Monday, January 26, 2015

Tea With the Queen (E-book review)

I reviewed a cute little book about mice and the Queen that I'd love to share with you! It's about a young mouse named Charlie and his grandparents, Arthur and Harriet. Harriet had turned 100 (in mouse-years), and she had been invited to have tea with the Queen. They had a flight on The Royal Express (a goose!) to the Buckingham Palace. They flew near some sea gulls that made a food comment about them! When they landed at Buckingham Palace, the Queen's corgis were out on the lawn, and Charlie gave them some black licorice to keep them busy! 

I really can't tell you anymore without giving away the whole book, but if you have little children to read to, like your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews---it's a great e-book to read! It's also a great book to read for those who have been reading for awhile! It's available on  It's published by Xist Publishing. The author is Chrissi Hart, and the illustrator is Stephen Macquignon!
This book was a definite buy!!

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