Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Falcon Dust -Off Mobile Screen Cloth (Review)

Disclosure: I was given a screen cloth and information from Falcon in order to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed are my own and son's!

Have you got fingerprints or even leaned your cheek with make-up or sweat against your cell or smartphone? What did you use to clean it off? Maybe some of you used a Kleenex or a part of your clothing to wipe them off? The screen doesn't always come clean, well at least from my experience!
I recently tried the Falcon Dust-Off Mobile Screen Cloth, and I really like it. It is a double-sided microfiber cloth that can be machine washed in the gentle cycle for repeated use. I don't recall throwing it in the washer yet, but I have been using it to wipe off fingerprints on Steven's iPad, my iPad, my husband's Samsung Galaxy 5, son's Galaxy 4 (hand-me-down referb), and my iPhone. And, I've used it on my glasses, too! I have been trying to format a video that I've taken of how I've used it, and once I get it set up, I will post it as an addendum to thus review. It worked and we were happy with the results!

You can use the double sided cloth to wipe smartphones and cellphones, tablets and eReaders, any type of portable screens on gaming devices (we found his old Gameboy and Nintendo DS yesterday, and I will have to use it on their screens sometime.), eyeglasses and sunglasses, and auto touch screens.  It's made of a durable microfiber which can clean sensitive surfaces on your devices of dirt, cosmetics, grime, facial oils (I put it to the test several times after I had a sweaty face on my iPhone, and it worked great!), and last but not least makeup. You can carry it in your purse or your briefcase!
Check out their site for more patterns and colors! Dust-Off
They are also on Facebook  under Dust-Off.

The back of the package, in order for you to see a bit more of it!

The front side of the package!

The red side!

The "sassy" leopard side of the cloth!

Using the opposite side of the cloth to clean his iPad!
Shiny, and no prints!
Cleaning Steven's iPad screen!
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