Monday, May 11, 2015

Sentry Wall Charger 4 Ports USB Model LS-2214 (review)

Disclosure: I was given free product from Sentry in order to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed in my post are mine and my husband's.

When charging your tech items around your home, do you have a hard time finding your chargers or lack of space outlet-wise ? Sentey has produced a wall charger which has 4 USB ports! I know that around my house, when we are planning a day trip or a vacation, we usually charge our items overnight. I'm usually charging a few items in the kitchen, where we have a few outlets --- plus using two more outlets in the bedroom.  If we are charging portable chargers to carry in our pockets or my purse, along with my battery for my camera, then I've taken up several outlets with just those! That was NOT including the smartphones, iPads, or my iPods!

With Sentey's 4 port USB wall charger, there are two 2 amp ports and two 1 amp ports. When the charger is plugged into an outlet, there is a blue light that shows up, letting you know that it is on and charging your tech items. I used two to three USB ports on it at a time so far. I've plugged in my iPad Air, my iPhone 6 Plus, and one of my iPods at the same time. It charged all three of them without any difficulty! I really like how convenient it is using the Sentey Wall Charger 4 Ports USB, charging up to 4 items at a time! My husband also agreed that it was convenient, too! Son had no opinion about the item, since he didn't use it. All in all, I highly recommend it! For more information on the LS-2214 wall charger from Sentey, go to Sentey . They also sell gaming, audio, power, connectivity, protection, and desktop products. You can also find this item on .  One major thing that I need to let you know is that it can charge other brands besides Apple products. My husband and son can charge their Samsung Galaxy 5's with it. There are so many other brands listed that will charge from it, and other pads, too!

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