Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Zoo Cams: One Way of seeing zoo animals when you can't get to the Zoo.

Disclosure: I was given the information to share with my readers from Dropcam, and no compensation was received. I just wanted to share their site with you all!

I was contacted by Dropcam a few months ago, regarding their drop cams at some zoos.  I love the idea, because when Steven and I went to Animal Kingdom at WDW we were always scoping out the cameras for behind the scenes where the animals were. We love animals, and I'm sure that your kids or grandkids do, too!  My two favorites on the Dropcam site are the giraffe cam and the one about the tortoise!
I'm going to share the link with you, so that you can stop by there, too!
Welcome to the Dropcam Virtual Zoo!
It's a way of watching some animals on days when you can't quite get the kids over to the local zoo, and it's quite enjoyable, too (my words!).
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