Thursday, July 31, 2014

Crest Be: New Flavors (Review)

Disclosure: I was given free products and information from Crest in order to facilitate a review, and I'm a BzzAgent. The Opinions expressed are my own!

I love to try news toothpastes, especially new flavors! Crest has come out with Crest Be line of fluoride toothpastes, and oh boy, do they have tasty exciting flavors! I can't help it, I get so excited talking about the three new exciting flavors of toothpaste! I've talked with my friends at work about the three new flavors, and described them as best as I could, without having any boxes or tubes in front of me. I told them about the vanilla mint, the lime spearmint, and the mint chocolate toothpastes. I don't know if they are planning to buy them or not, but I encouraged them to at least try them! I offered them for my hubby and my 15 year old son to try them, but as of right now, I am really not sure if they have tried them or not. There  is a high probability that they both won't, since they aren't really into flavored toothpastes. We won't be getting their opinions on the Crest Be series!

The first Crest Be toothpaste I'm going to tell you about is the Crest Be Dynamic: the Lime Spearmint Zest flavor. It's hard for me to pick something that you might be able to relate to flavor wise on this one, but the closest food item that I can come up with is a cherry lime gum that is out on the market. The lime in that gum reminds me of the flavor of this toothpaste flavor! I liked it and it made my breath feel fresh and lime-y!

The second box and toothpaste I'm sharing about next is the Crest Be Inspired: Vanilla Mint Spark flavor. This was the hardest one for me to make a
 flavor comparison with, Vanilla meeting with a cool peppermint.  For me, it was a mild vanilla meets with a calm peppermint flavor, neither flavor was over-powering, but together I liked them. It's a flavor that I would recommend that you try yourself, and then come back here and give me your opinion about it!

The third and last toothpaste was the Crest Be Adventurous: Mint Chocolate Trek! I will admit that it was my favorite of the three flavors, even though I liked all three of them! The minute that I tasted it recently, I thought, "WOW"! I knew exactly what I knew it tasted like! I won't name names, but a certain ethnic restaurant hands out a certain mint chocolate candy out with the check. THOSE mint/chocolate candies reminded me of exactly how this particular flavor of the Crest Be's tastes! The mint chocolate flavor is awesome, and my mouth felt fresh after using it.

 All three Crest Be toothpastes cleaned my teeth just fine, and I was happy with how my mouth felt after using them.  (I had just finished meds for thrush prior to using the Crest Be fluoride toothpastes, and I was so glad to have the opportunity to try them!)  In my opinion, I seriously think that you should try all 3 flavors! I will continue to talk with others at work and in my daily interactions about them!  Be challenged by Crest Be!
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