Saturday, July 9, 2016

Camping, Travel, Fitness, and Gym Towel (review)

Disclosure: I received this product heavily discounted or free in exchange for my honest review, good or bad. The opinions expressed are mine.

The J2Line towels came two in a package; the large was 27" x 51" and the small was 12" x 27". The towels are made of microfiber and are very absorbent. They can be used for a lot of outdoor activities for the outdoorsy sort of person, or they can be used inside a gym or in your home. 

I have found them to be quite helpful with drying dishes, drying after a bath or a shower drying my body, or even drying my wavy curly hair. I've found that using a regular towel on my hair to dry it, I tend to get frizzy hair. The microfiber towels have helped me get my hair to dry quicker, by wicking more of the wTer away---plus my hair's been less frizzy! I like that the towels dry quick, I've hung them up and by morning or later that day, they are air-dried! I can't wait to take them to the beach or a park or on a bike ride! 

For more information,  check out J2Line Towels .

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