Friday, January 16, 2015

Pure Body Naturals Lemon Oil (review)

I love the scent of citrus products, and I was smiling when the Pure Body Naturals Lemon Oil came in for my review. I'm fairly new to essential oils, but I am learning fast these days on the many uses for lemon oil! I didn't know that if you inhaled  the scent of the undiluted  bottle of lemon oil that it could cause your eyes to water and to cause your sinuses to tingle----whew! This is per the bottle of the Pure Body Naturals Lemon Oil!

I could go the easy route for starters, and talk about a quick way of using the undiluted essential lemon oil----which I am doing! I did put a few maybe 2 to 4 drops in a glass of water to make it flavored several times. I liked it, and Steven gave me a "sour" face after I asked him to take a sip of it! Oh boy, my 16 year old didn't like it. I think that it makes regular water taste refreshing lemon!
I have tried using drops of it on a cotton ball or a facial tissue and putting it into a trashcan lined with a trash bag to fragrance a bathroom and the kitchen trashcan, too. I've added the lemon oil to our Shaklee Basic H2, and turned it into an antibacterial spray, due to the the antibacterial property of the essential oil. It is a disinfectant!

If I used it on my skin I would have to dilute it, and I haven't tried that option yet---but I do want to, because of the antiseptic quality! It also can brighten a dull looking skin. It is a detoxifier and can help to lighten a skin tone---I need to try this! I could use a carrier oil, jojoba oil or grape seed oil to mix it with to use on my skin. Direct sunlight can cause the lemon oil to give you a sunburn, so think before applying it and wanting to go outside! I've thought about trying it on the window inside the oven with baking soda to clean, and using it diluted on a sponge to clean the microwave or even the refrigerator. There are so many ideas out there for it. Do YOU know of any that I don't?
You can purchase it on Amazon and for further information go to Pure Body Naturals Lemon Oil !

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