Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What have we been up to lately?

Hi! We've had a busy summer here and it fell over in to fall. Son passed 9th grade, and stayed home with us this summer. His back was giving him some major pain, it's myofascial pain, or something like that. I know, you're probably thinking, Barb, you should know what it is, you're a RN. But, I don't, since Steve's been taking Steven to all of the consultations and doctor appointments for the back pain. (This has been going on since May '13.) Last year, we probably made the mistake of sending him to church summer camp and VBS helper/volunteer with church then onto a trip up north for him to visit family. This summer, it was time with us, Mom and Dad. He's been to a few specialists between here and Orlando so far. Steven's had acupuncture, massages, muscle relaxers (that he says don't work for him), and even an epidural injection. He did help me out here during the summer around the house. Our birds got spoiled with the attention that he gave them, except Macy (she doesn't like him unless he's showering her).

We had a few day trips on Saturdays to Orlando, and checked out a few places to eat. We had tacos at Gringos Loco in the Milk District of Orlando, they used cilantro and lime wedges! We scoped out two bakeries, P is for Pie and the Blue Bird Bakery, and had yummy treats at both places. We went to East End Market, along the same street as the bakeries. MY goal is for us to try new restaurants and different foods, and to not get in a rut or eat the same thing all of the time.

School started back and he's in the 10th grade! I've been coming home from work to his question in the mornings, "Mom, will you drive me to school?" It's much less noisier than the school bus, and he gets to spend some time with me. Plus, we end up listening to podcasts from Stitcher on the drive! (Not an advertisement, just an app that I put on my iPhone for free a couple of years or so ago! I love it!) Steve stayed home the day that Steven and I went to FLBlogCon last month. It was an all day event for FL bloggers, and we came away from the conference with a lot of information and learning! Affiliates, using Facebook,  WordPress, Pecha Kucha, and the list goes on! I'm so grateful of the learning experience from Bess and her team!
And, Steven's enjoying the blogging events, though he hasn't set up a blog yet.

I tried acupuncture for the 2nd round in my life (1st round was in '09 and it didn't work for me.). This round with a husband and wife team of acupuncturists really helped me, and it helped with a lot of my fibromaylgia pain. I was at my wits' end after going to to my neurosurgeon and having a nerve conduction test, to be told, there isn't anything we can do right now, maybe you should go to pain management again. I'm holding off on that for a little while. I'm still working my 32 hours a week, full-time, as a RN, but still wondering how many years will I be able to do it. To retirement at 67.5?

Well, that was a quick run through of our life in a nutshell from this summer and early fall!

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