Tuesday, April 4, 2017

College Bound and Gagged (e-book review)

Disclosure: I received this e-book for free in order to facilitate my review. The opinions that are expressed are mine.

Do you have a junior or senior in high school right now? Or even a college age child living with you?
I've got a high school senior right now, and he will be graduating in less than 2 months! Oh boy and whew, I say! "College Bound and Gagged" was written by Donna Kristine Manley. I was definitely interested in reading it, since I needed all of the help that I could get on helping Steven with college information. It's been many years since my husband and I have been in college. I felt clueless about what information to pass onto our son!

In the book, Donna wrote the information in "tidbits". Each nugget of information was a tidbit! She mentioned about how colleges and universities look at a student's online presence when considering admissions. Websites, social media activity/behavior, podcasts... the list goes on. Anything thing that you say or do could affect whether or not you get into a university or college. Applying for financial aid or scholarships can help pay for your education. Course load... don't take multiple hard classes in the same semester! Study groups can be beneficial, if they are kept small, 4-6 people. Classes online or in the classroom? At a community college or university, you may have a smaller or larger student to instructor ratio. What about getting tutoring? Taking time off between high school? Apps that can help the college student?  Working abroad?  Getting reviews on instructors from other students?
These are many of the subjects that she touches in her tidbits. I found the e-book to be quite informative! I do seriously recommend it! Where to find out more information on the book: College Bound and Gagged  .

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