Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hey y'all! I feel like Paula Deen saying that this morning! I know that it's been a few weeks since I posted my last review. Forgive me, it's been busy in our household lately with appointments for Steven and all. We all caught a cold and it messed with our sinuses. Steve and I both ended up on Z-packs, and Steven started Augmentin last Friday. Son had taken himself off of his allergy and asthma meds since he said that he didn't need them anymore. I had him go back on the Zyrtec and his Singulair, at least for awhile, till he gets over the antibiotic. Teens can be so stubborn sometimes. Maybe it's the "Millenial" in him!

It took awhile to finally see the neurosurgeon after the neurostimulator trial. I saw him last week, and the appointment was set up for December 15th. I went back and forth talking with my bosses about it.  Since I couldn't get a straight answer from the surgeon's office about the cost, I'm having to keep the surgery set for this year. I don't like not knowing how much we will have to put out, cost-wise, for the surgery. It's frustrating and a bit anxiety-inducing at the moment. I will end up with a down payment for the hospital, since it's an overnight stay with the surgery for the neurostimulator placement. I will be getting a Medtronics brand neurostimulator.

We started Steven's pain management program at Nemours this week on Monday. Steve took him the first day, and he got back in time for his 6th period class. Yesterday, all 3 of us attended, since we had a family counselling session for 90 minutes. Believe me, it was a long time and all 3 of us had to talk.
This pain management program encompasses multiple modalities in order to help the child and the family help him with dealing with the pain. He goes to Occupational and Physical therapy every day, 5 days a week for the 4 week period. He sees the social worker, and she's a licensed mental health counselor. He works on setting achievable goals with her. He sees his pain management doctor at some point each week. We see the psychiatrist together as a family. And, there is a weekly group meeting with all of the doctors and therapists. It's an intense 4 week program, to say the least.
If you wondered, I'm actually posting this while he's in therapy!

I got behind on working on Continuing Hours for my RN licensure, so I worked on a few classes  yesterday in one of the booklets that they send out. I guess that I ought to use this time at Nemours during this program wisely! I will probably do some blogging and crocheting too. The only thing is that I don't have any pictures saved on my iPad that I'm working on at the moment. So, the posts will be picture-less.
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