Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Reese's Spreads (Influenster VoxBox review)

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for testing purposes. The opinions expressed are mine and my son's.

Have you tried any nut spreads recently? I do have one to share information and our thoughts about it---Reese's Spreads in the peanut butter chocolate! The minute I opened the jar, son was grabbing two spoons out of the utensils drawer! The boy loves anything with chocolate and peanut butter in it, and he was definitely pleased with the Reese's Spread! I really liked it, too, though it's a bit sweet for me! (I've been trying to cut out sweets, due to being pre-diabetic.) So far, and our jar is empty and finished, he had spoons of it. I had a few spoons of it with him, and I paired it with a couple of brown rice cakes and some matzo bread that Steve bought me. Oh my goodness! both were great with the Reese's spreaded over them! What I didn't get to pair them with but wanted to were the following foods: celery, carrots, cinnamon graham crackers, just to name a few!

Here are some other pairings with the Reese's Spread that are also recommended: With pita chips (preferably the plain ones, maybe even Stacy's cinnamon and sugar ones would taste great!), vanilla wafers, banana chips, pretzels, fruit (as in apples, pears, grapes---yum!), and even bacon!

Reese's Spreads are now available nationwide at food, mass, drug, and convenience stores in 13 ounce jars that retail for $3.89.  If you asked Steven and me, we'd tell you to try it, you'll like it!
The pictures are larger to show you the product and what I paired it with!

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