Saturday, January 2, 2016

Green Coffee Bean Extract - Powerful Weight Loss Review

Disclosure: I received product for free in order to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed in the review are my own.

I received the Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement from Schwartz Bioresearch for review, to see if I'd lose some weight, during a crazy time in my life. (I received it after my father had gone up to my sister Karen's. I was busy working during that time, and I decided to give the review a "go".  I'm sorry that this review is posting later than I had planned to post it.) When I started taking the Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement, I noticed that my cravings were less, especially during my non-working hours. I was also trying to walk more around the building at work at night, and my uniforms were getting looser! If I can remember correctly, I lost about 8 pounds while I was taking it! I don't have any pics of me post-taking it, though. I didn't have any problem getting to sleep after taking the supplement.

Some information for you about the Green Coffee Bean Extract: it contains the amount of caffeine in a 1/2 cup of cappuccino. It contains 50% chlorogenic acid. Their product does not contain any fillers or binders or artificial ingredients. The capsules are 100% vegetarian. The capsules weren't difficult to swallow, and I didn't notice any aftertaste from them.

For more information, check them out at : Green Coffee Bean Extract and at Schwartz Bioresearch .

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