Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ford EcoBoost Challenge Tour at Daytona International Speedway May 2, 2014

Disclosure: I was given information, an opportunity to drive a few vehicles, and compensation from Ford in order to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed are definitely my own!

It started out as a cloudy day as I drove up I-95 to got to Daytona International Speedway on May 2nd. The ride was enjoyable and I was psyched about test-driving some Ford vehicles versus a few other brands! I wasn't familiar with where I was heading to in Daytona, and I guess that my husband called my iPhone about the time that I passed my turn-off! I had to turn around, and then I found the area where I had to go and park. There were a few sections under a tent on the huge parking lot that had been turned into about 3 test areas. In the first area, I met up with several other bloggers from the Central FL area--- Bess Auer, Lisa Wilt, and Jen Vargas to name a few. It was already raining when we got our first class of instructions for the test area where we would be testing the Ford Escape, the Ford Fusion, and the Ford F-150 against 3 Toyota/ Chevy vehicles. There aren't any pictures in the ones that I took of me driving. I drove the Escape, the Fusion, the F-150, a Camry, and another vehicle that I honestly can't remember! They all were automatic vehicles, thank heavens, since I cannot drive a manual vehicle!

Now, I need to tell you that I've been pretty much a Honda or a Toyota gal for most of my driving life, if you can call it that! I fell in love with the ease of driving the Ford vehicles! I got so excited, when the regenerative braking system showed up as saving on the dashboard when I braked slowly and easy! I would have loved to look inside the vehicles a bit more, but it was raining a bit hard! The second course followed a training class, and we drove around a slalom course to see if the vehicle had body rolling or not. The last course of the day was interesting, it was a timed course. I was afraid to drive it! I have a bit of a fear of driving fast in the rain!I ended up choosing to be driven by one of the professional drivers around the track in a Fiesta ST not once, but twice! Oh boy, it was fun!!

On the way back to our cars when we were leaving, Roger Fu, the guy who's in the Ford Eco
 Boost Tour commercials, drove us back to our cars in another parking lot. He's cool, what can I say!

I'd like to thank Ford for giving me the opportunity to test-drive their vehicles and those of other brands! If the tour comes to your city, definitely go and make the comparison
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