steve would probably pick a hamburger with cheese, bacon, onions, and mushrooms, along with steak fries, and a salad for his choices.

Now for the giveaway for a $20 gift card to Chili's !
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now for extra entries:
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2) Like Chili's on Facebook, and post what name you "liked" them with.
3)Follow @Chilis & @Shoutout2eatout on twitter
4) Create your own terrific trio located on and comment with the URL link.
5) Opt-In to Chili's e-mail club here at (you'll receive a free appetizer certificate, too!)
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This giveaway will end  on June 12, 2011 at 11:59p.m. EST. The winner will be chosen via my random choosing device, and then they will have 48 hours in which to respond back to me.


Disclosure: I was given a gift card from Chili's in order to facilitate this review. In posting about the giveaway, I have the potential to win a gift card. The opinions expressed in this review were mine and my family's. Honesty is everything!

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Yael Naim-She Was A Boy (CD Review)

Have you ever found an artist who has an awesome voice, with a definitely unique style? My latest artist to review definitely fits that bill! Yael Naim, is an Israel-born, Paris-raised folk pop singer. (If Chris "In The Morning" from "Northern Exposure" had had the opportunity to play her music on his radio show, he definitely would have! ) She is probably best known for her  Top Ten hit song "New Soul", which was on the Mac Book Air commercial back in 2008. Yael was the 1st Israeli solo artist to have a Top 10 hit in the US, because of "New Soul"!! How awesome! It had nearly 1.5 million downloads in the US due to the placement in the Mac Book commercial!

Her latest album, She Was A Boy,  which I reviewed, was released May 10, 2011. Yael collaborated with  percussionist David Donatien in a Parisian flat turned studio, with some involvement from musicians Thomas Bloch, Lionel, Stephane Belmondo, and Eric Legini. French artist Tete, Spleen, Jacques Daoud, and Yoed Nir joined them.  The songs encompass classical, jazz, and variety pop.

She Was A Boy

As I listened to the cd "She Was A Boy", I was soothed.   The songs are very different in a good way compared to the music that we hear every day on pop stations around the US, and I like that! "Come Home" had a rather peppy beat to it, and it made me want to sing along with the chorus  when she sang "come home"! "Go to the River" is another favorite of mine, and it, too, had a great beat and catchy lyrics!  To be honest, I really liked all of the songs, and it was relaxing to hear her sing!

Yael Naim on Facebook

Yael Naim on MySpace

And last but not least, you definitely need to check out her website, to find out even more information about bio, music, concerts (the two that she had in the USA are already past), and more.

Yael Naim's website

YouTube video of "Come Home"

YouTube video of "Go To The River"


Disclosure: I was given a digital copy of the cd  by SNEAK ATTACK MEDIA in order to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed are my own, and honesty is everything!

Me and my walker!

Ok, so bear in mind that this is only because of the 1st and upcoming 2nd heel surgeries! I normally walk quite well on my own!! I definitely need to use the Wii when I get released to go back to work and normal activities!!

The pink wrap on my foot is the Coban which secures my dressings to my foot---- under my post-op shoe!! I know, the walker bag isn't sexy, but it is functional and my iPhone is in it with me!!



Just a quick FYI! I am currently at home recuperating from surgery for my plantar fasciitis. My podiatrist did perform a Topaz procedure on the left heel May 31st, and is going to be doing the right heel on the 14th along with something else for my right big toe (I haven't signed the consent for the 2nd one yet, so I don't know what he's doing for the toe yet.). I currently have gauze dressings like 4x4's and conform wrapped around my foot, secured with coban. I'm wearing a post-op boot, and to keep me from walking on my left foot------ my podiatrist has me using a walker (without wheels on it). I will post a pic of it later today, the pic is on my iphone, and I happen to be typing this post from the Mac tonight---or should I say, this morning! Ha!  I've been cooped up in the house for days, and I went with hubby to drop off son at his youth camp a few hours from us today. It was at least a 200 mile car drive round trip. We stopped briefly on the way home to eat at Abuelos in the Loop in the Kissimmee area for dinner. I walked a short bit into the restaurant, not far, thank heavens. (My foot had been propped up on the seat on the drive down and I sat in the car while hubby and son went to son's dorm room for the week. )
I will be resting in the house this week, till Thursday, doing posts, catching up on some reading, and watching shows & movies from the dvr and Netflix!


