Friday, January 1, 2016

NEOSAN Women's and Men's Thick Knit Winter Infinity Scarf (Review)

Disclosure: I received product for a reduced fee in order to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed are my own.

As most of you may know, Florida tends to have warmer winters most of the time. As of today, January 1, 2016, it is still warm outside. But anyhow, I recently reviewed Neosan's Winter Infinity Scarf. Let me give you some information about their scarves first.  Women and men both can wear them! The crocheted ones, like what I reviewed, are 53" circumference by 11" wide, and come in 12 color choices. They can be doubled around the neck or left in one large loop.  You can even cover your head with it. I left mine in one loop in the pictures that my son took for me. I definitely agree with the scarf being thick knit! I would also add chunky and warm to describe them, too! It was 100% acrylic and needed to be hand washed.  (I did wash mine on a "hand wash" cycle in a delicate laundry bag in the washer, and dried it flat on a rack. It turned out nice!) Neosan also sells some Pashmina regular/twisted scarves, which measure 48" in circumference and are 12" wide. The Pashmina scarves come in several color choices.

I have several scarves in my collection, but none are as thick, warm, and soft as the Neosan is. It's comfortable and not scratchy at all! For colder winters that we get down here once in a blue moon, the chunkiness of this scarf will be great to keep me warm! If it was cold outside, I would probably do a double loop with it around my neck to stay warm. I really liked the reasonable prices for their scarves and the color choices for the two styles that they sold. I would recommend them! Check out Neosan Women's and Men's scarves for more information.

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