Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Seeds of Change Organic Simmer Sauce and Rice (Review)

Disclosure: I was given free coupons to use for products, and received information from Seeds of Change in order to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed are mine and my family's. I'm a member of Smiley360. 

Have you ever tried a new product and loved it from the minute that you tried the first bite of it? 
I can honestly say that it happened with my family the moment that we tried Seeds of Change Tikka Masala Simmer Sauce and Seeds of Change Seven Whole Grains!  I picked out the choice of sauce and the rice blend after checking out our choices online from their site, then Steve went to the grocery store for us. (I don't think that I was feeling my best that weekend, due to fibromyalgia!) Steve and I both look at the recipes on Seeds of Change's website, and chose to make Chicken Tikka Masala. Son didn't help us plan that meal, though he usually has a 1/3 of the input about what to have for meals over a weekend or for the week. 

My Seeds of Change magnet

My Seeds of Change swag and coupons

 Okay, so it's sideways! I like to throw a twist into things every once in awhile! 

The completed product! Even my Instagram friend Wayne from the UK liked  this picture!

Steve preparing the chicken!

In the process of finishing the cooking!

 It didn't take long to cook the meal, and we all were anticipating what it would be like. Well, I found out before we ate our meal that hubby had tried tikka masala when he was out for lunch with others from his work awhile back. I took a picture or two before I took a bite out of mine and posted it to Instagram a week or two later, if I can remember correctly! I really enjoyed it, and so did my guys! The mild curry sauce had just the right amount of curry to make it taste delicious!
 Seven Grains blend that we'd chosen wasn't what the recipe recommended, but it was delicious anyway! With or without a coupon, we have since bought more of the Tikka Masala simmer sauce from Seeds of Change! Would we recommend it to you and your families? Oh yeah! 

I'm enclosing a link to the recipe that we used: Chicken Tikka Masala .

On Twitter: Seeds of Change

Check out information about their organic products, and while you are there, get yourself a coupon printed out! main page
 Also, go here for more information!

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