Monday, November 9, 2015

Another Long Week in Our Household!

Hi! I'm waiting for Steven, he's in with Kaylin at the moment, in the behavioral health department at Nemours. She's a licensed mental health counselor. I asked her to set a goal for him on 10 minute showers, and that includes the time for the water to get hot! If any of you live with a teenage boy, you know that they take long showers and sometimes multiple showers a day. Our water bill is high some months! Argh! I'm driving Steven to and from Nemours and to school or home 2 days this week, and Steve's got the other 3 days. It's alot of mileage on the car for us! Steven's been checking me in on Swarm during the drive.

Even though I had the weekend off, I don't feel rested, and I'm in pain! My sciatica is getting the best of me today. I almost fell asleep out in the other waiting area for therapy, while he was in his two hour therapy appointments. I was listening to a cooking podcast. I started off crocheting and worked some more on a scarf that I am working on for my Aunt Helen.  I posted a pic of the scarf in progress on Instagram this morning. I still have a long ways to go on it. I couldn't focus on working on my nursing credit classes today, I just wasn't in a reading mode for some reason. I brought review items with me, but again, I didn't save pics on a post as a draft to work on. The pictures are on my MacBook Pro, not my iPad.

My sister Karen had her 49th birthday yesterday, and I'm wishing her a belated happy birthday here now! She's up in DE, not down here in FL, like our younger sister Laura is. Laura's 47th birthday is in about 9 days, she's here in Central FL, like us.

I'm hoping that this pain management program helps Steven, it's so frustrating to see him trying to deal with the back pain and to try to keep up with school. We got the chronic health letter taken care of, and it helps with him getting time to get his assignments caught up. I'm not sure about how the tests will be taken care of, but it will work out! There are days when he gets to school for the last two or so classes, and then there are times when the appointments run late, and we just head home. The doctor's notes cover him.
 I'll close this for now. BTW, happy birthday Kayla Potega, I know that your birthday's this month!

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