Friday, April 28, 2017

Night ProVision Rear Bike Light (Review)

Disclosure: I received the bike light for a reduced price or for free for my unbiased review. The opinions expressed are my own.

Steven used to ride his bike ALOT before he began to drive. He would take it to karate and back and to wherever we needed him to run an errand, besides his afternoon bike rides after school for exercise. Karate classes were at night, and so he needed to used a bike light on the rear of his bike so that he would be noticed and not ignored by car drivers.
The Night ProVision USB Rechargeable bike light is a very handy one! It includes a USB cable and an elastic mounting band.  I had a hard time attaching it to Steven's seat post in the You Tube video, so I attached it to one of the lower posts on his bike. It can be positioned vertically or horizontally. (My cruising bike needs to have the tires re-seated by Steve, so it wasn't tested on my bike. Once he fixes my bike, the bike light will be on mine.)  The power button is what you push to go through the strength of the beam, and it's what you push to go through the flashing mode levels, too. It has a battery indicator light on it to tell you your battery level. Charging it is easy, with an enclosed USB cable that you can plug into a wall charger. The rubber seal to the USB area came off awhile back, and I think that it got lost somewhere in the house! During a standard beam usage, the run time for the battery is a bit over 6 hours.  We really liked the light!
Night ProVision Rear Bike Light 

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