Saturday, February 20, 2016

I'm So Behind!

Hey! I'm so behind! Between the flu at the end of last month with the lingering cough and going back to work at the beginning of February, I'm behind on posts, laundry, and household cleaning! Arrrrggghhhh! I'm feeling like Charlie Brown! We had to go car shopping during my first week back at work, due to my husband not having a vehicle anymore. In other words, our 16 year old mini-van up and died on his way home from work on February 2nd. We shared the Toyota for a couple of days, between my night shift job and his day shift job. Son definitely had to catch the bus to get to school!
We chose to buy another Toyota, though Steve really wanted a Subaru! It was the money issue, and saving dollars is what we had to do.

I had my 3rd EGD in over 20 years the following week, as my GI doctor is trying to rule out why my liver enzymes keep creeping up. I have a follow up appointment with her this following week. Oh joy! I love my GI doc, she's the best, but I'm not thrilled about what she's going to tell me this week.

I'm also going to be asking the school board for testing for Steven, which means at some point, another IEP with the school counselors. Steven's been having a hard time, since he's missed a lot of school due to back pain this year, and it is still an on-going problem. We may be looking at summer school this year, just to get him to his senior year in the fall.

Just too much going on in our family and not enough time to get things done! I thought that I'd be caught up by now!

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