Saturday, June 6, 2015

Adovia Mineral Skin Care 100% Dead Sea Bath Salts

Disclosure: I was given free product from Adovia Mineral Skin Care in order to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed are my own.

What do you use when you want to take a bath or a soak in your bathtub? Somedays I prefer bath bubbles, and other days I prefer to use bath salts! I do like to soak at times for my arthritis, my back pain, and my fibromyalgia. Son likes to soak for long periods for his chronic back pain issues.  I was happy to review Adovia's 100% Dead Sea Bath Salts!

Adovia's 100% Dead Sea Mineral Salts are fine-grain, which means that they can dissolve easier in the tub as it's filling. They definitely dissolved quickly in the warm water in my bathtub! They don't have any added scent to them, and I was pleased about that. They have a higher level of minerals in their bath salts than epsom salts, per Adovia!  They are formulated with 26 essential minerals! You can use their product for a soak in your tub for skin issues like eczema (I suffer from eczema once in a blue moon!) and psoriasis.  My skin didn't feel dry after soaking in the tub with the dissolved salts in it. I felt soothed and relaxed after using the salts in my tub! (I realized as I'm writing this post that I've been a little bit grinchy with my bag of the salts from Adovia! I could have used more salts in the tub, like at least 1 cup at a time! I was using an ounce or two at a time!) I liked their Dead Sea Bath Salts, and I'm still trying to remember to get Steven to use them!
 Adovia recommends that you do the following with the 100% Dead Sea Bath Salts:
"1. To use these natural bath salts, simply pour 1 cup of salts into a bath tub that is filling with warm water or that has already been filled with warm water.
2. Allow the salts to dissolve before getting in to the bath tub.
3. Get in to the bath tub, relax, and soak for about 20 minutes.
4. Follow up with a warm water rinse. "

I would say, "Soak, relax, and rinse!"
For more information: Adovia Mineral Skin Care 100% Dead Sea Bath Salts They come in two different sizes, the 1.75 pound zip locked bag that I received  and the 10 pound size.

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