Friday, June 19, 2015

Joy Williams "Venus"

Disclosure: I was given a digital copy of Joy Williams album via  One2One Network in order to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed are my own!

Joy Williams, formerly of The Civil Wars(they officially split in 2014), has recorded a solo album called "Venus". This is not her first solo album, but her first solo album since prior to being in The Civil Wars.  I was surprised to see online that she had maybe 2 or 3 other albums in the past. As Joy describes "Venus, it's her "coming-of-age" album. She has been working on writing songs for "Venus" since June of 2013, and has written over 75+ songs since then for this album (but obviously there aren't 75 songs on it). It's made of 11 songs which show a change in Joy, in what I want to call a growth and transformation! Coming out of the darkness and out of the sadness, and being able to be free and to be one's self!  The album's due out June 29, 2015. Here's a video of "Woman (Oh Mama)".

I listened to this album many times prior to writing my review. The songs that keep popping up in my mind are "Sweet Love of Mine", "Woman (Oh Mama)", and "Before I Sleep".  "Sweet Love of Mine" sounded like a sweet love song, and I love the rhythm of it. It was my favorite out of the 11 songs on the album.  It was hard for me to discern some of the lyrics on some of the songs, unless I turned the volume level up high. ( I've had a sinus infection during the past 3 weeks and because of it, my head's been congested and it's been hard to hear through my ears.) "Woman (Oh Mama)" has a catchy beat. To me, it's about women being empowered, but that's just my opinion.  "Before I Sleep" made me think of the Robert Frost poem line, and "miles to go before I sleep". There seemed a bit of weariness in that song, but it was interesting to listen to. I did like the whole album, don't get me wrong!

Usually in the past, I've listed all of the names of songs from new albums, but this time I won't! It will give my reader the opportunity to check out Joy Williams' new album! I'm sharing a few links with you below for Joy Williams.



Joy Williams on Facebook

The Official Joy Williams site

Joy on YouTube


And if you are on twitter, follow her  @joywilliams.  

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