Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Vardin Village --- A Novel Review

Disclosure: I was given a free book in order to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed are my own!

Vardin Village was written by Maggie Spence. It's available in Kindle Format or in what I call a "sturdier" paperback format (not hard). If I can I usually prefer a paperback or hard book, since I can take it places with me to read, without worrying if I have "bars" on my iPhone and how much data am I using! I took this book initially to several doctor appointments early this year, and I did the rest of reading Vardin Village at home or when husband was driving us in the car somewhere. Her novel Vardin Village, is a 305 pages in length, and it is without pictures. I want to explain why I made a point of mentioning that it had no pictures in it! When I received the book, I was impressed by the illustrator's picture of the Vardin mansion on the cover! It was beautiful! I really feel that it helped me to paint the picture of the Vardin Village town in my mind. I cannot begin to tell you, my blog reader, how I felt that I could envision the story in my mind as Ms. Maggie told it on paper! I could feel like I was in the story seeing what was going on with George and his sister! She told the story about Vardin Village so well in detail that the story "painted" the picture for the reader! I seriously don't know if anyone who read her book felt that way, but I definitely know that I did! Okay, so I am "WOW"-ing her book before I even tell you a few brief synopsis! I can't help it, I seriously loved the book!

 Okay, so now onto the book review! Vardin Village is a small village that George Vardin's great, great, great, great, grandfather founded many years ago. The "many" great-grandfather wanted to give back to the village.  Many years later, George and his sister Eleanor are living in the cottage on the property of the mansion. The cottage is one step away from being condemned. They are living in conditions worse than you could imagine, compared to their ancestors. He'd like to be able to do the same things that his friends do, like date, be on the varsity team for football, and to hang out with the guys. Slight problem, no money to be able to do any of those cool things. His friends don't know what kind of situation he's in, especially being a Vardin. When his father married his mother, his grandfather disinherited his father, and made sure that his mother couldn't get any of the money. George and Eleanor's father died, and their mother took off, becoming a drug addict. Friends of the family got together, especially Uncle Morris, to try to keep the two kids together and in better living quarters, such as the mansion. I do not want to give away the rest of the story, you really need to read the book, I am so serious! I really enjoyed it, regardless of being given it in exchange for my review!

For more information on the book by Maggie Spence, go to Vardin Village . You can get the book in paperback or in e-book format. I had taken pictures of the front and the back of the book, but they aren't showing up for me when I go to look for them on my Mac.

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