Thursday, December 25, 2014

AlgaeCal Plant Sourced Calcium (review)

Let's face it, I'm in that age range where I should be worrying, or should I say, thinking about adding a calcium supplement! I consume dairy products and I absolutely love yogurt, but sometimes that's not enough!  I was given the opportunity to review AlgaeCal Plus, it's a plant-sourced calcium dietary supplement. The capsules are very easy for me to swallow and they are veggie capsules! I know that is important for my vegetarian readers, or for those who are trying to keep animal based products or supplements out of their diets. I really didn't notice a taste from the capsules, but then again, I was swallowing them with my morning and evening meds after meals. I recommend them!

I was surprised to see other vitamins minerals in the supplements, too. In each serving of 2 capsules you get Vitamin C 25mg, Vitamin D 800 IU, Vitamin K2 50mcg (*Please note, per AlgaeCal Inc, individuals taking anticoagulant drugs such as Coumadin or Heparin should avoid Vitamin K supplements unless otherwise directed by a physician. Consult your physician before use if you are pregnant, lactating, have a medical condition or are taking any other medication. Keep out of the reach of children.*), Calcium from algae 360 mg, Magnesium (from algae and magnesium oxide), Boron (as glycinate), and Algae 1200mg. You can take these as a dietary supplement, taking 4 capsules daily (two capsules twice a day with meals), or 3 capsules a day for maintenance.  Think about your bones and bone health! 

(A note from Barb here: I was sick with a sinus infection and on antibiotics last week. Plus, I was driving Steven to school just about every morning last week after I got home from work.  After I got home from driving him to high school, and I would fall asleep on the sofa. Most mornings, I didn't get to check my e-mail. And, one more thing, I didn't even get my Christmas Cards done yet. Long story short... I missed writing this post early for the giveaway. I'm sorry, y'all! )

For more information and where you can purchase them, go to AlgaeCal Plant Sourced Calcium .

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