Friday, April 28, 2017

Dr. Magnum 3LED Hand-held Magnifier

Disclosure: I received a handheld magnifier for free for my unbiased review. The opinions expressed in this review are mine!

I used to think that I would be older than I am now when I used a hand-held magnifier to read or look at things! I thought that they were for people my parents' age, well, I should say people in their 80's, since my parents are no longer around.  Now, I'm fast approaching 55 in a few weeks, and there are some things that I need a bit more magnification for that the ole progressive lens in my glasses can't help with! The best example that I can give you at the moment is when I look at a pattern for counted cross stitch, and I have to figure out what stitch goes where. If I am using one of the higher count, 22-count or higher, the little spaces get harder to see on the fabric! I used to use a magnifying glass that hung around my neck, but it got very annoying after awhile. I can use the handheld one from Dr. Magnum, and then set it down beside me until I need it again.

The handheld magnifying glass has 3LED lighting, and has two separate magnifying areas on it. Larger one  for 45x is on the end, and the smaller one for 3x is closer to the handle. The lighting from the magnifier really helps with visualization! You can use the magnifying glass for working with jewelry, stamps, coins, reading the newspaper, looking at medication, using a map, in the circuit board and pricing industry, and at home or in the office. There are so many uses for it, I'm sure that I haven't mentioned them all! I do recommend it! Dr. Magnum Handheld Magnifier

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