Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Great Aussie Grill Brush (Review)

What part of the country or world are you in at the moment? I'm in FL, and we pretty much grill year around here! We tried The Great Aussie Grill Brush last month, or should I say that my son Steven got the opportunity to review it.

Steven was grilling hamburgers for us for dinner that night, I believe that it was after Dad left to go to Karen's home. My hubby taught Steven how to grill food for us over the past summer and how to clean the grill prior to grilling food. With The Great Aussie Grill Brush, we were to use a bowl of water to dip the brush into it prior to cleaning the grill. Then clean the grill with the brush, with the steam helping to loosen up the dried on crusts and whatever was in the grill grate. He scrubbed the grill with the brush as best as he could and he got it clean. I believe that he was impressed by it, and it was one of Steven's reviews for me! I took the pictured of him using it, without showing his face. We both were pleased by the brush! What's neat about this grill brush is that there are extra bristles on it covering the corners, to clean more area! The 18 inch grill brush handle helps to keep one from getting burned. It really is The Great Aussie Grill Brush! The Great Aussie Grill Brush can be purchased through, just click on the above link!

The brush out of the box! Me holding the brush!

Steven's in all of the grill cleaning pictures!

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