Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Bath Blossom Foot Scrub Brush review

Disclosure: I received the scrub brush for a reduced price for my unbiased review. The opinions expressed are my own! I recently reviewed the Bath Blossom Foot Scrub Brush. 
In the pics enclosed, you won't see any soap or running shower 🚿 water! I draw the line at taking pics while I shower!  I love using bath products of all kinds, especially those that I can use in the shower. My feet don't always get the special attention that they need sometimes. I do was them well every day, don't get me  wrong! Anyhow, this brush is indeed a massaging and scrubbing foot brush! It was quite comfortable to use, and easy to rinse after using. I put some liquid bath soap on it, and foamed it up as I scrubbed my feet. It almost borderline tickled them!  What a way to start my work night or day off in the shower.  It is large enough for women, men, and children to use! It rinses easily and hangs up to dry with a suction cup hook. There are suction cups on the bottom of the foot scrub brush. I really like it a lot! Bath Blossom Foot Scrub Brush  

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