Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Ultimate Travel Pillow Review

I have enjoyed this Ultimate Travel Pillow! It comes in it's own bag, and it can fit in your car without taking up much space! You can use the carabiner on the storage bag and connect it to your purse or carry-on luggage.  It's seriously a multi-purpose pillow.You can use it behind your neck, adjust it a bit, and  then use it behind your lumbar region for lumbar support while you are getting your back comfortable.  It's in a butterfly shape which cradles your neck, it can help to support the neck! It is so versatile!

The pillow itself is self-inflating, though you can adjust how much air you want in it for comfort. It took me a bit of playing around with it to get it the way that I wanted it, but then again, I'm picky since I had neck surgery about 5 years ago!  I did get it to a great comfort level for me! I gave it to Steven to test on a car trip to and from Gainesville last month, and it wasn't comfortable for him. I wanted to have him get another chance with it this past Friday on a day trip to Orlando, but he declined! Oh well, teenagers are so picky! I ended up using the strap on it to anchor my pillow to my headrest. It ended up fitting between the headrest and the top of the seat! It was also comfortable in that spot. I have tried to use it laying down on the bed and the sofa, too, and I was adjusting the air for comfort both of those times. The interior foam inside the travel pillow gives support, too. It's easy to clean, and I just wipes mine off with a damp cloth. The two words that I would use to describe it are compact and comfortable!

For more information on the Ultimate Travel Pillow and where to buy it, check it out at: Air Comfy Travel and at Air Comfy Travel Pillow.

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