Sunday, July 31, 2016

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Kryptonite (3 Doors Down) acoustic version with cello-Childefy with Pier...

My cousin's playing acoustic guitar and singing in this video! Check out Childefy on YouTube!

He's got an awesome voice!

FL Mom's Blog Review Appizz Foam Roller for Massage

Teach Your Bird Biting is Not OK

Appizz Foam Roller for Muscle Massage -13" x 5.5" (Review)

Disclosure: I received the Appizz Foam Roller for a reduced price in order to facilitate my review, and the opinions expressed were mine and my family's! 

Hi all! We recently reviewed the Appizz Foam Roller. When I said "we", I meant all 3 of us! I used it on Steve and Steven and myself. I thought of Steven when I applied to review this item, because he has myofascial pain in his back, and he's had it for 4 years now. Since he's had the pain for awhile and we do have to apply pressure manually on his back, and approval from therapy/ pain management, we are able to use this on him. It can be used for self-massage  to release muscle tightness. 

The first time that I used it on son, he liked it, and I used it gently up and down his back. It helped to release some muscle tightness on him and the trigger point areas in his mid to lower back. I used it on him a few times after that, and the next thing I know, he's carrying it back to his room to use it for self-massage! He has really helped him, and I can guarantee you that after he gets home from the Senior high retreat with church tonight, he'll be wanting to use it. ( he forgot to take an air mattress with him this weekend and his back's going to be hurting.)

I used it on Steve a few times on his upper back while he was sitting in a chair and it helped loosen up the muscles a bit for him. I gently used it on his shoulder area, too.  I have used it on my shoulders and my neck, to help with muscle tightness. I have to be careful with using it on my back, since I have a neurostimulator---I avoid my mid-to-lower back with the roller due to it. It is 13" x 5.5".  The roller is made out of PVC and has a strong EVA-filled core--- it isn't supposed to crack! We really liked it, and are glad that we go the opportunity to review it! http://http//

Friday, July 29, 2016

FL Mom's Blog (review)

Putting this YouTube video up on the blog, I think that I only posted a link that couldn't be clicked on recently!

Broadway Carpool Karaoke ft. Hamilton & More

I wish that I had seen Hamilton when Lin Manuel Miranda was in it! Howell, maybe it will come to Orlando and then I'm going to go! I saw this during the Tonys, and had planned to share it sooner! I love it! My favorite people are in the car in this carpool karaoke!

First Lady Michelle Obama Carpool Karaoke

I just wanted to share this with you all!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

FL Mom's Blog review of # Niubity USB sync and charge cable for Apple products.

Review of #niubity Apple MFi Certified Sync and Charge USB Cable. Check out my instagram pic of the product for the Amazon link for it!

Monday, July 18, 2016

New 2 in 1!!! Valentia Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask and Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub (reviews!)

Disclosure: I got these products at a very reduced price or for free for my honest review, good or bad. The opinions expressed are my own!

Do you like to do the best that you can to keep your skin in great shape? I am doing the best that I can do these days. Clean, exfoliate, clear pores, and moisturize!! Two of the products that I'm reviewing on the blog today cover three out of the four of those! The Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub has a rather exotic, but lovely smell to it! I used it first, prior to the clay mask. I took a little scoop of the scrub out of the jar with my fingers, and began to gently massage it around on my face. I rinsed it off with cool water and patted my face with a towel. My face felt clean and smooth, not dry!

Next, I tried the Valentia Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask. I applied it to my face, avoiding the eye area. I waited for it to dry, then I used a moist washcloth to wipe it off. Then I rinsed my face with cool water and patted dry with a towel. My face felt clean and smooth, not dry, like after some of the clay masks that I have used in the past. I liked their products very much! Valentia Skincare

eShopMind Universal Cellphone Holder Plus Desktop Stand (Review)

Disclosure: I received product free or at a very reduced price in order to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed are mine!

I received a cellphone holder and a desktop stand for review from eShopMind, and I happen to love both products! The Universal Cellphone Clip Holder can clamp onto a desk or a counter if they are no more than 7 cm thick.  The arm for Cellphone clip holder is quiet flexible and can hold a position that you put it in. Say like, I wanted to view something on my iPhone while I was typing or searching on my Macbook, I could clamp my iPhone with the clip holder near me on the desk so that I could view it easier. The flexible hose on the clip holder is 28 inches in length, which is quite long in my book since my desk is 47 inches in length. Both items that I received are white in color.  I also like the desktop stand that came with it. It's a bit shorter in length than my iPhone if I lay it on its side. I tend to used the desktop stand on the love seat's arm when I am sitting on it to watch Periscope or to read something from my phone or to do something else on it. I've also had the desktop stand in the kitchen with me for hands-free use when I am cooking or doing dishes. I have found both to be absolutely useful, and I can't remember what I did without them!  They are on Amazon, eShopMInd Universal Cellphone Holder

Saturday, July 9, 2016

J2Line Towels review

You can hear our birds making noise in the background! #J2Line

Camping, Travel, Fitness, and Gym Towel (review)

Disclosure: I received this product heavily discounted or free in exchange for my honest review, good or bad. The opinions expressed are mine.

The J2Line towels came two in a package; the large was 27" x 51" and the small was 12" x 27". The towels are made of microfiber and are very absorbent. They can be used for a lot of outdoor activities for the outdoorsy sort of person, or they can be used inside a gym or in your home. 

I have found them to be quite helpful with drying dishes, drying after a bath or a shower drying my body, or even drying my wavy curly hair. I've found that using a regular towel on my hair to dry it, I tend to get frizzy hair. The microfiber towels have helped me get my hair to dry quicker, by wicking more of the wTer away---plus my hair's been less frizzy! I like that the towels dry quick, I've hung them up and by morning or later that day, they are air-dried! I can't wait to take them to the beach or a park or on a bike ride! 

For more information,  check out J2Line Towels .

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Naturel Commodity Vitamin C Super Youth Serum (review)

Disclosure: I received free or heavily reduced product in order to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed are my own.

Serums... A word that I don't recall hearing about when I was 40. Now that I am 54, it's a common word in beauty magazines, websites, and stores. Serum and Vitamin C.... even better! I love to use products that have the antioxidant effect on my skin, and products that have collagen boosting capabilities! I want to see less wrinkles! 

I reviewed Naturel Commodity Vitamin C Youth Serum recently, and I was impressed by the results that I saw after using it for at least two solid weeks. My skin had a firmer and smoother feel and look to it. It looked more youthful. The dispenser had a pump to it, and dispensed out drops of the serum.. The serum was easy to apply, and it did not leave my fave feeling greasy. It had a faint but nice smell to it. 

For more information, check out : Naturel Commodity Vitamin C Serum

Friday, July 1, 2016

3 Must Do Hidden Gems in Florida

Though I haven't been to any of these yet, I want to go to them with my husband and our son!