Friday, November 13, 2015

Another Day

Hi! Steven and I are at Nemours again! Steve took him 3 days this week. He ended up renting a car, since I needed to drive to my pain management doc #2 (the one who handles my fibromyalgia). Hubby's mini-van is so old, 16 years old, and it wouldn't handle the drive to and from Nemours.  Not having a car payment is nice for now, but we need to have functional vehicles.  Son hasn't been to school this week due to his appointments taking up time. Somehow, he's keeping up with his assignments.

I'm watching this week's "Scream Queens" on my iPhone while I am waiting in a very noisy waiting room. Steven's already back in the therapy area for his 2 hours of P.T. and O.T. ! From what my husband said, Steven goes beyond what they exprect him to do in therapy.  I forgot to ask him on the drive over this morning how is pain is. Instead, we talked about concerts and music. My sister Karen would be amused, because I told Steven that back in the 80's, Karen and I would call WDIZ in Orlando before we left for our drive to the community college and request songs. Typical songs we would request would be anything by The Who or Eric Clapton. I was a big fan of Roger Daltrey back then.
Anyhow, I'll send this for now!

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