Monday, September 28, 2015

Love Inspired and Lion Brand Yarn Review

Disclosure: I received two Love Inspired books and a skein of Lion Brand Yarn for free in order to facilitate my review, along with information. The opinions expressed are my own.

The best times that I had in my late teen and early adult years were spending time with my best friend Roseann, my maternal grandmother, my Aunt Helen, and my Mom. Roseann and I taught ourselves how to do multiple stitchery crafts, and we started learning to crochet then, too. Mom taught me how to crochet, Aunt Helen would teach me how to crochet the last stitch at the end of a line, and Grandmommy would help me roll skeins of yarn. Roseann and I would spend time crocheting at her house and watch tv with her family while our boyfriends were at work in the evenings.  I have had good times connected with yarn! So when I was given the opportunity to work on this campaign, I couldn't wait to sign up!

This review has two products in it: the Lion Brand Yarn and the Love Inspired series of books!
I like this brand of yarn, and I had not worked with it prior to this project. It's soft and easy to work with. I tend to single crochet,  and that's what I'm doing with the yarn, slowly making a neck scarf for the winter. I love the color and it's name "Great Smoky Mountain". It makes me think of the mountains in North Carolina and of vacations to there! I recommend this yarn for knitting and crocheting!  I think that the only person that I mentioned the yarn to was my friend Karen at work.  The Love Inspired books are very good! I received "The Rancher's Second Chance" by Brenda Minton and "The Amish Bride" by Emma Miller.  Brenda's book is part of the "Martin's Crossing " series, and Emma's book is part of the "Lancaster Courtships- Book 1".

I like that the Love Inspired series are clean!  I know that when I read their books, I don't have to worry about seeing cuss words or explicit language. There's romance, inspiration, and excitement in the books, but it's written in a clean way! My favorite book of the two was "The Rancher's Second Chance".  I've always had a soft spot for cowboys in romance books for some reason or another! :o) Grace Thomas was pregnant and of course scared, and she knew that the rancher Brody Martin was a dependable sort of guy. He's there for her, and no mater what, he'll support her, even though it's not his baby.  I'm not giving away anymore of the book.
I do want to tell you that 6 new full-length inspirational reads come out each month from Love Inspired. You can find them at Walmart! About the yarn... you can also purchase it at Walmart in their yarn section, back in the crafts area!

For more information go to: the contest  !!

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