Friday, January 6, 2017

Life Lately

Hi all! Sorry for no posting in awhile, much less no holiday posts. I was busy most of last month working overtime at my nursing job, the rest of the time was spent trying to get sleep, do laundry, spend time with the son and the husband and our birds. Shrek, our lovebird, got one of his toes badly attacked by Macy, our Quaker parrot at some point during that time--- well, in late November. He subsequently had an amputation of part of the toe and a few vet visits. Steven turned 18 last month and got a part time job! He still needs his drivers license. He has a restricted, but needs the practice in order to take the driving part! And of course, we need to add him onto our insurance!
It took me till the week of Christmas to get Christmas cards out. I still have a ton of reviews to do!

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