Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mary J Blige: The London Sessions review

Disclosure: I received a digital copy of Mary J Blige's The London Sessions in order to facilitate the review. The options expressed are my own!

 I didn't know much about Mary J Blige's music until a recently, when I heard a Christmas song of hers, to be quite honest. (I think that the song had been offered through a particular coffee shop that shall remain nameless in this post.) I figured why not review a singer that I was not familiar with, and the review would not be jaded in any way! Mary J Blige newest collection of songs is out on the market as of yesterday! I love this album, I can relax to her music!

Mary J. Blige has once again confounded expectations and ventured into a new musical territory by
crossing the Atlantic to collaborate with some of this decade's most celebrated UK talent - including Disclosure, Eg White, Emile Sande, Jimmy Napes, Naughty BoySAM ROMANS, and Sam Smith - and recorded a new studio album, The London Sessions.  I had a hard time picking just one song that I liked! I seriously enjoyed the whole album, and if you asked me which song was a favorite----I would have to tell you "Therapy" and "Nobody But You". I was playing "Nobody But You" for my Dad yesterday, and I told him that he could have dedicated "Nobody But You" to Mom.
Mary's music is "Therapy"to my my ears.

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Here's a list of the songs on the album:
1) Therapy
2) Doubt
3) Not Loving You
4) When You're Gone
5) Right Now
6) My Loving
7) Long Hard Look
8) Whole Damn Year
9) Nobody But You
10) Pick Me Up
11) Follow
12) Worth My Time

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 You can buy The London Sessions via iTunes and via Amazon . Stop by Official Mary J Blige Website, for more about the album and Mary J Blige!
Follow Mary J Blige on Twitter: @maryjblige
Facebook: Mary J BligeYouTube
And if you are on Instagram:  Mary J Blige
 After listening to The London Sessions, I would recommend it for a Christmas present or a stocking stuffer! Check out her album, and you will agree!

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