Friday, June 26, 2015

A quick update on the family!

Hey y'all! I've had a sinus infection that has taken up the better part of this month, and I'm on round 2 of antibiotics (I finished the steroids up yesterday! I did not like the hot flashes with them! The sweating part was so intensified!). I didn't know that I couldn't take Diflucan if I was on Lipitor (I found that out earlier this month!).  I have come home from work this week and fallen asleep on the sofa--- not getting anything done on the blog. Forgive me, I was exhausted! Steven was off at Mission Is Possible, and hubby was at work those mornings!

Son informed us that he was healed of his back pain when his pastor prayed and put healing oil on him during Mission Is Possible week. I was hoping that someone would lay hands on him or pray for the healing for him this week! Alleluia! He's felt so much better today!

This afternoon was spent at the vet, two of the birds, Trouble and Shrek needed to be seen for trimming. Trouble was due his annual visit, and he freaked in the office in his typical Senegal fashion. He bumped into the wall and hit a blood feather close to its entry site, and it bleed some. He wasn't happy at all about being toweled for wings, beak and nails to be trimmed! Shrek's got used to having his beak dremel'd by the vet. We have to keep it trimmed or it starts to grow up towards his left eye---- long story, he got caught up in the door about two winters ago, and his beak grows strange now because of it.

Still working on a few posts, I'm not sure if I'm going to be working a 3 or 5 night stretch, it depends on how our census is at work this weekend and Monday. Changeover night is Tuesday night, and it's when we have to check July's med and treatment sheets against June's sheets for all of our patients that night. I'm scheduled off, but I volunteered if they need me.
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