Sunday, December 21, 2014

Women's Confidence Panties by Hush-Hush (review)

 As I've become older there are a few things that I'm realizing, along with the nursing knowledge that I have from being a nurse for almost 27 years.  In a nutshell, as you get older, you may have a bit of incontinence issues. With me, it happens when I wait way too long to pee, or when I'm really sick and have a bad coughing spell with bronchitis or the flu.  The question for that situation would be, do I wear a pad or a pair of Hush-Hush panties? The pad wouldn't be a choice after trying Hush-Hush panties!

Hush-Hush and Wearever came up with panties that you can wear everyday and feel protected! And, they are pretty! I was given a panty to review. The panty I received was black, and the material it was made from was smooth! (There aren't any pictures of me wearing it, I'm not a panty model!) I wore it under a pair of ceil blue uniform pants to work one night, and it was so comfortable! I almost forgot that I was wearing them!  :o)  You almost forget that they have an absorbent layer! They are perfect for the days when you need them for the following reasons: they are perfect for those with light incontinence issues, occasional leaks, moisture from working out, and for worry of a menstrual leak-through.  They are also easy to care for, just hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. You can be dry and comfortable with these panties!

For more information: go to Hush-Hush Panties.
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And on Wearever Hush-Hush Giveaway  more on it below!

Take this survey and get your pair of Hush Hush panties for free!

It’s the Hush Hush Free Panty Program and here’s how it works:
- Open to women 18 or older in the continental U.S.
- All interested women need to do is complete a short survey – it’ll take two minutes or less!
- Hush Hush gets their size and mails them a free pair of panties!
- Hush Hush is giving away 2,000 free pairs of panties to the first women to complete the survey.
- Anyone else who completes the survey (beyond the first 2,000) will get a coupon code to purchase the panty for $5 – a 50 percent discount!

Once you take the survey, you have two options for receiving your free pair. You can use the coupon code you automatically receive after completing the survey to pick your free panties and have them delivered for free through our website. Or, you will also receive an email with the code after taking the survey and can order your pair by responding with your size and address. 

That is definitely awesome idea! Head on over to their site and take the survey to get a free pair of their panties! 

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