Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hippochondriac: A Humorous Short Story by Micky Morag (E-book review)

Do you know any hypochondriacs? I think that my husband would call me one, and I can't believe that I admitted it! As the years have gone by, I believe that I'm less of one than he thinks that I am. I don't tend to self-diagnose myself anymore! Anyhow, back to reviewing the book!

 In this short story/e-book by Micky Morag,  there is a baby hippo who's a hypochondriac and he really thought that he was dying.  The other kid animals aren't allowed to hang around him, due to that they might catch whatever illness or disease he thought that he had. He is friends with a fox who constantly repeat the same phrase multiple times, to the point of being annoying. He meets a little ostrich whose mother kicks Hypochondriac into another land where he's accepted. The little ostrich gets sick, and they want Hippochondriac to come back. He's not real keen on going to where he's not wanted. 

I'm going to say that the story was really cute and so were the illustrations. I didn't quite understand the humor part, though. 
For more information, check out Hippochondriac on Amazon! 
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