Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Springing into June!

Hi all! May has kept us pretty busy, between doctor appointments, busy work schedules, and Steven finishing up 11th grade. He's heading into his senior year in high school in the fall, but has to make up 1/2 semester of Algebra 2 during the next few weeks in summer school. (Going through hospital home bound classes last year for part of a semester and the back pain issues did not help his grades any---he wasn't focused on classes. ).  He's got church camp coming up along with hopefully a week of Mission work with the church in June, if he gets the semester classes work done soon. 

Steve--- well he's planning to help out some with the church camp a bit, and is trying to get Steven to the gym and fishing more this summer. No family vacay for us, unless we take a weekend or so away with The Boy before school starts in August. 

Me--- well, getting caught up on projects and trying to get some crocheting done is in my plans for the summer. Crocheting was a bit hard recently for me with my left hand, the joint swelling in my fingers has not gone down. I haven't been able to put my wedding band on since the night before my neurostimulator surgery in December when I took it off. Maybe my pain management doctor will do some lab work in August ---we're both thinking that it could maybe be RA. But the last test that I had about 4-5 years ago for rheumatoid arthritis were negative.)

 I need to get a AHA CPR class in before the end of June for work. The AHA CPR for health care workers is every two years, and mine's up in July.  Argh!

I'm having issues with iPhoto again, getting pics from my iPhoto to post on the blog once I download them onto my Macbook. I've been posting a few here and there onto Instagram lately. We recently went to a Wild Bird supply store over in Winter Springs, and bought some stuff for our feeders and the like. The blue jays, cardinals, mockingbirds, squirrels, and even downy woodpeckers have been showing up again in the backyard and the conservation area! I'm happy, because I enjoy birdwatching and it's calming!  What have you all been up to? Please let me know, I'd love to see some of your summer plans in the comments!
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