Thursday, May 29, 2014

David Gray and His Latest Album, Mutineers (Review)

Disclosure: I received a free download of the album to review from One2One Network. All of the opinions expressed are my own!

Have reviewed or should I say, listened to a CD by someone you had not heard of prior to the CD? And then after listening to it, say "WOW"? *Yes,  I'm waving my hands in the air over here!*
David Gray has a refreshing voice and it's clearly going to get him places!  Let me give a bit of information about him and Mutineers! David Gray's new CD album is going to be released in the US on June 17, 2014! He has already been on a bit of a tour in CA, WA, DC, Pa, MA, and Toronto, ON. This creative musician has been around for a bit, not a new guy on the scene! Mutineers is his tenth studio album! He's already established himself as one of the UK's leading music artists both at home and overseas.


Here's a list of tracks on his album:
1) Back in The World
2) As the Crow Flies
3) Mutineers
4) Beautiful Agony
5) Last Summer
6) Snow in Vegas
7) Cake and Eat It
8) Birds of the High Arctic
9) The Incredible
10) Girl Like You
11) Gulls

Here are a couple of links to where you can pre-order the CD : 


For other links on how you can connect with David Gray: 
His Official website: David Gray
Twitter David Gray on Twitter  He has a lovely site on Twitter!
David Gray on YouTube
David Gray on Instagram
David Gray on Facebook

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ford EcoBoost Challenge Tour at Daytona International Speedway May 2, 2014

Disclosure: I was given information, an opportunity to drive a few vehicles, and compensation from Ford in order to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed are definitely my own!

It started out as a cloudy day as I drove up I-95 to got to Daytona International Speedway on May 2nd. The ride was enjoyable and I was psyched about test-driving some Ford vehicles versus a few other brands! I wasn't familiar with where I was heading to in Daytona, and I guess that my husband called my iPhone about the time that I passed my turn-off! I had to turn around, and then I found the area where I had to go and park. There were a few sections under a tent on the huge parking lot that had been turned into about 3 test areas. In the first area, I met up with several other bloggers from the Central FL area--- Bess Auer, Lisa Wilt, and Jen Vargas to name a few. It was already raining when we got our first class of instructions for the test area where we would be testing the Ford Escape, the Ford Fusion, and the Ford F-150 against 3 Toyota/ Chevy vehicles. There aren't any pictures in the ones that I took of me driving. I drove the Escape, the Fusion, the F-150, a Camry, and another vehicle that I honestly can't remember! They all were automatic vehicles, thank heavens, since I cannot drive a manual vehicle!

Now, I need to tell you that I've been pretty much a Honda or a Toyota gal for most of my driving life, if you can call it that! I fell in love with the ease of driving the Ford vehicles! I got so excited, when the regenerative braking system showed up as saving on the dashboard when I braked slowly and easy! I would have loved to look inside the vehicles a bit more, but it was raining a bit hard! The second course followed a training class, and we drove around a slalom course to see if the vehicle had body rolling or not. The last course of the day was interesting, it was a timed course. I was afraid to drive it! I have a bit of a fear of driving fast in the rain!I ended up choosing to be driven by one of the professional drivers around the track in a Fiesta ST not once, but twice! Oh boy, it was fun!!

On the way back to our cars when we were leaving, Roger Fu, the guy who's in the Ford Eco
 Boost Tour commercials, drove us back to our cars in another parking lot. He's cool, what can I say!

I'd like to thank Ford for giving me the opportunity to test-drive their vehicles and those of other brands! If the tour comes to your city, definitely go and make the comparison

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Seven Reasons to Practice Self-Care (Guest Post)--- and Link to enter Renee's Mother's Day giveaway!

Disclosure: I received the information for this post from Renee Trudeau, and did not receive compensation. This is a guest post of Renee's. 

Please check out the giveaway information to her giveaway (below) after reading her awesome guest post on my blog!

