Sunday, February 22, 2015

ADC Proscope Nursecope 660 Review

As many of you know , on my side bar it mentions that I'm a nurse. I was a LPN before I got my RN. I've been using a stethoscope for 27 years + now, and have tried several brands of stethoscopes throughout the years. I currently have a functional basic Littman in my locker, but I wanted to see how the Proscope 660 would stand up to my Littman.

I've been using the Proscope for about 2 weeks now, and wow, I can hear just great with it! I've used it to do assessments and take vital signs with it, and the sounds are so clear with it! It is also lightweight, and doesn't make me feel like I've got a heavy hose about my neck. The  660 series has a nurse style chest piece which is suited for taking blood pressures. I had to assemble it from the box, and it really wasn't a problem. You have two choices for the ear pieces, and I currently have the black hard ones on it right now. The diaphragm and rim (the rim doesn't have any metal exposed so it's a non-chill kind)help to improve what you hear out of it! It's phthalate-free and the PVC Y-tubing comes in up to 21 colors. I was truly impressed by it, and it is definitely the choice stethoscope which I'm going to continue to wear after my review of it!  For more information and to purchase one, stop by ADC. I'm so surprised that they cost only $5.79! a true bargain!

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