Very Very late pics from Steven's spring break with Mom at WDW

Hey y'all!! It took awhile for me to get hubby to help me out with getting the pics off of my camera, literally! He finally hooked it up Saturday evening to our Mac, and for some reason or another, it wouldn't transfer the pics! Ha, it would be my luck!!! I knew that I wouldn't have been able to do it! Steve did show me once before, but it took him a bit, with tinkering with my digital camera (it's a Sony)----then then finally downloaded!!! Yeahhhh, hubby!! Thank you very much, Steve!!!

Above pic is from the Backlot Tour at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The evil step-mother from Enchanted, Susan Sarandon's character.  I loved that movie, but then again, Patrick Dempsey's one of my favorite actors!  Steven and I like to do the Backlot Tour, but I hate to get my butt wet! We were on the tour about 4 years ago with a podcaster we knew, Gary Chambers from the Mouse Lounge podcast, and Steven didn't get wet. Gary and I both did, down to our underwears! Both of us had to have been pulling wet underwear wedgies down several times, I know, TMI!  The last few times that son and I rode it, even with hubby Steve, we didn't get wet!
Steven and I had been over there on a very rainy day in March, and we, as FL resident annual passholders, trucked around The Studios, as we affectionately call it, in our rain ponchos. He did get a pic of me  (and I took one of him) under the umbrella, like in Singing In The Rain, but it was raining so bad that the picture turned out bad!

The next picture was taken Tuesday that week, and it was nice and sunny for us when we were at the Magic Kingdom. I had been listening to Betamouse, one of my favorite Disney-type podcasts (they are a techie Disney podcast!!), and they had mentioned about the new Winnie-The-Pooh queue. The queue was finished sometime late last year, but when I had been at Magic Kingdom with hubby and son in December, we were there late on Christmas Day and the line for it had been an least an hour long! I was sooo not waiting that long for it!  But, I did talk son into it during that Tuesday!! It has some really cool interactive elements to it. I think that I had stepped on something near this, and then Gopher jumped up!

Cute pic of Gopher!!!  I'm sorry that I didn't think about taking pics of the interactive "honey" wall to show you all, but I'm sure that if you get to take a trip to WDW and go to MK, you'll see it!! 

After we left Fantasyland, we headed over to Frontierland, because while son was riding Space Mountain twice by himself, along with his quick trip over to the Tomorrowland speedway (I can never think of the name for it!)----I happened to use our passes to get him a FastPass for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and one for Splash Mountain. I missed the opportunity to take his pics on both rides! What a bummer, but we do have pics of him riding it somewhere in the house!

I guess that you can tell where we headed after he rode the two rides in Frontierland! We headed over to Liberty Square, and went to ride Haunted Mansion. We saw the new queue line being hidden behind potted trees placed to prevent people from looking, as we went in the line the first time. We noticed the change in the 3 ghosts at the end of the ride, they became more interactive, I almost want to call them animated! We decided to go through and ride it again, since the wait didn't seem to be very long, maybe 20 minutes or less. This time, we got the opportunity to go through the new queue, it was in a soft opening!!!  We had a great time playing with the wall, making music as we passed our hands across the surface of the wall in one area. There were busts in another section, and you had to figure out who murdered whom first (did I say that correctly?).  Books were coming out of the bookcase wall in another area. (I didn't get pictures of the queue, but maybe I can, after my feet heal from the surgeries, before son goes back to school in August.)  We rode Pirates of the Caribbean at least once before we decided to head back over to our resort, Saratoga Springs Resort for a few hours.

 We decided to have dinner at Tokyo Dining in the Japan Pavilion at Epcot that night, and I was able to get us a reservation by walking up to the podium that they had outside downstairs that evening.  I had taken some pics on Whrrl of our meals, and I'm not sure where I have them at the moment. I had some tempura veggies and shrimp, and Steven chose the teriyaki chicken. He didn't like the teriyaki sauce, but enjoyed the chicken breast anyway. My boy's crazy about having soy sauce on his white rice, and wanted a second helping that night. Since I had been tired and we had skipped lunch that day, I said, sure.  After dinner, as we were heading out of Epcot and to go back over to Magic Kingdom, I took pictures of the different lights in the countries between Japan and Canada. 

That's Steven hiding in the phone booth in the UK pavilion! We didn't take any decent pics at MK after we went back over there that night! I was exhausted, we had had a long day, but it was a blast!  We had the best of fun!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Blog Hop!

Sunday's blog Hop from Pink Dandy Chatter  and from Between the Lines: