Tuesday, March 17, 2015

IArrow iPhone 6 Plus Tempered Glass Review

I love my iPhone 6 Plus that I got back in November when my father was down here with us. Steve was lucky enough to find me a sturdy case in the color pink! There was one thing that I didn't have for it, though. He was talked out of buying a screen protector by our phone company, who shall remain nameless! When I was given a chance to review one, I jumped on wanting to review it!

Today, I'm reviewing the IArrow iPhone 6 Plus Tempered glass protector! (Bear in mind that my iPhone 6 Plus case took me at least 2+ weeks to remove, and even Steve had to step in and help me take it off! Sad, but true!) The IArrow iPhone 6 Plus Tempered Glass was so much easier to apply, and I was happy! It came with with a cleansing wipe to wipe the phone's touch screen clean, two little  suction cups to assist in placing the tempered glass screen protector, a wipe cloth and of course a tempered glass protector.  I removed the phone case, because I wasn't sure how much of the surface  the screen protector was going to cover. I could have left it on, though! The process with using all of the above supplies to apply the tempered glass is on the back of the cover paper to the kit, the one with the macaw on it.

It's been on for over a week now, and I haven't got any scratches or cracks on it! It feels smooth to touch and I felt like I was touching my iPhone's screen with the ease that I could use it! The corners on the tempered glass protector are rounded and they provide a comfortable grip---no rough edges!  The protector is almost invisible! Prior to the protector, my iPhone had been dropped about 3 times in the house by accident. Since then and with the tempered glass protector, I have been more careful! I do recommend that if you've got an iPhone 6 Plus, to get their tempered glass protector!  They do carry tempered glass protector for other phones, too! For more information, check them out on And, did I forget to mention that they have an amazing double guarantee?!

Okay, so I just took the front part of my case off, but it still took 2+ weeks!

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