7 reasons to practice self-care

This past week I connected with several medical professionals and we discussed the concept of self-care. Like many in healthcare, they see self-care as something you “should do” for your physical health (exercise, eat well, get enough sleep), but that’s where it ends. They were curious when I shared that I define self-care as the art of attuning and responding to your needs and desires, moment to moment. You could see the wheels turning as they sat with my definition.
Pick up an onion and hold it in your palm. For me, self-care would be the outer layer, then a few layers deeper, you’ll find self-acceptance (as you learn to accept yourself warts and all), then self-compassion, and then a few layers beyond that you arrive at the holy grail: self-love. I see self-care as the first doorway we go through to begin to truly accept who we are, and ultimately, to begin to love ourselves.
What does self-care mean to you? Some of my workshop attendees have said: self-care means practicing self-forgiveness; releasing guilt and believing I deserve to have my needs met; learning to cultivate self-compassion; breathing and listening to my body; remembering to laugh and find joy in everyday life; connecting with and expressing my authentic self; being fully “me” (not who others want me to be) and sometimes it’s moving mountains to get bed by 9:30 p.m.!
The art and practice of self-care has been central to my work-life balance programs since 1999 and it has had a profound and lasting change on how I live. I wish my son (who is in his first year of middle school) could take Self-Care 101 where he would learn the art and science of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self-care–along with Pre-Algebra and Creative Writing! Can you imagine a world where everyone–both adolescents and adults–interacted from a full-cup rather than an empty one?
There are many, many benefits to making self-renewal a priority (read more). For me, practicing self-care (and ultimately learning to embrace self-acceptance and self-love) has helped me to:
  • be more easy-going and to learn to “go with the flow”
  • see that little things stay little (my son not picking up his dirty socks) and don’t become front page news
  • have more space around my thoughts and become more present (more responsive, less reactive)
  • be kinder and more compassionate (whether it’s with a waitress, family member or business partner)
  • connect more deeply to the sacred and the spiritual aspects of every day life
  • react less and Live Inside Out more (read more)
  • sense my connection to everything around me and how interwoven we all are
But most importantly, this practice has helped me know that even when everything and everyone around me seems to be falling apart, I can still feel ok on the inside. And ultimately, this underlying, unwavering sense of peace and well-being is what we’re all seeking, isn’t it?
SUPPORT FROM RENEE: Interested in having me lead a work-life effectiveness workshop for your organization or group this year and tapping the power of self-care as a tool for employee engagement, retention, resiliency and stress management? Learn more.
Subscribe here to Live Inside Out, a weekly blog written by work-life balance speaker/author andCareer Strategists president, RenĂ©e Peterson Trudeau. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Good Housekeeping and more. Thousands of women in ten countries are becoming RTA-Certified Facilitators and leading/joining self-renewal groups based on her award-winning curriculum.  She is the author of The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal and Nurturing the Soul of Your Family: 10 Ways to Reconnect and Find Peace in Everyday Life. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and 11 year-old son. More on her background here.
PhotoAwaken Whole Life Retreat Center, Kansas City, MO. Join me here April 25-27 for my upcoming New Way of Being: Women’s Self-Renewal Retreat.

Wondershare DVD Creator Unlimited Giveaway (Sponsored)

Disclosure: I was given information from Wondershare for this giveaway to share with my readers. I received compensation in the past from Wonder-share.

I have shared with my readers in the past regarding Wondershare, and I am doing so again!This time, Wondershare is giving away the Wondershare DVD Creator (Windows Version 3.0.0). The giveaway is from May 6th to May 12th. All of my readers can get the lifetime code without any limits. All you will need to do is input your name and email address on the area on their site, and you get the code immediately.  Click on: Wondershare DVD Creator

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Gamemasters to Kickstart Graphic Novel Based on Roshambo (Sponsored post)

Disclosure: I received the information from Gamemasters in order to post this. No compensation was received.

Gamemasters started a Kickstarter campaign in February of this year, to fund a Gamemasters graphic novel . It will include Roshambo #1 as the lead story and issues #5-8 , which are already written by Gamemasters creator Michael Dismuke.

From the PR release regarding Gamemasters: Created and written by Dismuke, Gamemasters has been called "a cross between Calvin & Hobbes and the Colbert Report." The comic is about three children who are gifted with super powers by a god-like alien named Roshambo and discover that the seemingly simple game known as Rock-Paper-Scissors is, in actuality, the most perfect form of justice in the galaxy, The comedic trio must pit their newfound powers against a host of new villains who are masters of schoolyard gags and games like Hopscotch, Freezetag, Red Rover, the Thumb Wrestler, Leapfrog, Tic Tac Toe, and more. For more information: check out Gamesmasters Comic

Barb's  take on it all: It looks like something great to get your children and maybe even yourself reading the novels!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Beso Del Sol Sangria "Kissed by the Sun" (Review)

Disclosure: I was given information and product from Beso Del Sol Sangria in order to facilitate my review and the opinions expressed are my own.

It's that time of year when many will be having parties, cook-outs, gatherings or whatever you choose to call it when a group of your friends and family come over to your place. For those who prefer an adult beverage for a lovely sunny day or or evening, I have a sangria to tell you about! It's Beso Del Sol sangria,"Kissed by the Sun".  It's a high quality Spanish Tempranillo wine blended with a selection of fruits to create a light and fruity sangria that is sweet and refreshing.  (Barb's Notes: Tempranillo is a black grape with a thick skin on it. They usually ripen several weeks early than most Spanish red grapes.) it's the first premium 100% natural sangria in a modern 3 Liter BIB.  The box is eco-friendly and is made from 100% recycled cardboard. It's well-balanced and has a moth finish at 8.5% alcohol.  The packaging is convenient and is portable with the handle on top of the box. It's great for the beach, boat, group gatherings, and it can be kept in the fridge! It stays fresh up to 6 weeks after opening. One of the 3 Liter boxes is equivalent to 4 bottles. Serve chilled, keep in fridge or serve over ice. For more information: Beso Del Sol
BesoDelSolSangria's Facebook page

For my take on Beso Del Sol Sangria:  It was definitely fruity and refreshing! I put it in the fridge for a few days before I had a glass. I'm a cold wine sort of gal! I liked the fact that it was a BIB, instead of a  glass bottle. It was easy to store on the top shelf of our refrigerator, too, due to the cube shape of the box. I liked it and I'd recommend it! (My husband's not a sangria sort of guy, so there isn't a comment from him here today, unfortunately.)